Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dream Vacation - Day 6

Once again we were up early.. Travelodge offered a reasonably priced continental breakfast, so we ate before making the trek further north. Our next stop was in Donegal. We were staying at Thomas' parents house tonight.

The drive up was nice. As I have come to expect, beautiful countrysides and so much green and sheep.. lots and lots of sheep.

We just happened across a ruin, it was the Claregalway Friary. Of course we had to stop and take some pictures. This entire time Robert has been wanting to run out into the middle of one of these green fields and get his picture taken, well the opportunity arose and he ran out twirling around in the middle of this giant green field next to the friary as we took his picture.

As we drove up we stopped by a few beaches that Thomas use to surf at. Bundoran Beach and Tullen Strand Beach, both have some great waves. We were lucky and the sun came out for a bit while we were there.

We got into town and stopped at a place that Thomas had to have for lunch. I guess he eats at this place everytime he is in the area. It's called Four Lanters, and they had so many different kinds of chips (fries). Curry and Chips, Garlic and Chips, Cheese and Chips and so on.

While we were there it started to rain and then suddenly hail, luckily by the time we were done it was a light rain.

Thomas then took us to a place that is off the beaten path. I don't think I would have ever have found the place and if I did I don't think I would have gone through a gate. There is a gate blocking the road you have to go up. There are no signs other then "please keep this gate shut". As with many places in Ireland I couldn't tell if this was private property or open to the public.

Well we made our way up this windy road and finally made it to our destination, Slieve League. Slieve League is a mountain on the Atlantic coast of County Donegal, Ireland. At 601 metres (1,972 ft), it has some of the highest sea cliffs on the island of Ireland. Although less famous than the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Slieve League's cliffs reach almost three times higher.

When we got there it was gray and overcast, but we walked up a path and took some pretty amazing pictures. It soon started to rain so we jumped in the car and got ready to leave but Thomas said he thinks it's a quick downpour and that we should wait. So we waited. While we waited we watched this family drive up and get out of there car. Mind you it's pouring down rain, windy as all heck and these people are out there with a toddler buried in the arms of his dad.. it was crazy.

As Thomas predicted the rain passed within 20 minutes and suddenly rays of sunlight started to show themselves and hit the side of the mountains. We quickly got out and started snapping photos. It was truly one of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights I have ever seen. I don't think photo can do it justice. I'm so happy Thomas made us wait out the storm.

After the League we headed to Thomas' parents house. Loved his parents, they were so kind and very sweet to let us crash at their house. We chatted with them for an hour or so before heading back into town for dinner. Thomas' mother wanted to treat us to a nice dinner so we went to a place called The Harbour and had an extremely nice dinner and dessert.

Back at Thomas' we chatted with his parents for another hour before calling it a night and getting the best night sleep of my trip so far.

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