Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dinner With A Friend With A Little LARPing on the side

Today I watched episodes 3 and 4 of Heroes Reborn. I'm enjoying this series but it has yet to get me excited to watch it. I tend to let a few of the episodes gather before I sit down and watch but I have to admit when I do sit down and watch I get into the story and can't wait to watch the next one.

This is a slow builder kind of show.. they are laying the groundwork for something big. I just hope we don't have to wait the entire season for it (well 13 episodes). Still hating Zachery Levi's character and his crazy killer wife. He's seems to be a "hero" and showing signs of having some sort of heat power but it still doesn't make me like him any more. Also it was crazy seeing Molly kill herself to prevent from being used... so sad.

Still watching and still enjoying but definitely not "must see" TV for me.. at least not yet.

During the evening I got to hang out with my buddy Adam. He and I were "surprise" guests for tonight's Pathfinder RPG/LARPing party. I have decided to sit out this next session of Pathfinder but DM Dallas asked if would make a special appearance at the very end of the party to launch them on their next quest. I was more then happy to help out.

Adam was down from Seattle for work and we hadn't seen each other in a long while so this was a nice treat. We hung out for a bit at my place before grabbing some dinner at Chevy's, where we had some very interesting and informative conversations. Afterwards we headed over to Will's place around 9:45ish as we were to make our entrance around 10pm. Well 10pm came and went and we stood outside (in costume) waiting for our cue. Adam went in around 10:30ish and I finally went in around 10:45pm. I was dressed as my "Dash" character and only had a line or two to deliver that we end this session and leave it as a cliffhanger and set them on their way to the next adventure.

Overall it went off great (other then the 45 minute delay). Everyone was surprised to see Adam and I. When the session was over I hung out for another hour or so and visited with friends. The majority of the people who were participating in the event took off but the core group of friends stuck around and hung out.. it was a great way to end the evening.

NerdStrong Gym - Mini Baby Boss Battle

Last week we battled the "Big Boss Monster" but for today's workout we are starting from the beginning and taking on the "Mini (Baby) Boss Battle"

We started off with a nice Build, 2 rounds of 5x Wall Squats, 10x Air Squats and 5x Heavy Goblet Squats. We then moved on to our Proficiency which was 10x Weighted Good Mornings, 10x Light Dumbbell Scarecrows and then High Knees, High Skip, Butt Kickers, Quad Stretch and Side Shuffle Left and Right.

Both of those were more of a warm up for the Mini Boss Battle. Though it's only a third of what we did last Saturday the goal is to finish in the allotted time.  For this battle we had to do a 460 meter run, 50x Kettlebell Swings, 460 meter run, 40x Push Ups, 460 meter run, 30x Goblet Squats, 460 meter run, 20x Burpees, 460 meter run, and 10x NerdMakers.

As I said it had less to do but we also had more running and less time. It was a tough workout but I'm happy to say that I finished the entire thing with five minutes to spare. These Saturday workout are to prepare us for when we re-battle the Big Boss Monster. I don't have a clue how many of these "mini" bosses we have to fight before that happens but let's hope there are a few as last week's boss was a killer and I didn't even finish.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Rebels S2 Trailer, R2D2 Extreme & Geeky Freaky Talking NerdStrong

During NYCC they released a new trailer for Star Wars Rebels S2 and it's pretty spectacular. I enjoyed season one but since they have added my favorite character Ahsoka from the Clone Wars it's gotten a whole lot better, that and the fact that the crew of the Ghost is now part of the rebel alliance or at least the beginning of it. Check out what's in store for S2

I came across this picture of a hulked out R2D2 and since he's one of my favorite character in the Star Wars universe I had to check it out even further. Come to find out that it's a custom made figure by Italian modeler Lemcat. He calls it “Hi2-D2: Enhanced astromech droid,” which began life as a Gundam model kit. You can check out more pictures HERE.

Last thing I want to share with you guys is a new video by Geeky Freaky.. they recently paid a visit to NerdStrong Gym and did a pretty good story about it. I think this is my favorite report about the gym so far. It also has alot of my buddies in it as well as my hands (playing the card game Magic). Check it out..

Thursday, October 8, 2015

LARPs The Series, Season Two Begins

Season two of one of my favorite webseries has started, "LARPs the Series". Season one was so much fun and so entertaining that I contributed to their kickstarter campaign for season two and it's finally started today. They released two episodes.. well a prologue and episode one.

First was the prologue and it was extra special with some very cool special effects. I thought.. wow they really up'd their budget but then you find out it's a dream of Arthur. You also find out that he has a new character and he just made a huge mistake. I also want to point out that their new title opening is pretty fantastic.

They also released episode one, first let me say that I am thrilled that the episodes this season are longer (that was one of the few complaints I had about last season). The episode starts off with us finding out that Kat and Will have broken up but their characters are still lovers in game which makes for some awkward moments. We find out that Shane is a "Spy" of sorts, she's a reporter who has infiltrated the Larping team and is writing about them. So it's not anything horrible but the team doesn't know she is doing it (yet). Will gets a job at a coffee house with a crazy over the top owner/manager. We meet a new character Alex who is friends with Shane and knows she is writing stories about the Larping team but she's extremely excited to be joining. And through her eyes we are being taught how to larp (which I find very cool).

Everything just feels grander.. I mean I thought the acting, camera work, music and stories were great in season one but season two feels bigger and better... I can't wait for more.

NerdStrong Gym - Back Squats and Barbells

After taking an unexpected day off yesterday it was good to be back at NerdStrong. Today was a Strength day, probably my least favorite day of my workout week (with exception to when we are doing bench press').

Today's workout started with a nice Build "Warm Up". 230 Meter Run with arm circles then back in the gym for 2 rounds of 30x Jumping Jacks, 10x Air Squats and 5x Pole Squats. I was winded just after doing this small set.

For Proficiency we did a 2 minute Couch Stretch (which has to be the worlds worst stretch) and then we did 10x Dorsiflexion PVC (and I honestly don't even remember what that was.. but I'm sure it was some sort of stretching and horrible).

We then moved on to the Quest. We've been working towards are one rep max for Back Squats. Today we had to do 6 sets of 5 reps. We were working up to a heavy weight but something that we could do 5 reps without stopping. I got up to 135lbs which is far from my one rep max of 225lbs but I was able to do 6 sets of 5 in a row with a bit of effort. I have also learned that my shoes are horrible for this lift so I go shoeless when I do these back squats.

And our final Battle for today was 5 rounds of 3x Barbell Strict Press, 3x Barbell Push Press, 6x Barbell Push Ups and 20x Anchored Sit Ups. Five rounds of this was tough, especially after all the working out we had already done. But you always manage to find that last ounce of energy and push through... thanks coaches for the continued encouragement.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

X-Files Poster, Jaws 19, Sherlock Trailer & My Car Is Back

No NerdStrong today.. my car is still in the shop (should get it back today). I had someone who was suppose to pick me up and take me to the gym but unfortunately he had to cancel last minute and I wouldn't find a replacement.. so no gym today.

Fox released a very cool X-Files poster for it's upcoming mini-series. I'm super excited to see this series and we don't have long to wait.

It's getting close to when Marty and Doc went Back to the Future in BTTF part 2 and if you remember the local theater was playing Jaws 19, well Universal went and made a trailer for Jaws 19... how awesome is that!!

The also released another trailer for the upcoming Sherlock Victorian Special...  It's been so long since we had a new Sherlock, though I will admit that I can watching all three seasons of Sherlock over and over and never be bored but I can't wait to see some new stuff.

Around lunch time I got a call from the Ford dealer letting me know that my car is ready for pick up. So I had a co-worker drive me over and drop me off. It took about 20 minutes but I got my car back and it not only sounded differently it drove differently. No weird gear shift movements and not grinding sounds. They did inform me that my front two tires need to be replaced and my back shock is leaking.. of course they offered to fix it for $750, but I declined as I know I can get new tired for a few hundred and my shock fixed for a less then what they were offering. So I guess the repairs are not over yet but I'm going to hold off as long as I can.. at least through the holidays. It's so nice to have my car back!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Campbell Soup & Teaching with Holograms

Well the far right are at it again.. Campbell's Soup released this very sweet and geeky commercial and they are up in arms and asking to boycott Campbell's. It's a commercial with two dads and their young son. What makes this commercial even better is that the fact that this is a real family, both Dads are actors and this is their real son... so dang cute!!!

The second video I wanted to share with you is this amazing thing that they have in Russia. I guess they have alot of issues with people parking in handicap parking space (and we have the same issue here as well) but they have this to teach people a lesson.

And I usually don't talk about my work much since it's work.. but I'm happy to say after eight months of work we finally delivered the first four episodes of this new Christmas series that I'm working on. I'll let you know when it's scheduled to air.. it's a pretty fun reality competition show.

NerdStrong Gym - Box Jumps & Burpees

DEX class for today's NerdStrong workout.. coach Blair teaching today's class so that means we start off with a 230 meter run around the parking lot before coming back in and doing some calf stretches, sumo squats and threading the needle.

For the Proficiency part of the workout we did 3 rounds of 10x Sprawl, 12x Heavy Dumbbell/Kettlebell Calf Raises. The sprawls aren't that bad but the heavy kettlebell calf raises start to hurt about the second round as the ankles don't get worked out very often.

The Quest for today was 7 rounds.. yeah that's 7 rounds of 1 Minute Box Jumps and 5x Strict Burpees. The first few rounds are fine but you start to feel it on the fourth and fifth and then you're just trying to get through the last two with taking a tumble over the box.

And the final part of this workout.. the Battle consisted of 4 rounds of :30 seconds of Inch Worms, :30 seconds of Planking, then :30 seconds of Frog Hops and finally :30 seconds of rest which feels like 5.

Overall this was a nice balanced workout.. I don't feel like I overworked any particular part of my body.. thanks coach Blair.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Taking a Step Down (Career Wise)

I have worked in the entertainment industry since I was 25 years old. Started as a production assistant and did various things in production like, production coordinator, backstage manager, & script coordinator, before moving over in to post. I worked my way up post, from junior assistant editor, assistant editor, editor to finally where I have been the past 11 years post production supervisor. I enjoyed being a post production supervisor, it was a very stressful job but the pay was good so when I would work nine months out of the year I had plenty of money to survive those three months of no work and still enjoy my life.

Well all that changed a few years ago 2012 when a job ended and my life was kind of turned upside down, I just got out of a long term relationship and was selling our house. It required some fixing up before it could go on the market so I opted to not work and instead focus on getting the house ready to sale. I had a decent amount of savings so I could survive for a bit without work. After being off for six months and finally selling the house I attempted to get back out in the work force but things were slim. I found jobs that would last a few weeks here or a month there but nothing substantial. For the next two years 2013 and 2014 I worked a total of four months and my saving was gone and I was living off of credit cards. I was collecting unemployment but that soon ran out at the end of 2014 and I spiraled into debt.

I had been out of the industry for over two years and my connections had dried up and I just wasn't catching any breaks. That's when my friend Andrew, who I worked with over 12 years ago contacted me and asked if I was interested in taking on the role of a post production coordinator. Now they make about half the money that a post production supervisor makes but they also have half the stress.

So I had to decide.. do I take a step down in my career and if I did how would that effect me mentally, I didn't want to feel like I failed or that I was less then. I knew deep down that I had to that the job, I needed a steady pay check and this would give it to me (for a short while). I knew if I took this job I would make enough to cover my monthly bills but wouldn't really have much to put towards my debt.

But I did it.. I pushed my ego aside and told myself that this is only temporary, once this gig was over I'll look for a post production supervisor job and get back on track. Well this gig started at the end of February 2015 and was suppose to run until August 2015, but ran long and didn't end until mid October. In the middle of September while I was working my current show Andrew came to me and asked if I wanted to post production coordinate a new game show, this new show would run until December 2015.

Again I had to take a step back.. I've been at this lower position for eight months, the money is okay but lower stress level is great. I debated with myself on continuing my current position or declining the offer and look for a new gig as a post supervisor (with no guarantee).

In the end I did accept the second job so I will be employed until sometime in December. Which is a great feeling.

But the end is in sight and it doesn't look like they will have anything on the horizon so I'll be looking for work come December time. Now the question is do I want to continue to take it easy (stress wise) and continue to be a post production coordinator or should I venture out and try and find a post production supervisor job.

I have to admit I have really loved the less stress on my life but on the other hand the less money is tough, if I didn't have this large debt I think I would do another year at this lower level. I mean I'm happy with just making enough to cover bills and have a bit of extra for some fun from time to time and as I get older my body isn't a fan of all the stress. Maybe I do a few more years of post supervising to pay down my debt and then consider taking a less stressful job.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.. I still have a few months to figure out. I guess it will depend if I can find another job as a post coordinator or a post supervisor first.. right now I'd be happy with either.

I came across several quotes that explain what I have been doing the past year... "It's okay to take a step back and breathe" and " Taking a step back sometimes means preparing for a big jump forward"

Sunday, October 4, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - The Dungeon

Today's workout is the Dungeon workout. This is one of the very first geeky themed workout that coach Andrew created back when NerdStrong (aka Nerdfit) was happening out of Andrew and Marla's garage.

Of course it's updated and has a bit more stuff to do since the gym has grown. This was my first time doing this workout.

Today's workout we teamed up with a fellow warrior and moved from room to room and had to battle what was in each room for 3 minutes (in thirty second intervals, meaning I did it for thirty seconds and then my partner would do it for thirty seconds and so on until the three minutes were up). Sometimes the Dungeon Master would roll a 20 sider and if it hit 1 - 9 we fell into a trap (had to do Burpees), if it hit 10 - 20 we found the trap and didn't fall in.

My partner Jami and I started in room 3 "Barbell Squats", these weren't bad, it was our first battle so we were still very fresh and ready to kick some butt, we moved on to room 4 "Plank", again like with room 3 we felt pretty good, it's still early on in the battle, in this room we encountered our first trap door but luckily we spotted it just in time and didn't fall in. Room 5 was Barbell Push Press', we choose a decent weight and managed to do the full three minutes without stopping. Next was room 6 "Max Hold", this isn't a hard battle just a painful one as your hands really do all the work. Room 7 "Banded Pulldowns" were nice and a great way to stretch the shoulders out but we did find another trap door but this time we didn't see it in time and fell through (5 burpees together). And speaking of shoulders the room 8 "Battleropes" killed our shoulders, Battleropes are hard enough but when you have to do thirty seconds three times in a row it's brutal. Room 9 "Sled Push" was difficult, not only before you just finished battling Battleropes but yo have to push this very heavy sled over asphalt. Next was room 10 "10 meter Sprint". This was actually a break since we didn't have to use our arms or shoulders. We then moved to room 1 "Rowing". Not the best thing to have to do towards the end of the workout. We rowed for :20 seconds and then took a :10 seconds rest for the full three minutes. And our final room was Room 2 "Kettlebell Deadlifts". These aren't hard but after doing all those previous battles your arms feel like jello and I had to drop down in weight to finish the full three minutes.

Overall I'm very happy with my performance talking the various obstacles in this dungeon. I had a great partner who continued to encourage me to push through the pain. I think this workout became an instant classic. Lots of different activities that push you to your limits... it was a great workout.