Saturday, December 12, 2015

One Birthday & Two Holiday Parties

Today was all about parties.. after my morning workout I headed to Riverside for my niece Molly's 4th birthday party. I had thought the party started at 1pm which they usual do but they started it an hour early at noon so I was late getting there and the party was in full swing. As soon as I walked in the front door I heard "Uncle Kenny" and Molly came running up to me for a big hug. She does this every time I see her and I love it. I hope it never stops. There were lot's of little girls dressed as Ponies and boys dressed as cowboys.

Whenever my sister-in-law has parties for the kids I tend to help out where I can. I always take care of the cake duties as well as present duties.. this leaves Lora free to take pictures and enjoy the moment. Doing presents is always difficult as little kids wants to help or they want to open up every toy as they are being unwrapped. It takes great patience to do it and I'm happy to say I haven't bitch slapped a kid yet but I've come close :)

The party was great and Molly had an amazing time, which is the most important thing.

After that party I headed to NerdStrong for their Holiday party.. yep my gym had a Holiday party and it was alot of fun. It's always fun hanging out with gym members and really getting to see them "outside" the gym. I did lots of visiting and they had a photo booth station set up so of course I took lots of photos. Towards the end of the evening I presented Andrew and Marla with the scrapebook that I had been working on the past few weeks.

The idea came to me a while ago, I've always enjoyed scrapbooking and I thought about making a scrapbook of my past year at the gym. I asked fellow NerdStronger to write up on a 3x5 card their thoughts about the gym... how it's changed their life, health and anything else they wanted to say. 20 or so people gave me cards and then I went to work. I searched high and low for geeky workout stickers and pictures. I found some awesome pictures of superheroes doing workouts, funny sayings and various other fun things. I worked on it for hours on end and barely got it done for the party. I knew that I wanted to present it to them at the holiday party as I figured most of the people who contributed would be there and see them receive it. It got the reaction that I was hoping for.. tears. Those two along with all the other coaches have really changed my life and I wanted them to know how much they are cared for and I think I accomplished that.

After that party I headed to my buddy Will's annual Nog and Sweater holiday party. I only stayed a few hours as it was already midnight and I was so exhausted. It was nice drinking some nog and seeing friends (most of which I saw last week at Hayley's birthday party). I headed home around 1am and called it a night.

I don't know how I did it but I manged to attend three different parties in one day and have a great time at each.. now I just wan to sleep.

Friday, December 11, 2015

New X-Men Trailer, The Martian Screener and LOTR Doughnut

Fox released the first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse and it looks AMAZING. I'm a huge X-Men fan and have enjoyed all the movies.. yes all of the movies so I'm really looking forward to this one.

Finally I got a screener of a movie that not only do I know what it is, I was really hoping to get it.. The Martian.

I wanted to see this movie on the big screen when it came out but I never found the time go out and see it. I've heard nothing but great things about this film and the book that it's based on for that matter. I was told I should read the book before seeing the movie but I doubt that is going to happen. Can't wait to watch this one.

One last thing I wanted to share with you guys.. One Doughnut to Rule Them All. I mean how awesome is that!!!

NerdStrong Gym - This Weeks Recap

This week I did Saturday (CON), Tuesday (DEX), Wednesday (CON), Wednesday (PILATES), & Thursday (STG).

Saturday started with a big bad boss fight and by the end my legs were like jelly. What was sad is this wasn't even the big big bad and only one of his minions. These boss fights are all about endurance and pacing. I mean the purpose of these smaller fights is to prep us for the big big bad at the end of the month.

I had to cancel Sunday's workout as I partied a bit to hard Saturday night. It was the first time in my 10 months of going to NerdStrong that I had to cancel a class.. I was not happy with myself. I really enjoy TEAM workouts and hated that I had to miss it.

Tuesdays DEX class was like most DEX class, full of a variety of workouts. I know I say this all the time but DEX days I feel like I get the best overall workout.. we work everything. And what made this DEX day even extra special was all the friends who attended. Today some of my favorite workout buddies showed up so it really didn't matter what the workout was as long as we were doing it together.

Wednesdays CON class was jammed packed with awesome people. And it was your typical coach Blair CON class.. lots of running and rowing and other things to push us to our limits. Coach Blair is a big believer in "Active" rest.. which means you are not running or rowing but you're doing other things instead of actually resting.

Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to do Pilates. I know I say this with every Pilates class but it's so relaxing at times as well as very challenging, especially with your core. But by the time I am done I feel great.. it's a great stress reliever.

Thursdays STG class was good, lots of barbell work which is usual for Thursday workouts and of course we always have a extremely exhausting "battle" at the end but today's we had something extra special.. Birthday Battleropes. It's member Cait's 28th Birthday and of course when it's your birthday at NerdStrong everyone does battleropes in your honor. Well it's not mandatory but I always like to honor my friends birthday and always participate in them.

Overall another great week.. bummed that I missed a day but there was no way I was going to the gym after a night of heavy drinking.. luckily for me that's not my norm. Lot's of people showing up to the 7am classes.. I'm sure as the holidays get closer less and less people will be attending.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Downton Abbey, TMNT 2 & SW The Force Awakens Int'l Trailer

Several videos that I want to share with you.. the first one is from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where Downton Abbey actors Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, and Allen Leech read a scene from Downton but do it in American accents... I almost lost it. Of course they ham it up but it's so hilarious.

This video is a trailer for the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I actually enjoyed the rebooted Michael Bay movie.. and this one looks like it's just as fun.

The final video I want to share is another Star Wars The Force Awaken trailer.. this time it's the international trailer and there is even more footage. Again I don't think they spoil anything and all these trailers do it get me more and more excited.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More Screeners

Got some screeners today and was super excited to get two of them. Today I got Suffragette, which I saw a preview to and thought it looked really good. It has some amazing actress' in it and it about women's rights in the late 19th and early 20th century in Great Britain. I'm really looking forward to it. The second movie is The Danish Girl, it stars Eddie Redmayne (who I loved in the Steven Hawkins bio pic last year). It's also about the very first Transgender operation, back when it was very taboo. And from the previews it looks like it's going to be a big tear jeaker. The third movie I got was Carol. I didn't know much about it other then it had Cate Blanchett in it who I love and is a story set in the 50's about two women in a complicated relationship. I don't know if that means they are lovers but I'll give it a watch.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Agents of SHIELD S3 Midseason Finale

Today after a long day of work I rushed home to watch the final episode of Agents of SHIELD this season (aka the midseason finale). This was S3 Episode 10 "Maveth" Here's a synopsis: Fitz finds Daniels and convinces Ward that they will need him to find the exit point. Mack sends May and the Secret Warriors (Johnson, Campbell, and Gutierrez) to find Simmons while he, Morse, and Hunter infiltrate the castle and secure the portal room. Simmons escapes herself after Campbell shuts down Hydra's power, and discovers several Inhumans that Malick has gathered as an army, including Garner. Simmons agrees to unleash Lash on Hydra before making her way to the others. Fitz and Daniels lead Ward to the ruins of an ancient civilization where they manage to get away, while Coulson catches up to Ward and overpowers him, forcing him to follow them.

At the exit, Daniels attacks Fitz: the Inhuman had killed Daniels as Simmons escaped, and now inhabits his body. Ward attacks Coulson when he is distracted by Fitz, but Coulson uses his prosthetic hand to kill Ward, by applying pressure to crush his rib cage, while Fitz uses a flare to destroy Daniels' body. Fitz and Coulson return to Earth, but the Inhuman secretly does as well, now inhabiting Ward's body.

This entire season have been go, go, go and this episode was no different. There were many OMG moments.

Half of the episode takes place on Earth while the other half takes place on the Alien planet. First of all Mack makes an excellent Director, I hope he remains director for a while. It was great seeing the creation of Secret Warriors, glad Gutierrez didn't die when he was shot. Loved Macks nickname for them (The Power Rangers). Not sure if it was a good idea of Simmons letting Lash out.. I mean he killed all those inhumans. I wondering if she'll feel responsible for that.

All the stuff on the alien planet was great. Phil got his revenge and watching him crush Wards chest and kill him was brutal. Of course when I saw the slug things coming out of Daniels mouth when his body died I figured it was going to go into Ward and sure enough there he is at the end. But I think this was a brilliant way to keep the actor around but kill off this terrible person (Ward).

The first half of this season have been amazing and I can't wait to see where they go for the second half.. it's gonna be some must see TV for sure.  

WWofHP, Agent Carter, LOTR Lightsaber & More

Today Universal Studio Hollywood made their big announcement that they teased us about last week. And as most people thought it was the opening date for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I can't wait... I probably won't go on opening day but I plan to go that week sometime. Plan to get a season pass so I can go to Hogworts whenever I feel like it. Maybe stop by the Three Broomsticks for dinner after a hard day of work... Check out the video below for their grand opening date... or if you don't want to watch the video it's opening 4/7/16

Came across this really cool Star Wars animated GIF

And ABC released a fun scene from the upcoming season two of Agent Carter, which I am more then excited for. It's great to see Peggy and Jarvis back together again.

Two more things I want to share with you guys.. saw this and though it was a pretty awesome.. it's a mash up of two of my favorite things.. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

It's a Lord of the Rings inspired Lightsaber.. how awesome is that. It lights up an all. You can go to THIS website and check out the pictures and video about how it was made. Of course it's custom made and one of kind. Some people are so talented. I even love the stand they made for it.

The other thing I wanted to share is that I got four more screeners today. Of the four I've only heard good things about Anomalisa, it's a stop motion animated drama. I've heard good things about Spotlight, Room and The Big Short but none of them really peaked my interest like Anomalisa. Don't know when I'll find the time to watch them but I guess there is no hurry since they are my screeners and aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Who's New Sonic Screwdriver

During last nights finale of Doctor Who, the Doctor finale got a new Sonic Screwdriver. (BTW I hated his sonic sun glasses). I've liked past sonic screwdrivers but never felt the urge to actually own one but this one looks amazing and I think I'll have to pick one up (when they are produced) and we know they will be. BBC released a close up look at the new screwdriver and it make me want it even more now. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Doctor Who, Finale Episodes of S9

Woke up around 6am still drunk so I cancelled my NerdStrong Gym class at 9am. That was the first time in over 10 months that I had to do that and I didn't like it. But I knew there was not way that I was going to be able to workout in a few hours time. Once the class was cancelled I went back to sleep and woke up around 9am. I didn't have much planned for today, it was going to be a day of cleaning the house, making more Christmas presents and working on some podcasts.. what I actually did all day was watch TV. I manged to catch up on a few shows that I had recorded but the big thing tonight was the season finale of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who S9 Ep11 "Heaven Sent" Trapped in a world unlike any other he has seen, the Doctor faces the greatest challenge of his many lives. One final test. And he must face it alone...

At first I wasn't sure if I really enjoyed this episode but when you think about what The Doctor did for 4 billion years it's pretty amazing.. he fried himself over and over and over again for billion of years just to escape the hell he was in. Coming off the death of Clara in the last episode I wasn't sure how this episode was going to play out. This episode was completely carried by Peter Capaldi, there wasn't a single other person in this episode (other then the monster thing and the kid at the end).. oh and (mind Clara) but this was pretty much all about The Doctor.

As I said I wasn't sure I liked the episode but by the end I was loving it.  I think it was a great build up for the finale Hell Bent.

Doctor Who S9 Ep12 "Hell Bent" If you took everything from him, betrayed him, trapped him, and broke both his hearts... how far might the Doctor go? Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself. Who is the Hybrid? And what is the Doctor's confession?

This finale was crazy, we went back to Gallifrey which was awesome and the big shocker.. at least for me was the return of Clara. The timelords actually pull her out of time (between seconds) before her death. I love that idea and the Doctor thought he would save her but come to find out that her death is a fixed point and she will (eventually) die. It was good to see Ashildr again. And I like that she teams up with Clara at the end for a few more adventures before she heads back to Gallifrey and her death. And there was a crazy twist at the end, when you thought they were going to pull the "erase the companions mind" they flipped it around and the doctors mind gets erased instead.. but only he memories of Clara... it's just crazy.

I have to say this season of Who has been some of my favorites from the past few seasons. I'm warming up to Capaldi and I have loved Clara ever since she teamed up with him. I don't know where they are going for season ten or who the new companion will be but I'll be there ready for more adventures with the Doctor.