Tuesday, December 8, 2015

WWofHP, Agent Carter, LOTR Lightsaber & More

Today Universal Studio Hollywood made their big announcement that they teased us about last week. And as most people thought it was the opening date for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I can't wait... I probably won't go on opening day but I plan to go that week sometime. Plan to get a season pass so I can go to Hogworts whenever I feel like it. Maybe stop by the Three Broomsticks for dinner after a hard day of work... Check out the video below for their grand opening date... or if you don't want to watch the video it's opening 4/7/16

Came across this really cool Star Wars animated GIF

And ABC released a fun scene from the upcoming season two of Agent Carter, which I am more then excited for. It's great to see Peggy and Jarvis back together again.

Two more things I want to share with you guys.. saw this and though it was a pretty awesome.. it's a mash up of two of my favorite things.. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

It's a Lord of the Rings inspired Lightsaber.. how awesome is that. It lights up an all. You can go to THIS website and check out the pictures and video about how it was made. Of course it's custom made and one of kind. Some people are so talented. I even love the stand they made for it.

The other thing I wanted to share is that I got four more screeners today. Of the four I've only heard good things about Anomalisa, it's a stop motion animated drama. I've heard good things about Spotlight, Room and The Big Short but none of them really peaked my interest like Anomalisa. Don't know when I'll find the time to watch them but I guess there is no hurry since they are my screeners and aren't going anywhere any time soon.

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