Saturday, January 28, 2012

Busy Saturday

Started my day working on my next episode of Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast. Got the majority of it done, all I have left is to add audio bites and then polish the whole thing. Output, convert it and upload it. But that will happen in a few days.

I noticed that my last job Chelsea Settles added my credits to my IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) page. You can check out things I have worked over my career. It doesn't have everything but I'm very proud of the amount of work I have done over the years.

Also worked on my new personal website. Mainly working on the main website at first and then linking to my older pages from my other website until I have time to go through and re-do them all to wordpress. I'll be unavailing it fairly soon... stay tuned.

Did alot of catching up on TV shows on my DVR. One that I recorded and really surprised me on how much I love it.. and when I say love it I mean LOVE it. It's called Lost Girl. It's a Canadian TV series that's been out for a little over a year. Well they finally started airing it here on Syfy. I've only seen two episodes but man has it got me hooked. The characters are engaging, the writing is funny and witting. I'm loving the mythology so far. It reminds me alot of Buffy and Joss Whedon's writing. Really looking forward to seeing where they series goes.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Working Out & Hanging with Leo

Once again got up and had oatmeal for breakfast. I didn't eat so healthy yesterday so today I planned to do better. Spent the morning online working on my new website. My buddy Leo and I have been chatting about hiking at Vasquez Rocks, both of us are trying to get into better shape. So around noon he messaged me and asked if I wanted to hiking today.. of course I said yes and we made plans to meet at my place at 2.

Leo arrived and we headed over to Vasquez Rocks. This was Leo's first time so I kind of let him take the lead and for the next hour and a half we walked all over that place. Great thing about hiking is you get to chat. So he and I chatted and got to know each other a bit better. I also got to hear some things that happen at my movie marathon weekends that I was unaware of. I guess being drunk and hanging with others at the party means you don't know everything that's going on. Anyways we had a great time and a very good hike.

After the hike we came back to my place and we went out to my garage to work out. Leo has a bad bicep and attempted to work out but was in too much pain to really continue. So I did my workout while we chatted some more. It's nice having company while working out.

Today's Workout:

1 hour and 30 minutes of cardio on while hiking

3 sets of 10 for shoulders (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the front leg press (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the chest fly for my chest (75 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the curl arm for my biceps (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the free weight (110 lbs)

After the work out we headed back inside and decided to watch a movie. Leo hasn't really seen alot of the cool sci fi and fantasy films of the 80's so I decided to show him a classic... Ghostbusters. After the movie we said our goodbyes and he headed back home and I had some dinner.

Two days in a row hanging with friends.. too bad this isn't the norm. Gonna spend the rest of the night working on my Alien Nation Podcast.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hanging with Rupert

Today I got up and had a few slices of toast with peanut butter. Then started editing my next Alien Nation podcast. Around 1pm my buddy Rupert came over and we planned to hang out and watch some 80's sci fi and fantasy movies. I'm having another movie marathon at the end of February and it's going to be a 1980's Scifi/Fantasy movie marathon weekend. I currently have a list and folks who are attending are voting so we opted to watch movies that are not getting the votes and that we will not be watching that weekend. So we started with Krull, this is one of my favorite 80's scifi/fantasy movie and I know some folks think it's cheesy and I can see that but I remember seeing this in the theater way back when, I was 13, and we didn't have alot of fantasy/sci fi so this movie really is close to my heart and always will be. It was also cool so see that "unknown" actors stared in it that are big stars now like Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane. Had a great time watching this again.

We then went out to lunch, I didn't go healthy and that's something I need to work out. When I'm hanging out with friends (which isn't that often) but I need to either make food for us or choose wisely. Today we went to Pizza Hut and got some pepperoni pizza, break sticks, buffalo wings and poppers. It's all bad but taste so good. The only plus was that we got this so late that it became our lunch/dinner.

While we were eating lunch/dinner we started to watch Time Bandits. Another great movie from the 80's but one that I haven't seen often. I've owned the bluray for a few months but this is the first time that I'm watching it. I have to say how disappointed I was with the picture quality. They did clean up the print at all. It was like watching it on the movie screen, scratches all over the screen. Luckily I enjoy the movie so I could set aside the way it looked. One thing I totally forgot about this movie was the ending. The kid's house burns down and then his parents touch pure evil and blow up and then the kid is left alone at his burnt out house. Talk about a depressing ending... but still it's a bizarre yet entertaining story and the cast is great.

After Time Bandits we watched The Last Starfighter. Again like Time Bandits I had this on bluray and this was the first time watching it. Now this is in my top 10 scifi movies of all time. I remember seeing this in the theater and being totally enthralled. One thing I noticed about this movie this time around and I don't know if it's because of the hirez or just that it's been a few years since I saw it but man is the CG bad (this was the first movie to do full CG). Everytime they would go to a CG scene it pulled me out of the movie which it's never done before. Now I still LOVE this movie, the story is great, the acting is good and the concept is very original. I love the ships and of course my favorite move that I still haven't never seen before and since.. the Death Blossom!!! Good stuff all around.

After Last Starfighter we decided to have a change of pace and watch a show that my buddy Josh loaned to me. It's call The Reduced Shakespeare Company: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). I knew nothing about this but Josh knew I loved Shakespeare and Rupert had seen this already and really enjoyed it.. and I have to say I LOVED it. funny, funny stuff. All three actors were fantastic and I love that it was a filmed stage show. They included the entire audience and even pulled some of them on stage.. lots of fun.

Now 11pm it was time for Rupert to head home (he lives about an hour and a half way) but we had such a great time that he planned to do this again next week.

I didn't work out but it might be nice to give my muscles a break. anyways, had a really great day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Healthier Me - Day 3

Day 3 or my new working out and eating regime. Working out is going great, sore as can be but feeling good. It takes a little pushing and motivation to get me out to the garage but once I'm out there it's smooth sailing. Now eating on the other hand... I know it would be tough for me. I've always eaten really poorly and it's not going to change over night. I had a small bowl of honey nut cheerios for breakfast, then while I was out getting the oil changed on my truck I stopped by El Pollo Loco and got me a chicken bowl (which has chicken, rice and beans). Before you write nasty comments I'm allowing myself to eat out once a week. Which is huge since I would eat out everyday for lunch. I hope within time I'll knock it down to once a month.. but baby steps to begin with. For dinner I made me a tuna sandwich (with way to little miracle whip) and some baked chips. Surprising I didn't do any snacks. I also had one diet coke.. which is great since I normally drink 3 cans of diet coke a day.

While I was out I picked up some plain low sodium rice cakes from Ralphs that I really enjoyed. I grabbed six bags since I figure I have eat one or two of these a day to take care of the snacking issue.

I posted a picture of me with my rice cakes on facebook and I got a large amount of comments about diets, what not to do, what to do.. the biggest was eating more veggies. Of course I wrote back that I'm not a big veggie eater and that veggies will be my biggest hurdle. Well I got comments like "You should start doing veggies" and "You should learn to like your veggies".. it's like I've hated them for over 40 years but now I'm suppose to instantly start liking them.. I don't think so. I will work on eating more veggies but I know myself better then anyone and it will be a uphill battle

Today's Workout:

30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical

3 sets of 10 for shoulders (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the front leg press (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the chest fly for my chest (75 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the curl arm for my biceps (45 lbs)

Like I said workout went great.. easily did 30 minutes of cardio and took it easy on my weights since I'm still sore from the previous two days of workout... but I did manage to get some in.

All in all I'm happy with how things are going. As I tweeted earlier today.. "This new eating lifestyle is tough.. I've been doing it for 3 days and I've been hungry for 3 days." I know in time my stomach will shrink and I won't feel as hungry all the time.. but until then.. I'm soooo hungry!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Healthier Me - Day 2

Today started off pretty good. I got up, had some eggs and potatoes (said like Samwise). Then jumped on my computer and started to work on the next MASH 4077 Podcast. Took a break around 1pm and grabbed two plain rice cakes for lunch and watched some TV for a few hours. Finished editing my new MASH 4077 Podcast around 7pm. Made myself a burger and baked fries for dinner. Then around 9pm I headed out to the garage for my workout. I had planned to take it easy as I'm just getting started but I felt great and doubled my cardio workout.

Today's Workout:

30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical

3 sets of 10 for shoulders (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the front leg press (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 crunches (110 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the free weight (110 lbs)

My arms are sore but I still manage to get a few weights in and like I said earlier I felt great on the elliptical and keep going pass my planned 15 minutes.

All in all a good day.. ate fairly well, got in a good workout and edited and finished a complete podcast. I know it's only my second day but so far so good.

Podcast Promo Exchange

Hey Guys.. I currently have four podcasts up and running. Knights of the Guild about to hit our 3 year anniversary on Feb 15th, MASH 4077 Podcast  about to hit our 1 year anniversary on Feb 1st, Confessions of a Fanboy about five months old and my newest one Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast which is almost 1 month old.

It's a lot of work but I love podcasting; creating, producing, editing and even hosting. Having four podcast requires alot of promoting. Twitter, Facebook and just getting the word out there that my podcasts exist is a full time job. I share promos with fellow friend podcasters but I know there are a ton of people out there who do video podcasts, or video blogs. Other's who do audio podcasts and even written blogs. I really want to start cross promoting with you guys. I'd love to help promote your stuff (of course it needs to appropriate) if you are willing to promote my stuff. All I just require is a :30 to :60 second audio promo and I'd be happy to play it on all four of my podcasts at times. I currently have over 10,000 combined downloads a month. In turn I have audio promos for each of my podcasts as well as banners with my podcasts info that you can play or display on our website. Or if you do video podcasts either mentioning my podcast(s)/websites on air or a credit or banner page at the end of your video cast.

If you want to exchange promos drop me an email (it's my online screen name @, if you don't know what that is then just leave me a message here.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Healthier Me - Day 1 (Starting Over)

Well today started out with power going out for about four hours. It finally came back on and stayed on around 10:30am. Today is the beginning of my new outlook on life (see previous blog). Had some oatmeal for breakfast and made some chicken breasts and rice for lunch and I had planned to work out earlier in the day. Well it was harder then I expected motivating myself to actually do anything. I wanted to work on my next MASH 4077 Podcast as well as my Alien Nation podcast but really struggled with getting started. I kept pushing off my working out and podcasting and instead caught up on some TV that I had recorded. I also broke down and had 3 Oreo cookies for a snack. For dinner I kept it very light as I wasn't that hungry and made a PB&J sandwich. I'm keeping a food journal as well and debated on posting on my blog because I know I would be embarrassed if you guys actually saw what I was eating everyday. Still might do it but for now I'll keep it to myself and see if it helps me eat better... if not I will be posting for all to see and hope that will keep m in line.

I did do my workout around 9pm and it was actually a really good one, especially since I haven't worked out in over a year.

Since it's Monday I weight myself this morning 209

Today's Workout:

15 minutes of cardio on the elliptical

3 sets of 10 on the chest fly for my chest (75 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the curl arm for my biceps (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 for shoulders (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the front leg press (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the back leg press (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the free weight (110 lbs)

Working out is going to be easy for me. I love doing it as I love seeing the results. My only issue is if  I get sick I can't let that derail me from my program. Food on the other hand will be the hardest thing for me to change and control.. wish me luck. My plan is to get below 200 my March. That's nine pounds in 5 weeks... it's going to be tough but I need tough so I stick with my plan.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Turning Point

Well yesterday while talking to a friend of mine on Facebook about all the things that are not going the way I would like for them to be going I had a kind of panic/anxiety attack and actually had to get up from my computer and go outside for some fresh air, it was kind of scary. Today when I woke up I asked myself why did I allow myself to get that bad. Yes my life isn't going as planned and there have been a few hurdles to jump over in recent months and I still have quite a few things to work out still but mopey, sad, miserable Kenny is not fun Kenny and I'm tried of feeling that way. So starting today I decided that I will do my best to stop feeling this way. I know I can't just turn these feelings off but I can work on how I deal with them.

Starting Monday I'm going to began my workouts again. I'm determined to lose all this excess weight I've put on over the past ten years.  I love working out once I get started so that shouldn't be a problem.. what I see as my major problem is changing what I eat. My entire life has been poor diets and fast foods. I don't plan to go cold turkey (meaning stop eating everything I love) I will just eat less of it and hopefully in time get it down to just once a week if that.

It's time to take control of my life again. If that means career changes or relocation then that's what will happen. I'm going on my fourth month of being unemployed and funds are extremely low, I don't want to lose my house so I have to do something about it. If that means getting a regular job or taking on a roommate then that's what I will do. I spend 5 to 6 days here at the house completely alone... again that is something I can change. I need to plan more outing with friends or maybe volunteer again. I use to do that many years ago and very much enjoyed it.

I am not happy with where my life is right now, but you know what, I am the only one that can change that.. so I'm going to do just that. I may have set backs and fall back into that "funky" mood but having a goal and motivation I don't think I will sink as much as I did the past few months. Life is a challenge and it will always be that way. Who knows what the future holds but like I said in my previous blogs you never know when you're last breath will be so live each moment to the fullest. Time to take my advice and live my life!!