Monday, August 6, 2012

More Podcasting

Another crazy long and stressful day at work. But there is no time to relax. I'm falling behind on my podcasting duties so tonight I had to at least get started on My Gimpy Life CompanionCast for episode 102 since it's being released tomorrow.

So I got home around 9pm and grabbed a bite to eat and jumped on my avid to edit as much of Gimpy Life before I got too tired to see. I was up until a little after midnight before calling it a night. I'll get a bit more done in the morning tomorrow before work and try and finish it Wednesday night since tomorrow night I'm booked already.

I love being busy, but with all these podcasts, friends, family and my crazy job there are times I just want a break from my life. Just a few hours where I don't have to think about anything, just sit in front of the TV and veg. I'm sure I'll find some time to do that... but as of now I'm not seeing any free time in the near future. Oh well could always be worse. :)

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