Sunday, May 31, 2015

Podcast Guest & Pathfinder Fun

Today I'm a guest on a friends podcast Super Epic Podcast Theater. It's a general geek podcast and they asked me to be a guest a while ago and it's finally happening. It was a good time, it's very different then any of my podcasts as it was more for a free flow type of thing. We talked about various geeky things for over an hour but at the end they do this "mad lib" thing which was really fun. You can listen to the podcast HERE.

The rest of my day was all about D&D and Pathfinder. If you recall our band of misfits are in the middle of the enemy's territory but we are disguised at orcs, goblins and hob goblins. Our supposed "prisoner" Nar was just taken by some orcs and we are in pursuit. We managed to talk our way pass the guards and entered what looks to be the headquaters of this army. As we were walking up the path we heard Nar voice coming from a cave just to our right. We all entered as the door slowly came down to seal us in. Once inside battle proceeded. We are currently trapped in this room with now obvious way out. We have killed about half the "bad" guys but at a high price. We lost a pretty strong NPC character and even worse then that we lost one of our main charters.

This is only the third main character to die in two years of playing. Luckily this was Brett's second character so he does have another he can play but that character is currently away and won't be back for the rest of this adventure.

So today's session ended with us being stuck in this cave with a half dozen bad guys and alot of us spell casters running out of spells. If we win this fight (which I'm sure we will) we still have 1000's of bad guys just outside this door waiting for us. I don't have a clue how we are going to get out of this mess.. stay tuned.

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