Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Marathon Weekend (Day 4)

So like Friday I didn't expect this to be part of my movie marathon weekend but since it's Martin Luther Kings Jr. birthday it's an official government holiday which meant Chris who works for the military got the day off. Olivia who lives up in San Fransisco area came down for the party but also for an interview with Miller corporation and Anthony just decided that he would go to work from my place.

Well I got up at 7:30am and noticed that Anthony's motorcycle was still parked in my yard. Last I heard he was suppose to be gone by 6:30am. I went out to the living room and he told me about his crazy morning. Guess his keys to his bike were in the backpack which went home with Jennifer last night so instead of waking me up and having me drive him home to get them he tried to hot wire his motorcycle which in turn caused one of the fuses to blow. And guess where the fuse box is.. under the seat which needs a key to open. So he's back at square one. He had to call a tow truck to come pick up his bike and take it to his house.

Olivia on the other hand was getting ready for her interview, she looked great. Chris and I were sitting at the dining table chatting when she came out of the guest room and informed us that she just got off the phone with Miller and was informed that they forgot it was a holiday and the folks who do the interviews were not in the office today. Olivia was pretty devastate since that was one of the reasons for coming down to the LA area.

So both Anthony and Olivia didn't have the greatest start to their Monday. Since the four of us were now just hanging out I wanted to make some breakfast, again not really expecting to be making a third breakfast I pulled out what I had left which was Bisquick and planned to make some biscuits. Of course when Chris heard this he wanted biscuits and gravy so he headed out to the local supermarket to buy some gravy. I also made some leftover sausages from the weekend. So I had my very first biscuits and gravy with sausage and have to say it was way to yummy...

We also decided to watch some more Once Upon a Time. So we watched episodes 3 & 4. During this time the tow truck arrived to take Anthony's motorcycle home. So we said our goodbyes and our party went from 4 to 3.

After the fourth episode of Once Upon a Time Chris and Olivia packed up their stuff and Chris packed up his car. I drove Olivia to the Burbank Airport and dropped her off around noon. Chris followed us in his car and parked in a local food area next to the airport. I meet up with him and we had a some lunch before he headed back up north.

I love when Chris and I can get some one on one time. We rarely spend time together just he and I but when we do it's always so awesome and very special to me.  He's such an interesting person and I love getting to know him better and better. He and I are so alike yet so very different. I love this guy!!!

We ate lunch at Denny's, well he had second breakfast while I had a hamburger. We chatted for a few hours before saying goodbye at 2pm thus ending my four day movie marathon weekend extravaganza.

Thanks to all who made this four day extended weekend so special... Jennifer L, Matt, Anthony, Jennifer C. Rupert, Scott, Ashphord, Aaron, Dallas, Andrew, Kevin, Doug, America, Olivia, Greg, Red 5 and especially Chris, Jes, Jen and Will.. couldn't imagine my life without you guys being part of it.

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  1. Jamie (OneRandomGeek)January 18, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. That sounds like a dream weekend. Looks like a good time was had by all.