Friday, October 9, 2015

Rebels S2 Trailer, R2D2 Extreme & Geeky Freaky Talking NerdStrong

During NYCC they released a new trailer for Star Wars Rebels S2 and it's pretty spectacular. I enjoyed season one but since they have added my favorite character Ahsoka from the Clone Wars it's gotten a whole lot better, that and the fact that the crew of the Ghost is now part of the rebel alliance or at least the beginning of it. Check out what's in store for S2

I came across this picture of a hulked out R2D2 and since he's one of my favorite character in the Star Wars universe I had to check it out even further. Come to find out that it's a custom made figure by Italian modeler Lemcat. He calls it “Hi2-D2: Enhanced astromech droid,” which began life as a Gundam model kit. You can check out more pictures HERE.

Last thing I want to share with you guys is a new video by Geeky Freaky.. they recently paid a visit to NerdStrong Gym and did a pretty good story about it. I think this is my favorite report about the gym so far. It also has alot of my buddies in it as well as my hands (playing the card game Magic). Check it out..

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