Saturday, January 21, 2012

Knights of the Guild Ep 38

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Today’s show features:

~ Guild News

~ Season Five Interviews with Extras; Jason, Jennifer, Josie, Dominic, Joel, Noel, James, Josh, Crystal, Jeff, Ron, Caden, Everett, Meko, Gabriel, Mariah, Holly and Jen.

Thank you again for all your support, I do this podcast because I am a fan myself and love taking other fans behind the scenes of this great webseries.


Confessions of a Fanboy #6

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Hey all you Fanboys and Fangirls, it's time for another installment of Confessions of a Fanboy.

On today's episode we have the Confession of a Fanboy, Russell Clarke. Here's a quick bio; Russ Clarke is 23, and from England. Yorkshire specifically, though he lives in rural Lincolnshire. He's a writer by trade and hopes to have his first book, tentatively titled "Book One of 'Three'" released some time in 2013. As for money, Russ is currently a freelance journalist, biographer, author, screenwriter, playwright, poet, performance poet, blogger and general all around know it all. Russ has a podcast called "I Hearth Geeks" with the lovely Maria Palafox and formerly Teal Sherer of "The Guild" fame, and is currently madly obsessed with everything. He plays SW:TOR on the Rakata Mind Prison server with his friends Kristian Nairn and Jake Stormoen and invites anyone who wants to give it a try, to come and play!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Believing in Yourself

Why is it so hard for me to believe the good things others say about me? I've always had low self esteem and I've learned to live with it. I have gotten better over the years but still I have the hardest time accepting praise, it's like I know I work hard on something and give it my all and when people acknowledge it and tell me how great it is, I have a hardest time believing it. I guess part of me doesn't want to come off being vain or arrogant, but part of me truly doesn't believe it.

It's funny, I'm a self proclaimed "Nice Guy". I have lots of tread marks on my back to prove it. But when someone tells me what a nice guy I am, I don't believe it.. why?

Why is it easier to believe the mean & negative things said about me then the good things?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Websites, Podcasts & The IT Crowd

Today my friend Jen came for a visit. Jen and I worked together on The Guild season five and she quickly became one of the core members of my movie marathon weekends. She and I bonded instantly and feel very comfortable chatting to each other about any and everything.. and that's AWESOME.

She arrived around 10am to help me work on creating a new website. My other one was built in Dreamweaver and I had the hardest time updating and keeping every going so she suggested I use Wordpress which I have very little knowledge of so she came over to help me out. We searched for a theme for a few hours and then she started to teach me various things. We headed out to El Pollo Loco for some lunch where we had some very interesting and very personal discussions. We continued to work on the website for another few hours. I now have a general idea of how to work with Wordpress and in the next few weeks I'll be creating my new site and hopefully will launch it soon.

We could have worked on my site all day long but I wanted to record an episode of Confessions of a Fangirl with her because she's a fangirl of Punk Rock music and love that it's not your typical "geek" or "nerd" fangirl thing. So we spent the next half hour to forty-five minutes recording what I think is a very fun and interesting interview.

Jen wanted to leave around 6pm but we were having such a great day that she decided to stick around and we were going to watch some movies/tv. We decided on watching The IT Crowd. This is a British comedy about the IT department of some company. Jen LOVES this series and everyone I talk to says how great it is. So she had it on her laptop and after several failed attempts we finally were able to play the episodes from a flash drive through her xbox and watch them on my 60inch TV.

I loved this series from the very first scene. Moss has to be my favorite character but Roy is just so darn adorable. We watched all six episodes of the first season and the final episode of the season had me laughing out loud so much that I missed some dialogue. I hear this series gets better and better as it goes (there is only 4 seasons, 6 episodes each). By the time the sixth episode was finished it was 11pm and Jen still had an hour and a half drive home. We said our good nights and I jumped back on the computer to work on my new website some more.

What was suppose to be a few hours of website lessons turned into a 13 hours of fun and awesome conversation with a really good friend... Thanks Jen for making today FANTASTIC!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catching Up With A Close Friend

Tonight I went out and had dinner with one of my best buds Will. Will and I use to work together on Deadliest Catch and we became really close friends. It's been a few years and our friendship went from seeing each other everyday to seeing each other once every few months and that was tough. I use to know everything that went on in his life and vis-versa but now a days I get bits of pieces of info from him when we chat and bits and pieces from facebook and that makes me sad.

So I made a pledge this year to see my "close" friends at least twice a month. To call or text them more often and to keep up on their lives. So tonight Will and I had dinner at a local restaurant near his house, we caught up on each others lives. When I meet Will he was a logger and in just two short years he is now a story producer, that's pretty incredible and I'm extremely proud of him. After dinner we went back to his place to watch a movie. We picked the new Planet of the Apes movie since neither of us had seen it. Will's roommate also joined us. It was a really good movie and I think all three of us really enjoyed it. After the movie we chatted for a bit before saying our goodbyes. We both agreed that we need to see each other more often and will make more of an effort to do so this year.

Let's hope I can keep this new pledge going not only with Will but with all my other close friends.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Marathon Weekend (Day 4)

So like Friday I didn't expect this to be part of my movie marathon weekend but since it's Martin Luther Kings Jr. birthday it's an official government holiday which meant Chris who works for the military got the day off. Olivia who lives up in San Fransisco area came down for the party but also for an interview with Miller corporation and Anthony just decided that he would go to work from my place.

Well I got up at 7:30am and noticed that Anthony's motorcycle was still parked in my yard. Last I heard he was suppose to be gone by 6:30am. I went out to the living room and he told me about his crazy morning. Guess his keys to his bike were in the backpack which went home with Jennifer last night so instead of waking me up and having me drive him home to get them he tried to hot wire his motorcycle which in turn caused one of the fuses to blow. And guess where the fuse box is.. under the seat which needs a key to open. So he's back at square one. He had to call a tow truck to come pick up his bike and take it to his house.

Olivia on the other hand was getting ready for her interview, she looked great. Chris and I were sitting at the dining table chatting when she came out of the guest room and informed us that she just got off the phone with Miller and was informed that they forgot it was a holiday and the folks who do the interviews were not in the office today. Olivia was pretty devastate since that was one of the reasons for coming down to the LA area.

So both Anthony and Olivia didn't have the greatest start to their Monday. Since the four of us were now just hanging out I wanted to make some breakfast, again not really expecting to be making a third breakfast I pulled out what I had left which was Bisquick and planned to make some biscuits. Of course when Chris heard this he wanted biscuits and gravy so he headed out to the local supermarket to buy some gravy. I also made some leftover sausages from the weekend. So I had my very first biscuits and gravy with sausage and have to say it was way to yummy...

We also decided to watch some more Once Upon a Time. So we watched episodes 3 & 4. During this time the tow truck arrived to take Anthony's motorcycle home. So we said our goodbyes and our party went from 4 to 3.

After the fourth episode of Once Upon a Time Chris and Olivia packed up their stuff and Chris packed up his car. I drove Olivia to the Burbank Airport and dropped her off around noon. Chris followed us in his car and parked in a local food area next to the airport. I meet up with him and we had a some lunch before he headed back up north.

I love when Chris and I can get some one on one time. We rarely spend time together just he and I but when we do it's always so awesome and very special to me.  He's such an interesting person and I love getting to know him better and better. He and I are so alike yet so very different. I love this guy!!!

We ate lunch at Denny's, well he had second breakfast while I had a hamburger. We chatted for a few hours before saying goodbye at 2pm thus ending my four day movie marathon weekend extravaganza.

Thanks to all who made this four day extended weekend so special... Jennifer L, Matt, Anthony, Jennifer C. Rupert, Scott, Ashphord, Aaron, Dallas, Andrew, Kevin, Doug, America, Olivia, Greg, Red 5 and especially Chris, Jes, Jen and Will.. couldn't imagine my life without you guys being part of it.

Check out all the photos HERE

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Movie Marathon Weekend (Day 3)

Day three started around 7:30am, as least that is when I woke up. I didn't actually get out of bed until 8:30am. I actually texted Chris, who was sleeping on my office to see if he was awake and if he had been out to see who else was awake. He told me that everyone looked to be up, or at least awake so I got up, took a shower and headed out. Everyone looked as if they had a not-so-good sleep. I went to make breakfast. Started with potatoes as they tend to take the longest and I make a ton of them. I had 15 hungry people to feed. Will had to leave for Church and made himself a quick breakfast. I also made 2 dozen eggs, three packages of sausages and two packs of bacon. Chris knows how much I hate making bacon so he took it upon himself to get that cooked. With only a few more minutes left in cooking I noticed that my gas range flames were really low. Then it hit me that I'm running out of propane, I had checked it a few months back and it was at 20%, but with all these parties (ie showers) and having the heater on a lot I guess I went thought the gas faster then I expected and now my tank was empty. And with an empty propane tank means no hot water, no heater and no gas stove. The really sucky part is that it's a Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday so I can't even call to order more propane until Tuesday. I did finish cooking the sausages on my outside burner on my grill and luckily everything else got done before the gas went completely out. And the majority of my guests took their showers earlier so not many had to take cold showers.

Anyways we all had a great breakfast while watching our traditional breakfast movie, Galaxy Quest. After Galaxy Quest and Breakfast the 15 of us went to Vasquez Rocks for a hike. Again this is the most we've ever had at one of these hikes. Also Chris did not want to lead this one and volunteered Olivia to lead. It was a bit of a struggle at the beginning as we had "new" folks who had never been to Vasquez and weren't really hikers but then we had folks who couldn't help but climb steep rocks and take the hardest route. So we split up several times which really wasn't my plan, but I did have some of my favorite people in my group. Chris, Jes, Scott, Aaron, Rupert, Kevin, Matt and Jennifer L. We meet up with the other group toward our final leg of the hike and that was fun having the full 15 of use together hiking.

After hiking we headed back to my place for some folks to pick up their cars before we headed to Islands for our traditional lunch. Again because we were such a big party we had to split into two. Lunch was a lot of fun and then three from our party had to take off. We said goodbye to Scott, Matt and Jennifer L.

The rest of use headed back to my place for some xbox Fruit Ninja. Our numbers went from 15 to 12 remaining party goers. By this time it was already 5pm and we had a drawing for Back to the Future gifts that Dallas had brought. So I wrote every one's name down on a piece of paper and put them in my Jayne hat and we drew a name one at a time and that winner would be able to pick from the prizes until they were all claimed. Funny enough Jes pulled my name out first and I grabbed the Delorean from the 3rd movie. After the drawing Jes needed to get started on her six hour trek home. We were now down to 11 folks. We played Fruit Ninja for about an hour before Kevin, Doug and Aaron had to get going. Our party went from 11 to 8.

So the incident that happened last night between two of my guests flared up again and before we knew it they were arguing just behind us as we played Fruit Ninja trying to drown our their voices. Finally after a half hour I couldn't take it anymore and ask them if they were going to continue to argue to please have the courtesy to go into one of my bedrooms, which they did for another half hour. At this point I was not in a good mood. This isn't how I wanted to end such a great and fun weekend. Luckily one of them came to me and apologized, which was very sincere so it lessened my bad mood.

Soon Dallas, Ashphord and Jennifer C. headed home, leaving just five of us. Me, Chris, Rupert, Olivia and Anthony. We all rearranged my living spaces and got everything back into place. 3 of the 5 remaining folks are big Once Upon a Time fans and since it was Sunday and a new episode just recorded on my DVR we all sat in the TV room and watched it. After the fantastic new episode we went back and watched the first two episodes of the series, since several had not seen them and I have all the episode still on my DVR. I also made some mini tacos and taquitos for a quick dinner. It was a fun way to end the evening. Rupert left but Anthony, Chris and Olivia stayed the night.. meaning this party was going to continue into Monday.

Check out all the photos HERE

MASH 4077 Podcast Episode 24

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Show Notes

Kenny Mittleider from Knights of the Guild, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast & Confessions of a Fanboy Podcast, Simon Meddings from Waffle On Podcast, & Al Kessel from Tales from the Mouse House, Fast Forward & Just Because Podcast discuss one of the most successful and longest running television series in history.. M*A*S*H

Today we cover Season 1, Episode #24 - Showtime

Directed by Jackie Cooper
Written by Larry Gelbart
Production code J324
Original air date March 25, 1973

Set during the Korean War in the 1950’s

Plot Summary: A USO stand-up comic performs at the 4077th, and the performance is juxtaposed with clips containing the following: Henry’s wife back home gives birth to a son and the camp’s dentist receives his discharge papers and takes great pains to make sure he does not get injured before he sets off for home. Major Burns actually gets the upper hand over Hawkeye with three practical jokes. The first is when he sabotages the still, causing it to spray Hawkeye in the face with gin. The second involves the classic 'bucket-over-the-door' gag. The third and arguably craftier joke has Hawkeye attempting to use the shower, but is annoyed to learn that Frank has switched the showerheads to spray alternately whenever Pierce tries to use it.

Hope you enjoy it,
Kenny, Meds & Al