Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Glasses & Kenobi's 6th Birthday

My fourth day that I had to cancel my NerdStrong class, I was really hoping to be well enough by the weekend but I woke up this morning and knew that I had my nephews Birthday party to attend and that I'd need to save up all my energy for that so I opted out of class. I'm determined to attend tomorrows class as it's going to be a Goonies Workout.

Got my new glasses last night. This was the first time I had purchased glasses off the internet and I have to say so far they are pretty great. I was worried about the fit but they are snug but not tight. It's amazing putting on new glasses after wearing the same glasses for over three years. Though my prescription hadn't changed much the new glasses were crystal clear and it was a strange feeling at first but my eyes quickly adjusted. I like the style and the look of the glasses and I'm extremely happy overall.. which means I'm going to be buying a second pair very soon to have as a back up. By the way I used Zenniopitcal and paid a third of what I usually pay. 

For most of my day I spent it at my brothers celebrating my nephew Kenobi's 6th birthday party. I can't believe he is six already. He's turning into a fantastic little geeky guy. My sister-in-law Lora went all out for this party. It was Star Wars themed (of course) and my brother got one of his cosplaying friends to come as Darth Maul (which was fantastic). 

There were a ton of kids there, now that Kenboi is older and in school he has alot more little friends. They had the trampoline up and the huge water slide so the kids were in heaven.  Lora also made home made light sabers out of pool noodles and the kids had a field day beating each other up (a few of us adults also got in on the fun). Overall it was a birthday party to remember.

I was exhausted when I got home around 8pm and quickly had dinner before crashing as I said I'm determined to get up for the morning Goonies NerdStrong workout.

Friday, June 5, 2015

As You Wish & Come On Down

This is my third day of cancelling my NerdStrong class. It's tough not going but I know that even though I may feel slightly better I'm still sick and need to rest (or at least rest as much as I can).

I dragged myself into the office and I felt okay with the help of Dayqual and cough drops. It was a crazy day at work but luckily I didn't have to do to much walking around and spent the majority of the time working from my computer.

I'm normally not into "Precious Moments" figures but I saw this one and I could see myself buying it. It's titled "As You Wish" and if you are a geek you should know instantly from what movie it's from. Yep.. it's a Princess Bride Precious Moments figurine... How awesome is that!! I mean it's not worth paying $100 for it but it's still pretty nice.

When I got home from work I immediately went to my Tivo to watch this mornings The Price is Right game show. A few months back my friend Will and Becca announced on their Facebook that we couldn't miss this episode. They went with a group of their friends and "something" happened. They wouldn't tell us what so I was looking forward to seeing it. Of course I assumed one of them was told to "come on down" and I was right. The final contestant to "come on down" was my buddy Will. He had one chance to to bid and get on stage and guess what.. he did. He was the closest bidder for the trampoline and won. He is now on stage with Drew Cary, and Drew asks "what do we have to William" and the announcer says....  A NEW CAR!!!

Luckily Will got a fairly easy game, if you know the prices of cars. It was the card game. He first had to pull a card from a deck and that would be the amount he can miss without going over. He drew $2000, so he had to come within $2000 and not go over to win. They start the price at $15,000 and then he started to pull cards.. the first one was something like $500 so his new balance is $15,500. He then pulled an Ace which meant he could make it any amount. He made the total $18,000 and stopped. Drew open the envelope and announced that the price of the car was $19,932 (or something close to that). He was within the $2000 which meant Will just won a brand new car!!! It was fun watching him go crazy with excitement.

He then went and spun the big wheel to win a spot on the showcase showdown, unfortunately he couldn't get enough to beat the person before him so his time on The Price is Right was over... or so I thought. At the end for the showcase showdown one of the prizes was a boat and sure enough in the boat was Will dancing along with the other contestants who didn't make it to the showdown.

It was fun watching a friend win big like that. It couldn't have happens to a better person. You know the expression "Nice Guys Finish Last". Will is the exception to the rule.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Still Sick, Rebels & Free NerdStrong

Had another horrible night, slept very little and coughed alot. Cancelled my morning NerdStrong class for the 2nd time and I would have called in sick again for work but I had a new editor starting and had to be there to do all his paperwork. So I took some meds (Dayqual) and dragged myself into the office. I somehow managed to survive the day.

I do have one piece of geeky news that I wanted to share with you all.. Star Wars Rebels released a Ahsoka centric behind the scenes video for the upcoming season of Rebels. Ahsoka has become one of my all time favorite Star Wars characters and I was super excited when she showed up on season one of Rebels. I can't wait to see what happens next for her.

And before I say goodnight.. if you're a regular follower of my blog you know that joined a very geeky gym back in February and have had the best experience. Well now it's your turn to join in the fun. NerdStrong Gym is offering FREE Sunday classes at 9AM. Just go to and sign up so you can sign the wavier (you can do it day of but it's easier if you do it in advance.) Let me know if you're going to join in the fun so I can take the 9am class as well since I usual do the 10am class on Sunday. Come find out why I love this gym so much.. come join in the all nerdiness!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Sick

Last night I started to get an itch in my throat.. around 1am this morning I woke up with a sever sore throat and a cough I couldn't control. I jumped out of bed and almost took a tumble as my head was spinning. I managed to get some cough medicine down in between the hacking coughs but I was up for another two hours before falling back to sleep.  Sleep didn't last that long as I was up again around 4am coughing. I felt like crap and knew there was no way I was going to be able to make it to NerdStrong for my 7am class and though I hated doing it I had to cancel for the first time (it really was a struggle). I took some more meds and tried to get a few more hours of sleep before I had to drag myself into work.

Yeah when I woke up there was no way I was getting out of bed.. so I called in sick to work. You know I'm bad if I don't go to work. All I wanted to do today was lay on the couch, catching up on some TV and drink lots of fluids and I did pretty much that all day long.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hollywood

I'm super excited for this.. more news about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood. I'm determined to get a job here when it opens.. I don't care what I do, I just want to work at Hogwarts.

Here are some highlights from the official press release:


Universal Studios Hollywood Introduces “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”

Hollywood, CA, June 2, 2015 – The countdown to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™” begins today as Universal Studios Hollywood announces the Spring 2016 arrival of the West Coast’s most anticipated entertainment experience and the introduction of the land’s signature attraction, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” in hyper-realistic 3D-HD.

More than five years in the making, and inspired by J. K. Rowling’s compelling stories and characters and the Warner Bros. films, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios Hollywood will bring guests the same authenticity and storytelling found at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Japan and is expected to attract Harry Potter fans and visitors from all over the globe for decades to come.

Like its counterparts, Hogwarts castle will sit at the heart of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” where the land’s signature ride, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™” will take guests on a journey into many memorable scenes alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione. Traveling by Floo powder, guests will soar high above Hogwarts, partake in a Quidditch match, narrowly escape a dragon attack and have a close encounter with the Whomping Willow.

“Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” is an achievement in pioneering theme park ride technology featuring a groundbreaking robotics ride system, fused with elaborate filmed action sequences and immersive visceral effects. Sporting Quidditch-inspired 3D goggles, guests will venture through journeys experienced by Harry and his friends, spiraling and pivoting 360-degrees along an elevated ride track on a whirlwind adventure of a lifetime.

At Universal Studios Hollywood, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” will make its U.S. debut as a dynamic 3D-HD adventure designed to further immerse guests in an already captivating storyline.

Also within “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” the enchanting family coaster, “Flight of the Hippogriff” will debut as Universal Studios Hollywood’s first outdoor coaster.

“The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” will resonate with immense detail, inviting guests to revel in Harry Potter’s epicurean world with the opportunity to enjoy authentic food and beverage at multiple locations, including: Three Broomsticks™ and Hog’s Head pub, as well the Magic Neep and Butterbeer™ carts.

A foray through the shops will add to the authenticity of the land with eight retail shops and locations, including Honeydukes™, Ollivanders™, Owl Post™, Zonko’s™ Joke Shop, Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment, Dervish and Banges, Gladrags Wizardwear and Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods™.

They also released this video with the press release.

NerdStrong Gym - Lung Dex

Got a surprise when I got to the gym today.. coach Andrew wasn't there instead we had coach Blair.

DEX classes can be tough at times with when you add coach Blair into the mix you know it's going to be a wild ride.

He titled today's workout "LUNG DEX" and boy was it. After a decent warm up we jumped into the main workout.

This was a 30 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). We started with a 250 meter run, then 20x High Knees, 20x Squats, 20x Mountain Climbers, 15x Bicycles, 15x Russian Twists, 15x Flutter Kicks, 10x Push Ups, 10x Shoulder Touch in Plank Pose & finally 10x Russian Twists.

After a minute or so to rest you had to do it all over again. Coach Blair wanted us to get at least 3 rounds completed. I'm happy to say that I completed 4 and go to Bicycles on round 5 before time ran out. I didn't have an issue with any of the movement.. well maybe Russian Twists, which of course we had to do twice each round. I started off with weight but during round 3 I dropped the weight which made these much easier.

Overall it was a pretty great workout, though it looks tough in the end you feel great and you know you can't an amazing well balanced workout done. Thanks coach Blair!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

MASH Podcast, No Tron 3, Caitlyn Jenner & Sad Dog Videos

Today's blog is a hodge podge of entertainment news and dog videos.

First up Geekyfanboy Productions released a new episode of the MASH 4077 Podcast. This is episode 105, covering S5 Ep 8 "Dear Sigmund". You can Download from itunes , listen on Stitcher Radio or listen and get direct download from our main website  Don't forget new episodes are released on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Got some sad news... Disney announced that they are pulling the plug on Tron 3. I mean it was never really full development but there was talk of a director and the return of the main actors but seems that things have fizzed out. Who's to say if things will change in the future, I for one would like to see another Tron movie as I really do enjoy that universe... so for now it's a just a wait and see.

Vanity Fair released their new cover introducing Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) and I have to say she's looking pretty amazing. I think this is going to be huge for the transgender world. Of course you're always gonna have your haters but from what I've been reading today the general public seems to giving her their support.

And the final thing I wanted to share today... I came across two dog videos that will defiantly tug at the heart strings.. the first one is only 10 seconds but man is it a tough 10 seconds to watch.

And the second dog video is a PSA/Commercial that also made me tear up.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Podcast Guest & Pathfinder Fun

Today I'm a guest on a friends podcast Super Epic Podcast Theater. It's a general geek podcast and they asked me to be a guest a while ago and it's finally happening. It was a good time, it's very different then any of my podcasts as it was more for a free flow type of thing. We talked about various geeky things for over an hour but at the end they do this "mad lib" thing which was really fun. You can listen to the podcast HERE.

The rest of my day was all about D&D and Pathfinder. If you recall our band of misfits are in the middle of the enemy's territory but we are disguised at orcs, goblins and hob goblins. Our supposed "prisoner" Nar was just taken by some orcs and we are in pursuit. We managed to talk our way pass the guards and entered what looks to be the headquaters of this army. As we were walking up the path we heard Nar voice coming from a cave just to our right. We all entered as the door slowly came down to seal us in. Once inside battle proceeded. We are currently trapped in this room with now obvious way out. We have killed about half the "bad" guys but at a high price. We lost a pretty strong NPC character and even worse then that we lost one of our main charters.

This is only the third main character to die in two years of playing. Luckily this was Brett's second character so he does have another he can play but that character is currently away and won't be back for the rest of this adventure.

So today's session ended with us being stuck in this cave with a half dozen bad guys and alot of us spell casters running out of spells. If we win this fight (which I'm sure we will) we still have 1000's of bad guys just outside this door waiting for us. I don't have a clue how we are going to get out of this mess.. stay tuned.

NerdStrong Gym - 1 Gross of Squats, Sit Ups & Push Ups

Since I took off yesterday I was very happy to be back at NerdStrong Gym.

For a warm up coach Andrew lead us on a run around the parking lot but a quarter way through he made us turn around and run backwards, and then on the corner we side stepped around the corner before resuming our regular run. We went into the gym and did some band stretching.

The workout is all about Squats, Sit Ups and Push Ups. We had a choice. We could do this solo which would be 12 rounds of 12x Squats, 12x Sit Ups and 12x Push Ups. Or you could partner up and do 24 rounds of 6x Squats, 6x Sit Ups and 6x Push Ups. Regardless of which one you did in the end you did a total of 144 Squats, 144 Sit Ups and 144 Push Ups.

I opted to team up with my friend Lauren, we've teamed up in the past and have worked pretty well together. We named our team.. Team Baggins, both of us being Lord of the Rings fans. For the first five rounds we did the workouts together and finished 10 of the 24 reps. We then started to do one at a time, Lauren would do a set and I'd rest and then I'd do a set while she rested. We had a time limit of 30 minutes and we got done with all 24 sets with a few minutes to spare. It was a pretty great workout. You don't realize that you are doing 144 of each of these things. The rest in between and the fact that your only doing 6 at a time really helps breaking down that number.

It was a great workout, one I can see doing again for a Friday open gym workout. Lauren and I rocked it. She was faster with the sit ups but I'd beat her with the push ups. We were ideally matched.

It was a huge turnout for this morning class.. one of the largest we've had yet. It's exciting that NerdStrong is becoming more and more popular but also at the same time I'd love for it to stay this small close knit family.