Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dating Woes

I haven't really dated since I broke up with Harry back in January of 2011.. wow that's over five years ago. It's not from a lack of trying, I don't go out to bars so I rely heavily on online dating sites. I've joined several sites over the years but I'm just not getting that many responses and the few that I do they just aren't a good fit for me. I don't think I'm being too picky but after my long term relationship with Harry I do know what I want in a life partner and I'm not willing to compromise (on the big things at least). I've only gone out on one date in five years and it was okay but didn't lead to another one. I'm definitely not aggressive with it comes to dating. I did Tinder for a while and at the beginning I got about 20 matches right off the bat but come to find out that gay men don't like to start conversations and those that did we'd talk for a few days and then nothing.

I haven't had any friends try and set me up with their friends, which I find odd since my friends tell me what a great catch I would be, but maybe they are just being nice. But I do think I'm a pretty good guy, definitely sweet, loyal, hopeless romantic, loving, caring and likable. I'm short (only 5'3"), that might be an issue with some guys. I have a stocky built (and a bit overweight) but I'm working hard on fixing that. I think the lack of dating has more to do with my average looks as attraction is what first gets a person interested in you, especially on Tinder since it's all about looks and not personality.

I'm really at a lost of what to do next, I'm not good at flirting or picking up guys in bars or such, online isn't working for me and friends aren't setting me up. The only other places I can meet someone is at work (not many gays here) or at my gym and there are only a handful of gay men there and I don't think any of them are interested in me (in that way).

So I'm putting this out there for anyone who reads this.. if you yourself are interested in a date, drop me a line. Or if you want to set me up with a friend of yours I'm open to the idea. Here is what I am usually attracted to... I like masculine men, height, weight aren't a factor. I'm not really attracted to black, indian or asian men (but I am attracted to black and asian women.. go figure). They need to be geeky, maybe not a much as me but some geekiness is nice. Non smoker, no drugs (including pot).. and just be a nice guy...

Bottomline is that I'm just looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with (40+ years) is that to much to ask for.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

San Diego Comic Con - Day 0 (Preview Night)

Today is the first day of San Diego Comic Con, well it's actually preview night and only runs from 6pm to 9pm but for me it's the first day.

I got up early and did my final NerdStrong workout for the week. When I got home and cleaned up and started to organize all my stuff and packing up. I wanted to leave around 11 and get to San Diego around 2pm. I decided that I would snapchat my adventure to SDCC. I loaded up my car and got on the road. Wazes said I'd be there by 1:45pm but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Traffic was a hit and miss and end the end I wound up getting to my hotel around 3pm.

My brother and I were staying at the same hotel that we stayed at last year, The Manchester Grand Hyatt. We didn't get as nice a room as we did last year and we also only go one King bed (though I requested 2 Queens). But it was only a few blocks from the convention center and it was being paid for by my brother's company so I really complain. It took about four trips back and fourth to bring in all my cosplay and luggage.

Once I was all settled I headed into the Gas Lamp District to find some friends and eat a much needed lunch. We wound up meeting up at Burger Lounge and grabbed some tasty burgers and fries. Afterwards I headed back to my hotel with my buddy Chris and we just hung out for a bit. He then left and headed back to his hotel while I went to the convention center to get in line to get on the convention floor when it opened at 6pm. I got there about a half hour early so they allowed you go to in the convention center and roam around the upper levels but he convention dealer room was closed. I did find out that since I was a professional they allowed me to stand in front of the dealer room doors and wait until everybody else who had to go upstairs and round the top floors to get in.

When the doors opened at 6pm I made my way in, I wasn't looking for any exclusives (well I was but knew I wouldn't be able to get in) so I was in no rush. I roamed around the floor taking pictures of the booths and some of the cool items that were brought. I was surprised to find a few people in cosplay. I don't think I'd cosplay today because you really only have 3 hours of floor time but there were several who did, so of course I took pictures. I met up with a few friends and continued to roam the halls until 9pm when they closed down. I headed back to the hotel, grabbed some dinner downstairs before calling it a night. Tomorrow I'm going to be Hobbiting it up!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Twi-Lek Name

Since I'm cosplaying as an original Star War character I wanted to come up with a name for him so I put it out there on my social media. I found a website for Twi-lek lore and names (gotta love the internet). I went through and selected a few for my first name and few my clan name (last name).

First name I selected what I felt were traits of a Jedi,
Last (Clan) name I went with traits I felt that I posses.

First name:
Bril = Wind
Karawn = Strength
Tal = Champion
Zelada = Traveler

Clan name (Last name):
Komad = Chivalrous
Nilim = Heroic
Rackus = Happy
Valla = Legal/of Law

I got lots of replies.. Matt Brown suggested Tal Rackus. "The Champion of Happy.", Adam West agreed with Matt Brown on Tal Rackus. Jennifer Luchsinger liked Karawd and Komad, For you are strong and chivalrous! Christopher Setts seconded Karwan Komad. Liz Lund liked Tal Valla she said it had a nice flow. has a nice flow to it. Erik Nelson voted for either Tal Rackus or Karawn Rackus! Lindsey Ballard said that she liked Karawn Rackus and Nicola Farris agreed with her.  Joe Neuburger added his vote for Karawn Rackus as well did Angela Vescera Kane. Jami Losurdo liked Tal Valla or Tal Rackus! While Gabe Gebhart got a little fancy and combined three names for Tal'bril Valla : Champion Wind of Law. Tom Antonellis didn't care what my first name was but said it's gotta be clan Komad. Hayley Jacqueline chimed in with Tal Komad! Richard Peete liked Tal Valla or Karawn Valla Jennaration Wrecks Carroll liked Tal Rackus while Angela Asaoka liked Karawn Rackus. And my buddy Alexander Rubinow was last to chime in with Tal Valla or Zelada Valla, which he said had a nice ring to it. 

After many days of deliberation I won't going with Jedi Master Tal Komad, which I just noticed as Hayley's choice. Tal Komad translates into the Champion of Chivalry, which kind of sounds like what a Jedi Knight would be. Thanks to everyone you gave me suggestions, there were alot of good choices. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Car Woes

Between working on my cosplay with Shannon I went and visited my family on Sunday. While driving back from lunch with my dad I heard a strange sound coming from my engine so I pulled over and check it out. I saw this piece of rubber sticking out of the engine so I pulled it out and figured I much have picked it up while driving. I started up the car again and heard the same sound. I turned off the car and went to investigate even more into the engine. I noticed another piece of rubber but this time I saw where it was coming from. My serpentine belt was started to come apart. I knew this wasn't good as this is the main belt for your car. Since it was Sunday I knew no mechanics were going to be open. I wanted to take it to a dealer as I have an extended warranty though I wasn't sure if this would be covered under it. So I took a chance and drove back to my dad's place (only a few miles away).

I had two options. I could try and drive home (90+ miles) hoping the belt wouldn't break or I crash at my brothers, call into work and tell them I'm not going to be in and take my car in the morning. I knew I didn't want to chance it and drive home but I wouldn't stay at my brother as my friend Shannon was coming over and we were to finish my Jedi Twi-lek cosplay. So instead I borrowed my sister-in-laws car and drove home. Finished the cosplay, got a few hours sleep and then drove back the next morning. Once there I slowly drove my car the four miles to the dealer.

Once at the dealer they said it would be four to five hours before they could even look at it so I called into work and explained my situation (which of course they were fine with) and I sat and waited. I tweeted that I was hanging out in Riverside waiting for my car and if anyone was around and wanted to hang out. A friend of my brother, well we've hung out enough now that I call him a friend as well, Jason was in the area and asked if I wanted to go to lunch. He came by the dealership and picked me up and we headed to the mall to grab a bit to eat and hang out. It was nice as this was the first time that we actually got some one on one time and I got to learn more about him. We hung out for a few hours before he dropped me back off at the dealership. I sat at the dealership for another hour or so before the guy informed me that my car was ready. As I thought it wasn't covered under my extended warranty. The guy thinks that I must have driven over something and it nicked the belt and started to unravel it. I paid the $300 and headed to work. I got in around 3pm and worked until my usual 7.

It was a hassle to have to drive home and then drive back only hours later but I am happy that this happened today and not while I was on my way to SDCC later this week... always look on the bright side.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Star Wars Rebeles S3 Trailer & Finishing Up My Cosplay

Today Disney released the season three trailer for Star Wars Rebels. I've been really enjoying Rebels especially the last season. But I have to say from the looks of this new trailer they have ramp'd up the action and also introducing some new (old) characters. I can't wait for season three to start.

Shannon and I spent the weekend working on my Jedi Twi-lek cosplay. We finished up my tunic and got to work on my shoulder armor and belts. Shannon also painted on the tattoos running down my Lekku.. they look pretty fantastic. We spent the majority of the weekend working on it but Sunday evening we finished it. It was a lot of hard work but I'm very happy with the final results... Thanks Shannon for all your help, couldn't have done it without you. I'm not going to post picture of the final product until it's revealed at SDCC but I can say it looks pretty fantastic.

Friday, July 15, 2016

NerdStrong 2nd Anniversary

Tonight NerdStrong celebrated it's 2nd anniversary. If you've been living under a rock and have never read my blog or know me at all, Nerdstrong is a gym that I have been attending since February of 2015. It's been a huge part of my life the past year and a half. Not only have I found a love for working out at 7am every morning but I have found some amazing friends and have built a pretty great community around the gym.

For the first anniversary I got a group of NerdStrongers to write down their thoughts and feelings about the gym and then I made this nice scrapbook with those thoughts and other geeky things and presented it to coach Andrew and coach Marla, which in turn made Andrew very emotional and I even got a rare hug. This time around with work being crazy I really didn't have time to pull anything together. Though Andrew did request a few days earlier that I don't make him emotional this time around.

It was a fun night, it's always cool to see people that  you usually see in gym clothes all dressed up. It's also nice to see people that you don't see that often or you pass by them as they as their class ends and yours begins. I considered Ubering over but instead drove myself so that meant no drinking. I had a few snacks but didn't really eat that much. I did hog the "photobooth" area. I was dragging people left and right to come take photos with me. I don't know why but I love capturing moments in time.

Coach David presented coach Andrew with a gym present (some sort of new apparatus) and then Andrew gave his speech, full of emotion and love as his speech usually are. He talked his coaching staff and all the NerdStrongers for making this gym amazing.

Overall it was a fun night and I'm so proud and happy to be part of this amazing experience and community. Can't wait until NerdStrong's 3rd Anniversary!!

Rogue One Poster & Footage, Rebels S3 Clip

Star Wars Celebration is happening in London this weekend so we've been getting a steady stream of new Star Wars news... mostly about Rouge One but some Star Wars Rebels S3 news as well. First here is the new Rouge One Poster. It's so different then any other Star Wars poster and I love it.

They also released a BTS featurette for Rogue One, it's similar to the one they released for Force Awakens last year. So many amazing things happen in such a short amount of time. I mean I was already excited for new Star Wars movie but the more I see of this the more excited I get. I can't wait until December.

This came out a few days ago and somehow I missed it, it's a clip from the upcoming season of Star Wars Rebels Season Three. I enjoyed season one but LOVED season two with the addition of one of my all time favorite characters Ahsoka Tano, we don't know her fate at the end of season two but I'm really looking forward to seeing where the story goes next.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jedi Twi-Lek Make Up Test #3

Today Shannon come over to do our final Make Up Test.. this would be test #3. We got a new air brush system as mine wasn't working properly and Shannon enjoyed airbrushing so she got her own. We had plenty of make up and picked up some black and different green to use as a high and low lights. I actually shaved for this as I wanted to do a full make up test and that wouldn't work with my beard.

This time around everything was great, no machine issues and Shannon really got into it. We did three layers of the regular green before she started the highlights and low lights. We also painted my finger nails and half way up my arms. We released that I'll have to shave them as the make up lays down better with no hair in the way.

I had purchased several different patterns as I knew I wanted a darker pattern to run down my lekku, so we started to playing around with different ones on my hands. After trying six different patterns I picked the zebra pattern as it looked the coolest and I think would look pretty awesome on my lekku.

When Shannon was done with all the highlights and low lights I put on my headpiece (lekku) and headband and checked out the semi-finished results. As I was looking at myself in the mirror an idea came to me that I would continue the pattern from my lekku onto my face. So we did tests having the pattern come down the side of my face and having one come down over my eye. I liked the look of the pattern coming over the eye. Shannon like just the one but I like things balanced so we decided to do it on both sides.

As I said this make up test went really well, Shannon had a better understanding of how to use an airbrush and I got a better idea of what my final product will look like. Can't wait for next week and SDCC!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Great Music Video & Make Up Test #2

I came across this great music video and fell in love with it and the song. The singer is Todrick Hall and featuring Jay Armstrong Johnson. It's a duet with two guys and it's so rare to find these kinds of video so well done where it's a great song and nice production value. Give it a watch and listen here.

Today Shannon and I worked on my second make up test, unfortunately the air brush compressor was causing us issues so we went with plan B and sponged on, it's not the cleanest look but it gave us a pretty good idea of what it would look like. We also tried different patterns as I knew I wanted something across my face not just a solid green. We tried using a toothbrush for a splashed look, we used various brushes and such to get the desired effect. Nothing really turned out exactly as we planned. Will try again in a few days when we get a new compressor and I'll have to find a stencil that will work for the pattern on my face and lekku. Overall not a total lose.. best thing was Shannon and I had a great time.. lot's of laughing.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Geek Roundtable Recording & Creating My Jedi Tunic

After working out Shannon and I we to Namies Beauty Supplies to pick up some more make up for my cosplay, we also stopped by Joann's Fabric to grab a few things before grabbing lunch at El Pollo. We planned to sew my Jedi tunic later tonight but first I had to record a few Geek Roundtable podcasts, so I said my goodbyes to Shannon and met up at my place with my guest hosts, Pooja, Robert, John and Jenni. We discussed Star Wars A New Hope, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Return of the Jedi and Doctor Horrible. As always we had a great time discuss these things we love.

This is my third or fourth session so I have about 16 episodes recorded. I had hoped to get this out in July but that's not going to happen so here's hoping for August (as since I'm behind on my blog it's looking like September now). I'm having my buddy John create my show open so I'm looking forward to hearing that. But I've been trying to get this podcast off the ground since 2010 and this is the closest I've gotten so far.. it's gonna happen... stay tuned.

After the session ended Shannon came back over and we got started on laying out the pattern and cutting the fabric. After we had everything cut we got right into sewing. While I sewed Shannon continued to cut out the pieces for the shoulder armor.

I was very impressed as we got the entire tunic made, still have to hem but all of the pieces are sewn together and it turned out pretty good. My panic level has come down a bit, yes SDCC is just a few weeks away and I still have alot of work left but this gives me hope. I will have my Jedi Twi-lek cosplay done in time for comic con.