Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Preparing for Comic Con

Today was all about preparing for San Diego Comic Con. I packed up all my clothes but realized that I didn't have any white undershirts (which I normally wear with my Hobbit outfit) so I had to do lanudry. I was trying to avoid doing it but I guess it's better to get it all done now then wait until after con. So I spent a few hours in the morning at the laundromat. Once I was back I finished packing up my "regular" con clothes as well as all my Hobbit clothes.

I curled my Hobbit wig (burning my head pretty bad) and hair sprayed it down so it won't move. I checked the levels on all my make ups and such and I have just enough to cover me for this con but will have to buy new stuff if I continue to cosplay in the future.

My biggest worry are my Hobbit feet. I have been trying to get new feet the past two years but because of various reasons/circumstance that has not happen. My current feet weren't meant for years of use (this will be my fourth year) and I have to say they held up pretty well. They are starting to crack on the sides were I bend but I have temporally sealed them with super glue. I'm currently planning on cosplaying Friday and Saturday (that's if my feet hold out).

I managed to get everything into one suitcase (regular and cosplay clothes) along with a bag for my Hobbit feet and wig. I'm ready for Comic Con!!!

During the evening I had dinner with Robert, Cait and Thomas at the Pitfire grill. 

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