Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Guild is Back!!!

Today was Day 2 or Season Six of The Guild shoot but my first day on set. With this new job it has limited me to only going to set on the weekend which means I'll only be there six of the 15 day shoot. This is a bummer but I'm still going to be able to get all the interviews and I need I just won't be there to witness they being shot.

We were at Felicia's house shooting some scenes. I got there around 9am and they had just begun. I headed to the production office which was Bladezz's garage but has been converted into the new Geek and Sundry Office which Felicia films the series The Flog as well as Told By A Kid series.

In this room was wardrobe, makeup and production. It was also very hot outside and this was air conditioned so the cast would come hang out in between shots.

I didn't plan to record any interviews today since this was the first day of shooting for the cast members so today I was there just to observe and enjoy my Guildie family.

Guild director Sean Becker (Seasons 2 - 5) was not able to join us for Season 6 so we have a new director. The majority of the other crew members were from past seasons. New director meant a new vibe on set. It wasn't bad but it was different.

I would go on set and watch a few scenes here and there but I spent the majority of my time in the "Production Office" Visiting with friends and hanging with cast members.

Obviously I can't say anything about season six but fans are in for a real treat. Lots of great things ahead.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast Ep 8

Download from Itunes or Listen / Download Directly

Show Notes

Brothers Kenny and Michael Mittleider review and discuss a short lived but very socially aware TV series from the late 80's early 90's ALIEN NATION. Each podcast we will review a single episode in sequential order starting with the Pilot. Will give you our thoughts on the episode as well as some fun behind the scenes information.

Today we cover Season 1, Episode 8 - Contact

Directed by John McPherson
Written by Joe Menosky
Original air date November 6, 1989

Plot Summary: George and Susan decide to have another child. However, when a leading scientist is murdered Sikes and Francisco uncover a plot by the Purists and an Overseer to contact a probe that has come looking for the lost Newcomer ship, threatening both the Tenctonese and the Humans. At the same time Matt and Cathy get to know each other better as they share details of their past.

Hope you enjoy it,
Kenny & Michael

Thursday, August 9, 2012

No More Weekends

Tonight when I got off work (at my regular time.. yay). Got home around 8pm, had some dinner and all I wanted to do was watch some TV. Unfortunately I realized that for the next three weekends I will be working on The Guild from morning to night and won't have any time to really edit my upcoming podcasts.. which means.. yep I have to edit them in the few hours I have between getting home from work and sleep. 

So tonight I worked on my next MASH podcast. It's due on the 15th so I'm hoping to get it done in the next day or so. Tonight I manage to get the first cut done and then started to upload the episode so I can move to the next step and edit in audio clips. That will happen tomorrow.. but for now it's time for bed.

NEW!! The Geek Roundtable Logo

So today my buddy Ken Todd, who created/drew my Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast Logo as well as my Confessions of a Fanboy podcast logo did it again. Here is the unveiling of my sixth and newest podcast The Geek Roundtable Logo. I think it turned out pretty awesome. I came up with the idea and Ken brought my idea to fruition. Ken doesn't ask for payment, he does these because he enjoys my podcasts and is simply an AWESOME guy. One day when I am actually making money at this thing called Podcasting I'll be able to repay him for his creations.

Life has been a bit hectic as of late and I was hoping to get this podcast up and off the ground a few months back.. and to be honest I've had this podcast idea and have been trying to do something with it since October of 2010. But it is getting close and I'm hoping to record the first few episodes in the coming months. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated. Thanks all who support me and my podcasts.

Ken also drew this incredible picture of me for my 40th birthday.. he's such a fantastic artist.

My Gimpy Life Podcast 102

Download from Itunes or Listen, great direct download

Here it is.. the premiere episode of My Gimpy Life CompanionCast

This CompanionCast covers Season 1 Episode 2 - Two Shades of Teal

If you haven't seen the episode yet, You can see it HERE

My  CompanionCasts for The Guild were a huge hit so when Teal was putting together My Gimpy Life she asked if I would do some for her series and of course I said yes!!

I was on set almost everyday while they shot Season 1. As actors and crew were finished with scenes I would try and speak to them. Get some inside info about the scene they just shot. I also interview Teal Sherer (creator/star) and  Sean Becker about the directing. Each one of these CompanionCasts will be episode specific and will vary in length depending on how much bts goodness I am able to gather.

In this CompanionCast I interview Teal Sherer, Sean Becker, Leah Mann, Gabe Uhr, Kristin Ingrim, Amy Okuda, Teale Sperling, Marissa Cuevas, Steve Dengler, Tara Platt, Jason Charles Miller & Marisa Zakaria

I hope you enjoy a look behind the scenes of Season 1 Episode 2 - Two Shades of Teal

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BroDate with Robert

Tonight after another long day at work I went over to by buddies house to watch Buffy. Since Robert moved we've had to put our Buffy rewatch/1st time watcher on hold. But now that he's settled into his new place we're able to pick it up again.. yay.

The other cool think is he now lives about 15 minutes away from my work so I got to his place around 8pm. He ordered pizza and wings and we chowed down and begin watching the first of two episodes of Buffy for tonight. First up was The Puppet Show, which was a fun first season episode and then Nightmares which was a fun episode in which Robert replied "this is one of the weirdest episodes". We could have done another episode but I really wanted to get home because I had to finish editing the next My Gimpy Life companioncast.

So I'm not sure how I got home, as I was so tired but I got home around 11pm and along the way got calls and texts from work, we were outputting our very first episode to the network and we were having issues. So when I got home I had to deal with that and try and finish this podcast. I spent the next 2 hours dealing with work issues and finishing the next My Gimpy Life podcast.

By 1am the output was done and sent to the network and episode 102 of My Gimpy Life podcast is finished and uploading. I didn't bother to wait while it uploaded.. I'll just post it tomorrow morning when I get up... off to bed I go.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Guild Season Six Read Thru

Got up around 6:30am and after taking my shower and getting ready I jumped back on my Avid to work on My Gimpy Life podcast. I was almost done when I realized that I had completely forgotten to include Kristen the costume designer's interview that I did a few months back. Already missed putting her in to Episode one so I was determined to get her into episode 2.. only problem is I can't find the interview.  Time ran out in the morning so I will have to look tomorrow... Off to work

Another crazy stressful work day. But after work I drove over to Felicia's house for The Guild season six read thru. I have been looking forward to this for a few months. Of course I can't say anything about it... but Felicia did it again. It's fun to listen to the actors read through their roles. Some actors weren't present so others had to read for them and that was hilarious. Took about three hours to go through every episode. I'm very excited to get started on this season. I'll be on set as much as I can (with this new job) but I'll be there every weekend.

The difficult part about getting the privilege to watch/read the script is I can't share with anyone. I'll have to wait however long it takes for them to shoot, edit and release them... but it will be worth it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Podcasting

Another crazy long and stressful day at work. But there is no time to relax. I'm falling behind on my podcasting duties so tonight I had to at least get started on My Gimpy Life CompanionCast for episode 102 since it's being released tomorrow.

So I got home around 9pm and grabbed a bite to eat and jumped on my avid to edit as much of Gimpy Life before I got too tired to see. I was up until a little after midnight before calling it a night. I'll get a bit more done in the morning tomorrow before work and try and finish it Wednesday night since tomorrow night I'm booked already.

I love being busy, but with all these podcasts, friends, family and my crazy job there are times I just want a break from my life. Just a few hours where I don't have to think about anything, just sit in front of the TV and veg. I'm sure I'll find some time to do that... but as of now I'm not seeing any free time in the near future. Oh well could always be worse. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Disneyland (DCA) & Curiosity

Spent the night at my buddy Robert's place last night. He lives about 40 minutes from Disneyland compare to my hour and 20 minutes.  We got up and out the door around 9am. We got to Disneyland in about 40 minutes and took the tram to Downtown Disney. We were both hungry and stopped by a pretzel place to get a hot dog pretzel and some lemonade.

We then went in between the parks to get a locker and text the party we were meeting up with. This was our buddy Anthony's birthday celebration. They were over at DCA (Disney California Adventures) so we meet up with them at the "food court".

Once we were all together, their were nine of us we headed over to Toy Story Mania, because Anthony walks with a cane we can normally get into the "fast pass" lines but with Toy Story Mania there is no fast pass or handicap line so we normally just wait the hour to get in. This time my friend Jessica who use to work there had some "special" passes and was able to get all of us in right away. After that ride we went on Screaming. Then Mickey's Fun Wheel and Silly Symphony Swings.

We headed over to Goofy's Sky School but it was a long wait so instead we grabbed a Fast Pass and made way over to Cars Land. This was my first time seeing Car's Land and I have to say is they did a pretty awesome job at creating that land. Our plan was to get some fast passes for Radiator Springs but got side tracked with yummy ice cream. That took us a while to get but was well worth it on such a hot day. After that we did make it over to get some "Fast Passes" for Radiator Springs. Oh our way over to Tower of Terror we noticed that Luigi's Flying Tires had only a hour wait but the line was in a very air conditioned area so we opted to get in line. This was the first time riding this and though it was short (especially for the long wait) it was an enjoyable ride.

Made our way through Bug's Land to Tower of Terror. Everyone had a fast pass with exception of Robert and I so we took a chance and asked if we could still get in with our group without Fast Passes and they were nice enough to allow us. So we all rode Tower of Terror and loved it.

Time for lunch so we went back to the Wharf as they have many different restaurants. I got Chinese and was very disappointed (way to many veggies). But others shared their Mexican food and that was pretty tasty.. and so we the Chinese once I got rid of all the veggies.

After lunch the gang, with exception of Jessica went back to Goofy's Sky School to use our Fast Pass. I love that ride.. always have a blast.

Now this is what I was looking forward to most.. we got in line for Radiator Springs. We were able to bypass the 2 hour line with Anthony's handicap passes and our wait went from two hours to about an a half hour.

As for the ride it was pretty AWESOME.. lots of fun. Only complaint is that we didn't race against anyone, which of course meant we won. I look forward to riding that again in the near future and actually racing someone.

Once that was over we had planned to go over to Disneyland and ride Star Tours before Robert and I left, but the group wanted to grab some Starbucks beforehand and that took longer then expected and we ran out of time as Robert and I wanted to leave at 7. So we took a group shot and said our goodbyes and headed back to his place. Got back a little after 8pm. Said goodbye to Robert and headed home and got home around 9pm and caught up on the day's emails and posts.

Around 10ish I started to watch the news who was covering the live landing of the Mars Rover Curiosity. It was a pretty exciting experience. It's amazing to me how they can launch something from Earth and hit a target millions of miles away.. truly, truly amazing.

It was a great way to end a fun filled day at Disneyland (which we never stepped foot in).