Thursday, January 19, 2012

Websites, Podcasts & The IT Crowd

Today my friend Jen came for a visit. Jen and I worked together on The Guild season five and she quickly became one of the core members of my movie marathon weekends. She and I bonded instantly and feel very comfortable chatting to each other about any and everything.. and that's AWESOME.

She arrived around 10am to help me work on creating a new website. My other one was built in Dreamweaver and I had the hardest time updating and keeping every going so she suggested I use Wordpress which I have very little knowledge of so she came over to help me out. We searched for a theme for a few hours and then she started to teach me various things. We headed out to El Pollo Loco for some lunch where we had some very interesting and very personal discussions. We continued to work on the website for another few hours. I now have a general idea of how to work with Wordpress and in the next few weeks I'll be creating my new site and hopefully will launch it soon.

We could have worked on my site all day long but I wanted to record an episode of Confessions of a Fangirl with her because she's a fangirl of Punk Rock music and love that it's not your typical "geek" or "nerd" fangirl thing. So we spent the next half hour to forty-five minutes recording what I think is a very fun and interesting interview.

Jen wanted to leave around 6pm but we were having such a great day that she decided to stick around and we were going to watch some movies/tv. We decided on watching The IT Crowd. This is a British comedy about the IT department of some company. Jen LOVES this series and everyone I talk to says how great it is. So she had it on her laptop and after several failed attempts we finally were able to play the episodes from a flash drive through her xbox and watch them on my 60inch TV.

I loved this series from the very first scene. Moss has to be my favorite character but Roy is just so darn adorable. We watched all six episodes of the first season and the final episode of the season had me laughing out loud so much that I missed some dialogue. I hear this series gets better and better as it goes (there is only 4 seasons, 6 episodes each). By the time the sixth episode was finished it was 11pm and Jen still had an hour and a half drive home. We said our good nights and I jumped back on the computer to work on my new website some more.

What was suppose to be a few hours of website lessons turned into a 13 hours of fun and awesome conversation with a really good friend... Thanks Jen for making today FANTASTIC!!!!

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