Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Campbell Soup & Teaching with Holograms

Well the far right are at it again.. Campbell's Soup released this very sweet and geeky commercial and they are up in arms and asking to boycott Campbell's. It's a commercial with two dads and their young son. What makes this commercial even better is that the fact that this is a real family, both Dads are actors and this is their real son... so dang cute!!!

The second video I wanted to share with you is this amazing thing that they have in Russia. I guess they have alot of issues with people parking in handicap parking space (and we have the same issue here as well) but they have this to teach people a lesson.

And I usually don't talk about my work much since it's work.. but I'm happy to say after eight months of work we finally delivered the first four episodes of this new Christmas series that I'm working on. I'll let you know when it's scheduled to air.. it's a pretty fun reality competition show.

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