Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 3 - San Diego Comic Con

So I slept in a bit since I wasn't going to cosplay today and didn't go to bed until 2am. I got up around 9:30am and was out the door by 10. I headed over to Chris and Hayley's room as they were still getting ready (GOT cosplay). We headed over to con around 10:30ish and did our usual walk around the sales floor. We got stopped for pictures (well I didn't but Chris and Hayley did). My goal was to take as many cosplay pictures as I could. I felt as though I was slacking in that department and that's one of my favorite things to do at con. We walked around for a few hours being joined by several other friends (all in GOT cosplay).

Around lunch time we opted to eat at the con instead of trying to leave and have to wait a few hours like we did yesterday. I left the group several times to roam around the sales floor solo but did end up back with the group when it was time to head out back for the Game of Thrones photos shoot. This is always a huge production as there are a good 60 or so people dressed up. It can take a while to grab shots of the entire group and then they break it down in the houses and smaller groups. Last year I bailed about halfway through the shoot but this year I stayed the entire time. Several of my friends were asked to participate in a 360 shoot so I headed back to the sales floor and roamed.

The one panel I really wanted to do at this con was the WB/DC TV panel that included Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Gotham and Legends of Tomorrow. It was happening in Hall H from 8pm to 11pm. I headed outside the convention center and over to the Hall H line around 5:30pm. My buddy Steve was already in line so I was able to jump in with him (thank you my friend). We were about six or so hundred people back but we were pretty sure we were going to get in. So we waited and waited.. chatted with the folks around us. And then 7:30 came and we waited for the line to move but it didn't. The previous panel was suppose to be done by 7:30 but it ran long and around 7:50 hordes of people started to exit the hall and we could all breath a sigh of relief as the line started to move. Soon we were inside Hall H and grabbed some seats about 2/3's the way back from the main stage but we were close to one of the big screens. I ran out to use the bathroom and grab some pretzels as I was starving and knew I wouldn't be eating for at least three hours.

The panel started around 8:30ish. We expected some executives from Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham to come out and talk about their series. Then the cast of Legends of Tomorrow and finally we were going to watch the pilot of Supergirl. But what we got was pretty epic and well worth the wait!!! We got the entire cast of Arrow, most of the cast of The Flash, the entire cast of Gotham, the entire cast of Legends of Tomorrow and then most of the cast from Supergirl and they did indeed show us the pilot for Supergirl.

It started with Steven Amell coming on stage in his new Green Arrow outfit and then it was one surprise after the other. We got some spoilers for each series, they told us about some upcoming characters for each show. Since con was earlier this year most of the shows just went back into production so they didn't really have any new footage to show us but it was still pretty awesome. It's always a blast to see and hear the actors live. You get to see their relationships, who are the loud ones and and the quiet ones.

About 2/3's through the presentation their was a break and these "circus" people preformed. I can't recall the name of the troupe and don't have a clue why they even preformed but it was a nice break to stretch your legs, go to the restroom or grab something to eat. Since I didn't have to do any of those I sat there perplex but still it was entertaining.

To end the panel we got to see the pilot for Supergirl. I had no idea that the pilot leaked online a few months ago so this was all new to me and I was excited to see it as I'm a huge Superman fan. Overall I enjoyed it. It's defiantly has more of a Flash feel then an Arrow feel. We are told that all these character exist in the same universe which is pretty cool and could mean a cross over one day. And since Superman exists in this Supergirl universe that means he exists in The Flash and Arrow universe as well. I liked all the characters especially the main women who is playing Supergirl, Melissa Benoist. I don't know much about here but she's very cute and personable. I can't wait for the new seasons of all these series.. they are currently some of my favorite shows on TV.

The panel got out around 11:45pm and I headed back to the hotel to find my brother just chilling. We were both hungry so we headed down the the restaurant to grab some dinner but found out that they stop serving food at 10pm but the waitress said that we could still order room service. So back up to the room we went and ordered some very expensive but tasty burgers. Finally got to bed around 2am which meant I wasn't going to do a NerdStrong workout tomorrow morning.. again.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 2 - San Diego Comic Con

After this mornings workout I headed back to my room and began transforming into a Hobbit. I debated on cosplaying or not this time around. I didn't want to do the same Frodo/Bilbo Baggins that I've done the past five years and I was working on updating my feet and building a backpack so I could cosplay as Samwise Gamgee. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get new feet and I ran out of time for making the backpack. So I decided not to cosplay but last week friends started posting pictures and tweets about their cosplay and I started to feel the itch so just to be safe I brought my Frodo/Bilbo cosplay and my five year old feet. And I'm so happy I did as when we pulled into San Diego and I saw all the craziness of comic con I knew I was going to cosplay.

So I started by shaving off my beard as Hobbits don't have beards. This being my fifth year of being a Hobbit I'm pretty good at putting on my own ears and had them on within ten minutes. I suited up and dawned on the wig. I had to curl a bit of it but in the end I think it looked pretty good. Now it was time for the feet. I have had cracks and tears in the past but super glue is my friend and for the most part the feet have really stayed together pretty well.. goes to show you the quality of Greg Aronowitz's work. One foot always seems to go on with ease and the other is a struggle and this was no different. But by 10am I was ready to head to con.

Michael and I met up with Chris and Hayley down the hotel lobby and we headed over to con. Along the way there was this tree that I thought would be perfect for me to pose at. So I stopped and Hayley took a few pictures of me.

We got to the sales floor and walked around a bit, I got stopped here and there for pictures as did my friends who were also cosplaying. Around noon we headed out to lunch and went back to the Syfy Cafe as it was close to the convention center and Chris was cosplaying as Admiral Thrawn and couldn't be in the sun for a long period of time. Usually when we go to the cafe we wait ten, fifteen minutes but we had a very large party so it was going to take a bit longer but the table that could accommodate us was being occupied by another large group who were taking their time and meandering. So we waited almost an hour for our table and just when we thought we were getting the table they grabbed another large group that was after us.. well we jumped into action and made sure we got the table next, which we did so we finally ate.

During lunch I got a text from my buddy Brett who was in Ballroom 20 and he said that there wasn't a line to get in for the Shield and Agent Carter panel happening in a few hours. So when lunch was over we all headed back to the convention center and I departed my group to head up to Ballroom 20. By the time I got there the line was long, but I figured I had an hour and a half to get in so I jumped in. Unfortunately the line moved extremely slow and doubt started to sink in. Friends Eva and Steve joined me in line and we waited and hoped. Finally 20 minutes after the panel had started we gave up. We were still 100 or so people out and there was no way we were getting into the panel. I said my goodbyes and headed over to another panel.

Side note... while I was in line for Ballroom 20 I noticed that the big toe on my right Hobbit foot split in half. Luckily it was located right on the tip and didn't seem to get any bigger when I walked.

I made it to the Tolkien "What's Next" panel, this was hosted by TheOneRing.Net fansite. As always it was an interesting panel with some cool information about the upcoming blu-ray and what's next for the world of Middle-earth. After the panel about 20 or so of us headed outside to do a Middle-earth photo shoot. Talk about a frenzy, when we got down there we as a group took several pictures but then we stayed around for another 30 minutes or so having our pictures taken by passerby's, it's was kind of fun.

After the photo shoot I headed back inside to find my buddies who were roaming the sales floor. Soon my friends headed back to the hotel to change and I hung out at the con until the sales floor closed at 7. On my way back to the hotel I ran into my brother in his Wheeljack cosplay heading into the Gaslamp district to cause some madness.

I de-hobbited and headed back out to a Guildies get-together at a local bar. While I was walking I walked passed Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars/Rebels). I adore her, she's an uber geek and seems to be one of the nicest people on the planet. She was actually in the panel before the Tolkien one so I got to see her talk for a bit there... anyways all I managed to do was say Hi Ashley as I passed by her.. she turned her head, smiled and said hi in return. It was a quick exchange but it was pretty awesome.

So I made my way to the bar and in the back sat about 30 or so Guildies. It was great seeing everyone. I quickly made my rounds and made sure I said hi to everyone. I got a one on one picture with everyone as well. I hung out for an hour or two before teaming up with Brian and Bryan and heading over to the Legendary/Nerdist/Geek & Sundry Party. This was one of the top 10 parties to be at according to the Hollywood Reporter. I wasn't going to go as I'm not really a "big" party person but Brian said that I should at least stop by and thank Felicia (Day) for the invite.. and he was right.

Now there is a story here. I got an email inviting me to this party. I responded with my name and a +1. I spoke to several other people and they told me that they were not allowing plus ones but somehow I got one. I doubled checked my email and it said that me and my plus one were on the list. So I asked my best bud Chris if he wanted to go but, as expected, he declined as he didn't want to go without his girlfriend Hayley. I debated on asking other close friend of mine who was at the guildie party but then thought better of it. If I invited one of them and not the others someones feelings would be hurt. So I opted to invite my friend Bryan. We've worked together on The Guild but he's not really part of my inner circle of friends.

We got to the Petco center (where the party was happening) and there was a large group of people hanging outside. Some were lookie loos hoping to spot a celebrity and some were people trying to get in and having issues. I was a bit worried about my plus one thinking that maybe it was just a mistake but when I went up to the front and showed them my drivers license, they asked if my plus one was with me, so I quickly grabbed Bryan and said.. right here. We got in with no issues. The party was already in full swing. It was open bar until midnight so we grabbed a few drinks and ventured deeper into the crowds. We found Felicia fairly early on. She greeted me with a giant smile and hug. As she was hugging me she said into my ear "Oh you are one of the lucky few who got a plus one". She said they had to turn away 2000 requests to come to the party. I asked her why that was and this is the best part of the story. She said her boss at Legendary saw my name on the list and said to Felicia "Oh you know Kenny Mittleider", Felicia of course said yay and he then went on to tell her that he use to PA (Production Assistant) for me many years ago. I asked Felicia what his name was and she said Chris Michael. My jaw dropped, Chris was a PA on a show I did about 10 years ago. We use to hang out outside of work here and there but really haven't talked or been in contact with each other for a while. But when he saw my name he said.. Yeah let's give Kenny a plus one. So I guess it goes to show you, be kind to your underlings because you never know when they might be the big shot. But the mystery was solved and I think it's a pretty awesome story.

So after that I had to find Chris to thank him and we grabbed another drink. I ran into a few more friends and chatted for a bit. The entire thing was pretty surreal. There were actual celebrities there, I recognized a few like Lana Parrilla who plays Regina from Once Upon A Time, or Misha Collins who plays Castiel from Supernatural or Carlos Valdes (Cisco) from The Flash. And that's just to name a few. I got to actually talk to Felicia for a bit while she took a break from the party. It was funny because Joss Wheadon was behind us chatting with a soaked shirt as he was a mad man on the dance floor.

Though I planned to only stay a very short time I didn't leave until 1:30am but I did have a pretty fantastic time. I got back to the hotel and chatted with my brother for a half hour before finally going to bed around 2am. Yeah no NerdStrong workout for me tomorrow morning.

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NerdStrong Gym - Space Station 99

This morning I was up at 8am to workout. This time folks were heading over to my hotel to workout as the Hyatt gym was much larger then the Hilton gym.

Derek had a great themed workout planned titled Space Station 99. He explained the scenario that we were in and how we all had to take our battle stations.

There were four stations: Rowing, Slam Balls, Dumbbell Lateral Raises and Sit Ups. Each person started at a different station and what determined how many reps we did at each station was the rower who had to row 200 meters. So depending on how fast the person rowed you could do quite a few Slam Balls, Sit Ups and/or Lat Raises.

Joining me for this mornings workout was Derek (of course), Shannon (who joined yesterday as well) and newcomer Liz. This was a great 30 minute workout. I love doing station workouts and Derek created a fun one.  At the end he yelled "surprise attack" and we all dropped into a Plank and did a half TABATA, which means :30 seconds of work and :10 seconds of rest for four rounds. It was a great way to end the workout... thanks coach Derek for another fun workout.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 1 - San Diego Comic Con

After the great workout I headed back to the hotel and got ready for the con. Doors opened at 10am and since I kind of gave up on getting into the Funko line I just wanted until a few minutes after 10 so I could just walk right onto the floor. I spent a few hours walking around the sales floor with various friends. Around noon I headed back to the hotel with my brother and we grabbed some lunch at the hotel before I helped him into his WheelJack cosplay. We then made our way back to the con very slowly as Michael was getting stopped left and right for pictures.

I had to leave my brother surrounded in a crowd of people a little after 2:30pm so I head upstairs to find where the NerdStrong panel was going to be. There wasn't a line (yet) so I found a place to sit and ran into some fellow Nerdstrong buddies who were also there for the panel. At 3 we decided to head back to the room to see if we could get into the earlier panel to get a good seat and sure enough we were able to get in. The panel before was about Nerd Travel and funny enough a fellow NerdStronger was on that panel as well. It was an enjoyable and informative panel.

4 o'clock came and the room filled up. I had to go to the bathroom and when I exited there was a huge line around the corner of people trying to get in. Luckily I did my business and was able to tell them that I just stepped out to go to the bathroom so they let me back in without having to wait in that long line. The NerdStrong panel was packed and it was fantastic. It's so awesome to see so many geeks/nerds interested in getting fit. Of course the number one question during the panel was pretty much the same question during their Wondercon panel.. "when is NerdStrong opening up in my area". That seems to be the question from all who learn about NerdStrong. But as they say it's a complicated question. Sure they can get funding to open up more gyms and they can mimic the amazing workouts.. but NerdStrong is so much more then just a gym.. it's a community. It's the coaches enthusiasm and love for what they do. That is the part that will be hard to replicate.

After the panel I headed back out and walked the floor until it closed at 7. Went back to the hotel to re-group and then headed out to the Syfy Cafe for dinner. This year the Syfy Cafe is themed with it's new series starting in December called The Expanse. The food is always the same year after year and expensive but it's always tasty. Joining me for dinner was Chris, Hayley, Scott, Joe, Hayden, Steve, Dallas, Red, Elea, Brett, Aaron, and my brother Michael. It was a good time.

Once dinner was over the group of us headed over to the Hilton for the Boom!! Studio party. This is an open party for all con goers. We got there when it first started so it was a bit slow so we went outback to the patio area and hung out for a bit. I was tired so I called it a night and my brother joined me. Got back to the hotel and chatted with Mike for a bit before calling it a night around midnight.

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NerdStrong Gym - It Must Continue...

This morning I got together with a few other NerdStrongers to do a morning workout. Just because I was at comic con I still planned to continue with my workouts. This mornings workout was happening at my buddy Derek's hotel, the Bayfront Hilton. It's on the opposite side of the convention center so when I got up at 7:30am I went for a little jog from my hotel to his.. about a mile run. I jogged along the marina where folks were already in line for the Hasbro and Lego booth, where they had to get a ticket to get a chance to get into the line on the sales floor. I also went past the Hall H line where folks have been crashing since the day before.

I joined Derek, Shannon and Armando at the Hilton gym, Derek created our very own NerdStrong work out. This workout consisted of 3 rounds of 12x Hammer curl, 12x Brains 12x Sit Ups, 12x Kettlebell Squats, 12x Dumbbell Shoulder Press and finally a :30 second Plank.

This gym didn't have a lot of open space but we did our best with what we had. It was a great workout and 30 minutes later I was exhausted. It was great having my fellow NerdStrongers to workout with. Each of us helped out each other.. such an amazing community. Thanks coach Derek for the great workout.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 0 - Off to San Diego Comic Con

After NerdStrong I headed over to my buddy Kevin's house as we were both carpooling to comic con with fellow NerdStronger Meg. After picking up Kevin we went back to my place so I could shower and finish packing up. Around 10am Kevin and I walked around the corner and a few blocks down to Meg's place. We packed up her car and were off. As we drove through Los Angeles we came upon some heavy traffic and it hit me that we were on the 5 and late last night there was a fire in a underpass that compromised the freeway above and they shut down all but one lane of the freeway. This traffic is the after effect of that shut down. We quickly turned on Wazes and made our way across the city to the 605 and finally the 405 which lead us back to the 5.

The drive was pretty uneventful, Meg, Kevin and I are all new friends. We all met because of NerdStrong. So we learned about each other a bit more on the drive down. We stopped about 30 minutes out from San Diego to grab a snack and a stretch. While picking up the snacks Meg came in the get the bathroom key and when she left the older gentleman behind the counter, turned to me and said, "Is she your daughter". He had a fairly thick accent so I heard "Is she your doctor", confused I said excuse me? He repeated "Is she your daughter". I just said said no, she's a friend and he just smiled. I don't know why he asked me that. Meg does have tattoos and piercings so maybe he was thinking she must be a handful. At first I was kind of offended that he would think I was old enough to have a daughter Meg's age but then realized that I could have a 30 year old kid if I had them when I was 15, but it's strange to think that.

Anyways we jumped back in the car and made our way to Meg's hotel, which was a few blocks from mine. Kevin was crashing at my place this evening before my brother arrived tomorrow morning. We said goodbye to Meg and made our way to the Manchester Grand Hyatt. I have this hotel room thanks to my buddy Steve who was lucky enough to get two rooms at this hotel. This will be the closest that I have ever stayed for comic con, just three short blocks away.

I checked in and we went up to our room on the 25th floor. It was a nice large room with two double beds. It had some amazing views..  My friends Chris and Hayley were also in this hotel as well and already checked in, so we met up with them and headed to the con to get our badges. Since I was there early the line for the professionals wasn't that bad and I had my badge within a matter of minutes.

I meet back up with Kevin, Chris and Hayley and we walked around the Gaslamp district to grab a bite to eat. After a late lunch Chris and Hayley headed out to do a few more things while Kevin headed back to the hotel. I had to meet up with my buddy Jared to grab my brother's badge. I'm so happy that I got my badge earlier as the professional line was crazy long. Luckily when I caught up with my buddies they were pretty close to the entrance. I chatted with Ari and Jared as we made our way into the convention center. While I was hanging with Ari, Jared and Elliot, Grant Imahara showed up and said hello and a few minutes after that Lee Meriwether (one of the many Catwomen) walked by with a friend of Jareds so I got to meet her as well. Those guys were heading out to drink so I went back to the hotel to wait for the con floor to open at 6pm.

A side note.. My WB bag adventure: when you get your badge they also give you this very large WB related show bag with a comic con guide inside. I started with a Gotham "good guys" bag, while eating lunch Hayley traded to get a "bad guys" Gotham bag and traded it with me, then when I got in line with Ari and Jared, Ari got a Supernatural bag and I told him that I'm sure someone will ask to trade with him as Supernatural bags were a hot item. Two seconds later a women asked to trade with him, she had a Batman v Superman, Ari knew I wanted one as we talked about that bag while standing in line... so he traded with the woman and then I traded my Gothan "bad guys" for his Superman. So now I have the bag that I really wanted... but then One Eye Jedi (Elliot) came over and had a Supergirl (the other one I really wanted) and he didn't want any bag so he gave it to me. So I got the two bags that I wanted most. What a great way to start con!!

Back to Day 0 aka Preview night for San Diego Comic Con. The doors opened at 6pm and I headed in with Chris and Hayley. We quickly separated as soon as we entered as we all wanted to try and get separate exclusives. I really wanted some things from Funko but they are located in one of the worst spots on the floor and can only manage a very short line which is always closed when I walk by. The floor was packed... but as I was walking by the WB booth I noticed that they were giving out some sort of hoodie so I jumped in line. It was fairly long but it moved quickly. In a matter of a few minutes I got several magazines and a Supernatural hoodie. I met back up with Hayley and Chris who were in line for Entertainment Earth, this line was crazy long and also crazy slow and we were in it for at least an hour or more. I also wanted to pick up some exclusive from them as well so I grabbed Star Trek The Captain Bobble Heads set and The Flash Unmasked Pop figure.

Spent the rest of the time walking around the floor until it closed at 9pm. Headed back to the hotel while we figured out dinner plans. We opted to go to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner with a large group of friends. Had a great time though the service was slow. Once dinner was over I headed next door to the Syfy Cafe as some of my NerdStrong friends were having dinner there.. so I say hello and hung out for a few before heading back to the hotel room and calling it a night around midnight.

Overall a good start to 2015 San Diego Comic Con. I didn't get all the exclusives that I wanted but I did get some as well as a free Supernatural hoodie and my 2 WB bags.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Magic Mike

Today is Wednesday and that means CON day.. but no coach Blair.. instead we had Coach Andrew and Coach Seely.. they created a Magic Mike workout, it consisted of three parts. Thought one was technically a warm up it felt like a good workout by the time we were done.

So for part one (warm up) we had to Run 1 lap around the parking lot, then 10x Sit Ups, 20x High Knees and then 10x Banded Pull Aparts (like ripping out shirts off). Once we were done we had to do everything all over again.  So another Run around the parking lot, 10 more Sit Ups, 20 more High Knees and then finally 10 more Banded Pull Aparts.

For part two of the workout (Skill) we did 10x 140 meter Run. The object was to work on our running style and try and keep the same time for each 140 meter run. I kept my runs to about :30 seconds each. We did get to rest for :90 seconds between runs and for the later runs it was much needed.

The third and final part of the workout was the actual workout. It was a 15 minutes AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). We had to do a 140 meters Farm Walk (this is walking with Kettlebells), 16x Walking Lunges, 14x Kettlebell Swings, 12x Armless Sit Ups and finally 10x Hip Bridge. We did all of this over and over again for the full 15 minutes. I think I got four or five rounds done within those 15 minutes.

Overall it was a really good CON workout and my final "official" NerdStrong workout before San Diego Comic Con.

NerdStrong Gym - Adios Dan

Today's workout was a Barbell Complex in honor of our fallen NerdStronger Dan, who's moving to Florida... he will be missed.

While I waited for the 6am class to finish up coach David came over to me and asked about my back. I told him that I didn't have any issues this past weekend with all the activity. I mean I'm still a bit sore from Sunday's workout but my back has been feeling okay. He asked that I take it easy today. As this workout requires a lot of back work. He said that I should do an extremely light weight and if I feel any twinge I should stop immediately.

I took his advice and after the warm up I grabbed a lighter 35 lbs bar and only added 20 lbs to it. You were to increase your weight as you went but I did not I kept the same weight the entire time.

For the workout it was a 20 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). We had to do 2 sets of 3x Deadlifts, 3x Hang Cleans, 3x Front Squats, 3x Push Press, 3x Back Squats and then as many Barbell Push Ups as we could do. After doing this twice we took a 2 minute break before doing it all again. I managed to do 4 rounds meaning 8 sets of each of these before the time elapsed. My back felt great, it didn't hurt me once during the workout.

Coach David told me that I should go "lighter" with my weight for the next few weeks just to ensure that I don't aggravate my back further. I of course will take his advice as I don't want my back to go out and me not able to come to NerdStrong for months. So for now everything is moving along.. slow and steady wins the race. Thanks coach David for your advice and assistance today.

Monday, July 6, 2015

To Cosplay or Not To Cosplay...

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sore today!!! I  knew after yesterday's hour long workout that I would be. It's not a debilitating soreness but an overall body ache soreness. I'm so happy today is my one day off from NerdStrong, one more day to recover before doing it all over again.

I spent the day moving very slowly at work.

So I've been seeing all my friends talking about their cosplay for SDCC and I'm starting to feel the itch. I love cosplaying, it's one of the main reasons I go to con. But this year I didn't finish my Samwise Hobbit costume and my Hobbit feet have seen better days. But I think I'm going to bring my Hobbit cosplay just so I have it and if anything I'll cosplay a day.

I mean my Hobbit feet need replacement but I can do a patch job and see if they hold out for one more con. Of course I'd rather have my Samwise cosplay done but I'll can pull out my tried and true Frodo cosplay one last time.

Besides finishing my Samwise cosplay, I'm also going to start working on my Twi-lek Jedi cosplay. I hope to have that done by Comickazi in Nov but more then likely it will debut at Wondercon next year.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Post Workout Brunch

After today's workout a group of us walked over to The Hungry Fox for some much needed brunch. We got two booths so we sat four and four. My table had Lauren, Josh, Jess and myself and the second table had Meg, Derek, Derek and Brent.  It's always a blast going out with these guys after a good workout. We talk about everything from the gym, to TV, to life in general. We spent a good hour or so relaxing and enjoying some tasty vittles.

Afterward I headed home as I had a few plans today, I wanted to visit with my friend Scarlett who was visiting from Texas and I wanted to hang out with my best bud Robert for a few hours but once I was home and on the coach my body started to revolt. It was not going to move no matter how much I tried. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I did absolutely the bare minimum (eat and bathroom). I laid on that couch and watched TV for the next six hours. It probably wasn't he best thing for me.. I should have gone for a walk but my body wasn't having any of it. I know tomorrow morning when I get up I'm going to be hurting.

NerdStrong Gym - Hour Long Workout!!!

Today is my 5 month anniversary with NerdStrong Gym. Five months ago today I took my first class and my life would never be the same.

So it seems appropriate that I would celebrate with one of the craziest and toughest workouts I have done so far at NerdStrong. Today's workout is called Uberintro. It was done in heats because it starts with a row and we only have five rowers at the gym. So a few days ago coach Andrew sent out a message and asked for us to sign up for a time slot. I got the first seat for the first heat at 9:15. Joining me for my heat was Derek, Laurn, Joe and John.

Now here is what we had to do... we started with 1609 meter Row which is a mile row, then 20 rounds.. yes that's 20 rounds of 5x Pull Ups (Rings Rows), 10x Push Ups and 15x Squats.. we then finished with 8 Lap Run around the parking lot equaling 2000 meters which is 1.2 miles.

The rowing was good until you realize that you're only at 500 meters and your exhausted. I really did think it would take forever to finish this row but our entire group did it within 6 minutes. Pull Ups are next and since I can only to 2 I scaled down to the Ring Rows (I think the majority of us scaled down). The first five rounds of Ring Rows, Push Ups and Squats were pretty good. The second five got a bit harder, especially the push ups. The third set of five you are wondering if it will ever end and the last set of five you don't know how you are still doing it but you are. When your down with the 20 rounds your so relieved to be heading outside but then realize that you now have to run around the parking lot eight times. I ran about 90% of the time, there were a few times where I walked the corners but for the most part I almost ran.. well jogged the entire time.

We had an hour to complete this workout and we could scale down when ever we saw fit. I'm happy to say that I didn't scale down at all.. well other then the pulls ups. But by the time I was done I Rowed 1 miles, I did 100 Rings Rows, 200 Push Ups, 300 Squats and Ran 1.2 Miles and I did all this in 1 hour and 4 minutes, just pass the time limit.

I'm extremely happy with my results. I can't believe I worked out for an hour straight with no breaks. I continue to amazing myself with these workouts. The coaches tell us all the time that we can do it and I think we are finally realizing that they are right... we can do it because WE ARE NERDSTRONG!!!