Saturday, July 26, 2014

San Diego Comic Con - Day Four

Was up once again around 8am, I slept pretty good since I had the ear plugs in. I only woke up with Chris, Scott and Ray got in around 3am.

Today I was cosplaying at Bilbo Baggins, it's pretty much the same outfit as my Frodo but instead Bilbo wears a vest, no ring on a chain and no Sting. Instead I used a pipe as a prop.

Both Chris and Scott were also cosplaying but they were going as Night Watch from Game of Thrones. So we all got ready and headed down to the shuttle bus. Ray and my brother Michael were joining us. They weren't going to do their Transformers cosplay until later but they wanted to check out the con for a little bit beforehand.

Once at the con we roamed around for a few hours. Scott had not been on the sales floor so we kind of wandered around to the bigger booths. We stopped by the Browncoats booth and noticed that my friend Michele Boyd was signing with fellow cast members from her new webseries Geek Cred. I stopped and chatted with her for a few minutes and got the autographs of the other two cast members. While at that booth both Grant Imahara and Mark Sheppard arrived. Grant and I exchanged pleasantries and I worked up the nerve to ask Mark if I could get a picture with him. He obliged but didn't seem to thrilled about it.

We opted to eat lunch at the con as it's much easier and you pay about the same as if you leave the con. We ran into America who was off to her panel but opted to walk with us for a few minutes.. we also met up friends Jeff and Bel.

We did a bit more walking around and Chris, Scott and Bel were asked to do a bit on video for the Wil Wheaton Project.

Afterwards we headed to the back of the convention center where they were going to be doing a group Game of Thrones cosplay picture. We were joined by friends Will and Becca. I was out there in the hot sun for about an hour taking various group pictures before I called it quits and headed inside to sit down and cool off. Chris informed me that he would text me when they came back in from the shoot.

I sat inside the Pavilion for almost an hour waiting to hear from Chris but nothing. I finally texted him and asked where he was. After a while he responded and informed me that they were roaming the floors and heading to the White Walker statue. This news upset me as I had been waiting for him to contact me so I could rejoin the group (but I guess out of site out of mind). So I opted to roam the halls solo.

I found some more Hobbit cosplayers and got a photo of them. There were so many great cosplayers I tried to grab as many photos as possible. 

I did meet back up with the group and it had grown to include alot of my friends but I was still in a sour mood and left shortly after by myself.

I continued to roam the halls, taking pictures and having pictures taken of me. I ran into my zombie friend Alyska and grabbed a quick photo.

I noticed Ray in his Opitmus Prime cosplay walking around inside the dealers room but he wasn't with my brother. I went up to him and asked where Mike was and he informed me that he left him in the outer hall area. So I headed out and saw him in his Wheeljack cosplay up against a wall resting.

I went over to him and gave him some water and we chatted for a bit. Ray joined us for a few minutes and took some pictures before heading off again.. Dallas joined us soon after and we headed outside as the main hall was about to close. Michael found a place to sit/stand and that didn't stop people from taking pictures of him. Dallas was great as his handler. We hung outside for about an hour and met up with more friends.

We were trying to make dinner plans but Chris informed me that he and Scott had brought their clothes and couldn't wait for me to go back to the hotel, change and then come back.. Still sour towards Chris from earlier today I said screw it and I decided to just go back to the hotel and crash.

As my brother, Steve and I headed back to he shuttle bus Ray came walking up and joined us for the ride back to the hotel.

Once back Ray, Michael, Steve and I went to Jack in the Box to grab some dinner. Steve left to go party but Ray and Michael were both spent and decided to just crash for the night. I watched a bit of TV before calling it a night.

Last night Scott slept on the floor with no sheets or anything and was freezing so I suggested that the three of us, Chris, Scott and I sleep across the bed allowing all three of us to fit, though our legs would hang off the end. I had gotten a text from Scott reminding me that when I do sleep to make sure I slept in that position. So when I went to bed I curled up on the foot of the bed but noticed that the comforter couldn't cover all of us so I left it for Chris and Scott and I used my Hobbit cloak and a sheet. It wasn't comfortable but it would work for all three of us to sleep in the bed.

So ends Day Four of comic con. It started off great and quickly went down hill. I allowed Chris to upset me and sour my mood and it was tough getting out of it. I did enjoy cosplaying and having pictures taken of me and getting compliments for my costume. I got some great pictures of other cosplayers but I spent the majority of the day by myself. Let's hope I can break out of this sour mood tomorrow for my final day at comic con.

Friday, July 25, 2014

San Diego Comic Con - Day Three

I was up at 7:30am, I got about three hours of good sleep. I found out that Ray had some extra ear plugs so I should be good for tonight.

Today I am cosplaying as Frodo Baggins, I started with the ears as those seem to take the longest to put on. After a half hour and with a little help from my brother I got the ears on and matched the color of my skin. Next was the Hobbit pants and shirt, then the necklace (with ring) and sword.

As I was getting ready Chris was getting ready in his cosplay (which was Ruby from Once Upon A Time). My brother and Ray were still working on their Transformer outfits and didn't plan to get into them until later in the evening.

As Chris finished up I slipped on my Hobbit feet and wig and was ready to go. Chris and I met up with Brett (who was cosplaying as Slenderman) and jumped on the shuttle bus that would take us to the con.

We got that just as the front doors were open so we walked on in. Today was all about cosplaying for me. Chris had a panel he wanted to go to later in the day but all I wanted to do was walk around take pictures and have pictures taken of me. Elea joined us for a bit cosplaying as Psylocke as well as Jes who was cosplaying as Hook from Once Upon A Time. We were a very eclectic group of cosplayers. Chris went to an Assassin Creed panel, while the rest of us just roamed the halls.

While at the Weta booth I got to meet Russell Alexander he is the Owner/Caretaker of Hobbiton, yes the real Shire out in New Zealand. He gave me the biggest compliment by saying that I was the most authentic looking Hobbit that he had seen at the con so far. How cool is that. We talked for about ten minutes before he moved on to other visitors to the Weta booth.

Also while I was at the Weta booth I ran into Jesse in his Thorin cosplay. Jesse is another cosplayer from the show Heroes of Cosplay on Syfy. And his Thorin cosplay won an award on the season finale of Heroes of Cosplay. I got a few pictures with him and we chatted about "reality" TV for about fifteen minutes. He was a very cool guy.

I got a picture with a "Gandalf" cosplayer, I have to say that there weren't many Lord of the Rings / Hobbit cosplay going on. In previous years I have always ran into two or three other people dressed as Hobbits but this year I did nothing.

Chris rejoined the group and we were off to grab some lunch and we were told about some food trucks over in the Petco center car lot. So we made the long trek (I was extremely worried that my feet would split at any moment). But when we got there, it was only a few trucks and there was no place to sit down and out of the hot sun. We opted to go to the Hilton and made our trek back to the con area and over a bridge.

When we walked into the Hilton we saw group of people surrounding someone, turns out it was John Barrowman from Torchwood/Arrow. I was so tempted to join in the group and get a picture with him but I was with my group and was trying to keep up with everyone.

After a few dead ends we finally found a place to have lunch or by this time an early dinner.

When lunch/dinner was over we headed back to the con, the group split up, Chris headed back to the hotel to change and everyone went off in their own directions. I continued to walk the floor in the Hobbit cosplay. I got a call from my brother around 6:30 letting me know that he and Ray were on their way to con. They had spent all day working on their Transformers cosplay. They arrived around 7pm just as the main hall was closing and there were people everywhere.

The hotel shuttle bus arrived and I helped them unload there many pieces to their costumes. Once everything was on the ground a crowd started to form. First just a few people interested in what was going on. But soon a crowd of a hundred people watched as my brother and Ray put on their 12 foot tall Transformers outfits.

The guys didn't really think things out and didn't have any handlers to make sure they didn't injure anyone. I did my best to be that person but it was difficult as Ray doesn't really listen and does his own thing. Frustration set in after an hour and I was so happy with my friends Chris, Aaron, Brett, Dallas and Rupert found us and I pawned them off to those guys. I felt bad asking these guys to give up part of their night to look out for Ray and my brother but I had enough and my nerves were shot.

So my brother and Ray along with my friends wondered off into the city while I got on a shuttle bus and headed back to the hotel. Once there I removed all my Hobbit attire, feet and ears. I was ready for a quiet night in my hotel room. I walked to Jack in the Box to grab some food and was back in my hotel room eating when my brother and Ray surprisingly showed up. It had only been a few hours and I was to happy to see them as I expected a quiet night in. They brought in all their stuff and informed me that they had had enough. I guess they could only do a few hours in costumes before becoming exhausted, it's a lot of work walking around on stilts.

Also at this time my buddy (and 5th roommate) Scott arrived at the hotel. He settled in before he and Ray headed out to party with Chris and the others. I stayed in with my brother who was extremely tired. We hung out and watched some TV before calling it a night.

I had a blast cosplaying, got to hang with some friends, got to see people go absolutely crazy over my brother and Ray's Transformers cosplay. I did a bit more walking in the Hobbit feet then I had planned but they survived and I plan to cosplay tomorrow as well. Ray drove me crazy but luckily my friends came to my rescue. So overall it was a pretty good day at comic con.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

San Diego Comic Con - Day Two

Was up early and ready for con. I helped Chris get into this Assassin Creed cosplay before heading to con. I wasn't cosplaying today. We got to con as soon as the doors opened and the first place I headed was to the Funko booth but I was to late and the crowds were crazy and the line was cut off.

Chris and I started on one end of the hall and walked through every aisle checking out everything on the floor. Friends would join us and depart as we traveled through the hall. Some of highlights from the booths for me would be this amazing Star Wars 6" action figure display. It wasn't promoting anything other then it's awesomeness. The Lego booth was pretty amazing as well with all their Lego statues. I especially liked the Groot and Rocket figures.

Another jaw dropping booth was Weta/The Hobbit. They had a life size Smaug The Dragon's head on top of their booth and to the surprise of many his eye would open up and move around.. it was pretty awesome.

As we were heading to lunch we ran into my friend Michele Boyd, it's always great seeing her. She was just getting to con and about to hit the floor.

We grabbed some lunch at the Syfy Cafe. Joining me for lunch was Chris, Elea and Brett. Chris, Brett and I all got chicken pot pies.. they were pretty amazing but super expensive ($18). Seems like every year Syfy Cafe raises their prices, but it's is also the fastest when it comes to seating groups.

We went back to con and roamed the floors some more before heading back to the hotel to relax for a bit. I got a call from my friend Steve informing me that he made it into the Funko line and would pick me up the two exclusive Firefly figures that I had wanted. About a half hour later he dropped by our room and gave them to me.. thanks Steve.

While Chris and I were at our hotel room my brother and his buddy Ray showed up. They had a ton of bins for their two Transformers cosplay outfits, we loaded everything into out room. My brother and Ray crashed in the hotel while Chris suited up (Barney Style). He and I were heading to a Guild meet up that started at 5:30pm. We were late but made our way to the meet up point. We were just a few blocks away when I saw my buddy Brian walking across the street with friends Doug, Matt and Melissa, they were heading to the Wootstock concert. Brian had Rays' badge and I wanted to get it from him so he wasn't interrupted when Ray and my brother left the hotel room later today. I got the badge and Brian told us that the Guild meet up got kicked out of the place they were at so they could set up for the party later that evening. But they were now meeting up at a different bar. So Doug joined us as we walk a few more blocks to get to the "new" meet up place. When we got there it was packed with people and really no place to sit. I was tired from all the walking around and irritated that no one mentioned that the meet up had moved. If we had not ran into Brian/Doug we would haven't known until we had gotten to the place were it was originally planned.

So I was not in a good mood and decided to head back to the hotel. While heading back I called my brother and told him that I had gotten Ray's badge and that we could meet up at Chipotle to get dinner. It was about halfway between our hotel and were I was. So we meet up and gave both of them their badges while we ate. Afterwards Ray and my brother headed over to the con (though the floor was closed) they wanted to scoop out where they could change into their costumes.

I was going to head back to the hotel but the Geek and Sundry VIP party was to begin at 8:30pm by the time I would get back to the hotel I'd have to turn around and head out again. So I hung out at Chipotle for for a half hour before making my way to the party.

I invited Chris to be my plus 1 for the party. More friends would be joining us at 10pm when the party opens to everyone. We got to the place and there was a long line and confusion on who was on the list. Luckily my friend Jenni (who works for G&S) showed up and took me and a few others inside bypassing the issues. When we got up there it was hot, I guess the AC was not working so they brought in four large mobile AC's but it was still boiling and with more and more people coming in it was going to get unbearable.

I had a few drinks (thanks Chris) and took a few photos in the photo booth (those are always fun). I ran into several friends that I hadn't seen in a few years, it was nice catching up. I had planned to leave around 10:30 as I had to get back to the hotel so I could shave my beard off and prep my face to be Hobbitfied. But that didn't happen.. I didn't get out of the place until closer to midnight. On my walk back to the hotel, around 1.5 miles (20 minute walk) several things happened. First I was harassed but to drunk jocks who liked my Tick shirt and wanted it. They insisted that I give it to them and then one said to the other I think he wants to give it to you, let's help him out. Luckily for me there were other people around these guys who sat them back down as I quickly distance myself from them. Just a block away there was a homeless man (from the looks of him) destroying a pay phone and yelling and ranting. I gave him a wide birth as I passed by. Then just a few feet away a women was going ballistic on some guy, I don't know if it was her boyfriend/husband all I know is she was not happy with him. About halfway through my walk to the hotel I hear this loud crash and look across the street to see two guys running out of a 7-11 and two employees chasing them with golf clubs. It looked as though the two guys threw over some shelves at 7-11. It was a crazy walk back to the hotel. Once I got out of the Gaslamp district things were quiet and I quickly made my way to my hotel.

I got in and my brother and Ray were sleeping, I went into the bathroom and shaved my beard off. I was exhausted emotionally and physically but I wanted to get this done so my face would have time to adjust to being nude for when I Hobbit cosplay tomorrow. I went to bed close to 1am, but because I forgot my ear plugs it was a rough night as both my brother and Ray snore when extremely tired and both were extremely tired tonight... who needs sleep anyways!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

San Diego Comic Con - Day One

Woke up this morning and realized that I had not packed my camera battery charger and in fact couldn't find it. I tore through my house looking as I couldn't go to con without a camera but had no luck.

I picked up Chris from the airport and on our way back to my place I picked up Dallas. I had planned to leave around 10am but because I didn't have my camera battery charger I postponed the trip and continued to look for the charger. I finally gave up and figured I'd use my iPhone camera to take pixs. It wasn't a great way to start con. But Dallas saw how disappointed I was in not having my real camera so he offered me to use his... Thanks Dallas.

We got on the road around 11am and drove for about two and a half hours before stopping in San Clemente to grab some lunch a Del Taco. We were still 60 miles away and started to get into the San Diego traffic. It would be another two hours before we made it to our hotel.

Once there we checked in and made our way to our room. The room was an okay size with two double beds, but the view was amazing. Dallas joined us in our room since he's hotel "roommates" were not here yet. We chilled for a half hour before heading to con to get our badges. Dallas was staying behind to wait for his roommates while Chris and I decided to walk to con. The hotel is just a 1.4 miles away but in the hot sun it feels like a million miles.

When we got to the convention center it was packed (as usual). We found our way into the professional line which was really short compared to last year. We actually stood behind Yaya Han, she's a "celebrity" cosplayer and is also on Heroes of Cosplay. Just from what I could hear and see she didn't seem that nice. Once in we got our badges and bags (I got 3 Supernatural bags). We still had a few hours to kill before the preview night began at 6:30pm.

Chris left me to find other friends (to work on his "secret" project). So I sat on the outside of con waiting for my buddy Thomas to arrive. While there I ran into guildie/friend Jennifer, we chatted for a few. I also tweeted to see if anyone wanted to exchange SDCC bags, as I mentioned I had gotten three Supernatural bags but I really wanted The Flash or Arrow bags. A few friends said they were willing the exchange with me.. just have to meet up at some point.

Thomas arrived around 6:15ish and we went inside and made our way through the maze upstairs to get to the main floor.

Soon as I walked in and was hit by the crowds of people I was ready to head back to my hotel. It was a mad house. So many people, so many lines. I went to the Entertainment Earth booth and the line was ridiculous so I moved one to the Funko booth and I couldn't even get close there were so many people. Those were the only two places that had exclusives that I was hoping to get. Maybe I'll have better luck in the coming days.

Thomas and I roamed the halls and I surprisingly ran into a bunch a friends. As I mentioned above I ran into Jennifer in front of the con and at the hotel I saw my buddies Jared and Ariel. On the con floor I ran into Anne, Nicki, Doug, Dallas, Chris, Brett, Kim, Katie, Luis, Bel, Becca, Rebecca, Steve, Matt, Jamie, Elie, Red 5, Keri and someone who spent the majority of the night walking around with me Eva.

I also got to meet Gabe, we worked together on The Guild season five but never officially met. We started chatting on Facebook a year or so ago and I was really looking forward to finally meeting him in person. He was working one of the booths.

During my travels on the con floor I was asked multiple times if I wanted to trade my Supernatural bag for another one.  I had already offered to trade with several friends but I did have one more to trade. One young lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to trade my Supernatural for her The Following bag. I said I was really hoping for The Flash or Arrow and she walked away disappointed. About an hour later she found me in the middle of all this craziness and had a Flash bag and asked if I would trade her now. Of course she put so much effort into it I couldn't say no and traded her bags.

9:30pm came around and preview night had come to an end. Dallas, Brett, Chris, Luis and I went to Ralphs to pick up some food/dinner for the evening. Dallas, Brett, Luis and I headed back to the hotel to crash while Chris ran off into the city for some more evening fun.

I spent the evening in my hotel room alone eating a pre-cooked chicken that I had purchased from Ralphs and watching the local news before calling it a night.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Preparing for Comic Con

Today was all about preparing for San Diego Comic Con. I packed up all my clothes but realized that I didn't have any white undershirts (which I normally wear with my Hobbit outfit) so I had to do lanudry. I was trying to avoid doing it but I guess it's better to get it all done now then wait until after con. So I spent a few hours in the morning at the laundromat. Once I was back I finished packing up my "regular" con clothes as well as all my Hobbit clothes.

I curled my Hobbit wig (burning my head pretty bad) and hair sprayed it down so it won't move. I checked the levels on all my make ups and such and I have just enough to cover me for this con but will have to buy new stuff if I continue to cosplay in the future.

My biggest worry are my Hobbit feet. I have been trying to get new feet the past two years but because of various reasons/circumstance that has not happen. My current feet weren't meant for years of use (this will be my fourth year) and I have to say they held up pretty well. They are starting to crack on the sides were I bend but I have temporally sealed them with super glue. I'm currently planning on cosplaying Friday and Saturday (that's if my feet hold out).

I managed to get everything into one suitcase (regular and cosplay clothes) along with a bag for my Hobbit feet and wig. I'm ready for Comic Con!!!

During the evening I had dinner with Robert, Cait and Thomas at the Pitfire grill. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

More Xena & Fun Videos

When Thomas and I got back from our beach outing we watched some more Xena. We had watched season one episodes 1 - 10 while I was visiting him in Ireland. So today we continued were we left off and watched season one, episodes 11 - 14.

We started with S1 Ep11 "The Black Wolf" King Xerxes arrests a group of villagers, demanding they surrender the mysterious "Black Wolf" and followers. Xena arranges to be arrested to help them escape.

I enjoyed this episode, had a good mix of humor and action. 

Then we moved on to S1 Ep12 "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" Xena and Gabrielle arrive to Troy during the Trojan War when the warrior princess is required by an old friend, Helen. While Xena tries to win the war, Gabrielle meets Perdicas, her ex-fiancé, who's working now as a mercenary for Troy.

Another enjoyable episode, I like how they integrated the story of Helen of Troy into this episode. I still think the whole idea of a wooden horse being used to hide in for a night attack is ridiculous.

The third episode of the day was S1 Ep13 "Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards" Gabrielle auditions to attend the Athens City Academy to train as a bard -- but others trying for the few open spots include Homer and Euripides.

This was a fun episode, it's a Gabrielle base episode and those are fun every now and then. I mean you knew she wasn't going to be attending the school since she is a main cast member and I kind of predicted that she would get in but give it up to continue her adventures with Xena.. but still a good episode.

And our final episode of the day was S1 Ep14 "A Fistful of Dinars"  Xena and Gabrielle join two men of doubtful reputation (including Xena ex-fiancĂ©) in order to find the Treasure of the Sumerians and prevent wrong hands from getting the most valuable part of it: Ambrosia, the food of the gods, which grants immortality. 

Another entertaining episode, This was more a a quest adventure which I liked. We got to see a bit more into Xena's past and how she's been hurt by people. 

So far I'm really enjoying season one of Xena. We're about halfway through the season and we hope to finish watching season one by the time Thomas heads back to Ireland. 

A few other tidbits I would like to share with you guys.  First of all I read today that the Goonies Never Say Die panel at San Diego Comic Con was cancelled. They didn't give a reason why but I am super bummed about that as it as one of a few panels I was looking forward to seeing.

I came across several videos that I wanted to share with you all.

The first one is pretty amazing and very talented marching band covering a Michael Jackson song.

This second video is a pretty cool experiment.

And this last video reminds me of me.. or how I'll be when I'm his age.

Beach & Movie Ranch

Spent the bulk of my day with my buddy Thomas (who is visiting from Ireland). This morning we had breakfast at Denny's before heading to one of my favorite beaches in SoCal, El Matador State Beach. A friend of mine introduced me to this beach over 20 years ago. I like it because it's very secluded and normally not that packed. It's not your typical beach with sand and water. You park up top of a cliff and hike your way down to the beach below. There are a ton of cool rock formations, caves and small pockets of sand for sun bathers.

When we got there the parking lot was packed so we managed to find a parking spot on PCH not far from the parking entrance. We made our way down to the beach and it was pretty full. For a Monday this surprised me as the many times I had come in the past there were just a handful of people there, but this time I'd say there were about 50 or so people. Which compared to something like Santa Monica Beach which can have 1000's was really nothing.

Thomas and I headed north, in order to get to other parts of the beach you had to go through these caves in the mountainside and depending on the ocean levels, you had to wade through water. The levels weren't that bad and the water came up to our knees. The second patch of beach was alot less crowded with maybe six people there.

We continued to go north. I had never gone pass this point so this was all new to me. Again the water was up to our knees so it wasn't that bad as we walked through the caves. The third patch of beach wasn't that large and mainly made up of large rocks. There wasn't anybody in this section. Thomas and I sat on some rocks and just chilled for about 20 minutes. During this time Thomas went and played around with the sea life. We noticed that there were caves north of us but it didn't look like you could get through them without getting waste high in the water but when a life guard came and disappeared into the caves and then reappeared about ten minutes later and wasn't that wet we figured there must be a way to get through them. And sure enough when we tired there was this large cave that you could climb through to get to the other beach. Again the water was only get knee deep.

The fourth section of the beach was much larger but it looked to be very private and only had two people on it. This part of the beach looked like the only access came from the houses above. We continued north to this house on the water that had a large amount of boulder sitting under it and leading to the water. We started to climb over those to see what was on the other side and it looked as though the beach continued on for bit more. There were some folks flying kites but again there were very few people there. We decided to stop at this point and once again sit on some rock and just chill. And like before Thomas went after some crabs.

We were there for about a half hour when the life guard from earlier said that we should start to head back as the tide would be coming in and if we wanted to get back to El Matador Beach and didn't want to have to swim we would need to head back soon. So we along with a few other people started to make our way back. The water was rising but only to just above the knee.

Once back we decided to walk south on the beach, this side was littered with people and debris like seaweed and such. But we did find some rocks to hang out on for a bit.

After two and a half hour we called it a day and headed back to the car. On our way up to beach we drove past an area that reminded me of a cool place to visit call Paramount Ranch. So on our way back I figured we stop by and check it out. Paramount Ranch was once an old studio backlot where they shot a ton of movies and tv. It was once owned by Paramount (hence the name) but is now a national park.

There is still an "old" western town there and maintained for tourist. And from 1992 to 1997, the town was used as the setting for the television show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

We walked around and took pixs for about an hour before getting back in the car and heading for a late lunch/early dinner at Islands. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Fun D&D (Pathfinder) Session

Today was another fun filled D&D (Pathfinder) session. Here's what happen (Thanks Dallas for writing this up)

After taking an arrow to the face, Nilius raised his hand and raised the dead bugbears and Lorn Armin as zombies. The party took care of them handily but it gave the dread necromancer a chance to escape. At Percy’s urging, the party and the escaped Halflings made their way across the river to the “Short Quarter” of Greenfallow where Halflings had been living even before humans had built Orthstaden.

Percy gave the party a place to bed down for the night while the dwarves retrieved their packs and pets from the castle. The other Halflings assured the party they’d send for the sheriff in the morning and took the toddlers in hand. Percy and the others had been kidnapped for about three weeks and while there was some spoiled food, he put together an evening before they retired.

The party awoke late mid-day to a steel-gray sky and soon made their way to the ruined cathedral where Percy thought they might find Nilius. They met a Halfling sorting bones in a charnel house named Digger who offered to lead them to his boss Linus. Ginneon pointed out that the names were similar and Digger mused that his boss – the Royal Mortifer – could indeed be a necromancer.

The party got attacked by ghouls and a gargoyle at the entrance and faced their biggest threats from rust monsters and shadows within but when faced with Linus himself, the party soon learned that Digger had been Nilius all along and Linus was just his mind-shattered puppet. He summoned his pets – two huge flesh golems – and disappeared.

Weakened by the shadows, the flesh golems proved to be handy foes and for several seconds, the party could hear Nilius’ voice echoing through the cathedral as he worked various spells but the fruits of his labor were not known until the skeletons rushed in to attack!

Being Supportive, Ventriloquist Comedy & DnD Experiement

First I want to publicly thank my buddy Jeff Valdez for becoming a patron of mine. He is the eight person to help me out with Geekfanboy Productions and I appreciate each and everyone of them. If you enjoy my podcasts, blogs or any other content I produce online please consider a monthly donation to help with costs of Podbean, URL and other fees. Just $1 a month can add up and help me continue to do what I love. Thanks again Jeff for your generosity. If wish to join Jeff and the others please click on the link

I came across several videos that I wanted to share with you all. First one is a ventriloquist named Nina Conti. I had never seen her stuff but I came across this video on Facebook and I couldn't stop laughing. Of course I looked up a bunch of other videos and they were all amazing. She truly is a fantastic ventriloquist. Check out this video below.

Since this is my D&D day, the other video that I wanted to share with you guys is about D&D. It's a short documentary about how boys and girls see D&D differently and what happens with they play together.