Monday, July 21, 2014

More Xena & Fun Videos

When Thomas and I got back from our beach outing we watched some more Xena. We had watched season one episodes 1 - 10 while I was visiting him in Ireland. So today we continued were we left off and watched season one, episodes 11 - 14.

We started with S1 Ep11 "The Black Wolf" King Xerxes arrests a group of villagers, demanding they surrender the mysterious "Black Wolf" and followers. Xena arranges to be arrested to help them escape.

I enjoyed this episode, had a good mix of humor and action. 

Then we moved on to S1 Ep12 "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" Xena and Gabrielle arrive to Troy during the Trojan War when the warrior princess is required by an old friend, Helen. While Xena tries to win the war, Gabrielle meets Perdicas, her ex-fiancé, who's working now as a mercenary for Troy.

Another enjoyable episode, I like how they integrated the story of Helen of Troy into this episode. I still think the whole idea of a wooden horse being used to hide in for a night attack is ridiculous.

The third episode of the day was S1 Ep13 "Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards" Gabrielle auditions to attend the Athens City Academy to train as a bard -- but others trying for the few open spots include Homer and Euripides.

This was a fun episode, it's a Gabrielle base episode and those are fun every now and then. I mean you knew she wasn't going to be attending the school since she is a main cast member and I kind of predicted that she would get in but give it up to continue her adventures with Xena.. but still a good episode.

And our final episode of the day was S1 Ep14 "A Fistful of Dinars"  Xena and Gabrielle join two men of doubtful reputation (including Xena ex-fiancĂ©) in order to find the Treasure of the Sumerians and prevent wrong hands from getting the most valuable part of it: Ambrosia, the food of the gods, which grants immortality. 

Another entertaining episode, This was more a a quest adventure which I liked. We got to see a bit more into Xena's past and how she's been hurt by people. 

So far I'm really enjoying season one of Xena. We're about halfway through the season and we hope to finish watching season one by the time Thomas heads back to Ireland. 

A few other tidbits I would like to share with you guys.  First of all I read today that the Goonies Never Say Die panel at San Diego Comic Con was cancelled. They didn't give a reason why but I am super bummed about that as it as one of a few panels I was looking forward to seeing.

I came across several videos that I wanted to share with you all.

The first one is pretty amazing and very talented marching band covering a Michael Jackson song.

This second video is a pretty cool experiment.

And this last video reminds me of me.. or how I'll be when I'm his age.

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