Saturday, July 26, 2014

San Diego Comic Con - Day Four

Was up once again around 8am, I slept pretty good since I had the ear plugs in. I only woke up with Chris, Scott and Ray got in around 3am.

Today I was cosplaying at Bilbo Baggins, it's pretty much the same outfit as my Frodo but instead Bilbo wears a vest, no ring on a chain and no Sting. Instead I used a pipe as a prop.

Both Chris and Scott were also cosplaying but they were going as Night Watch from Game of Thrones. So we all got ready and headed down to the shuttle bus. Ray and my brother Michael were joining us. They weren't going to do their Transformers cosplay until later but they wanted to check out the con for a little bit beforehand.

Once at the con we roamed around for a few hours. Scott had not been on the sales floor so we kind of wandered around to the bigger booths. We stopped by the Browncoats booth and noticed that my friend Michele Boyd was signing with fellow cast members from her new webseries Geek Cred. I stopped and chatted with her for a few minutes and got the autographs of the other two cast members. While at that booth both Grant Imahara and Mark Sheppard arrived. Grant and I exchanged pleasantries and I worked up the nerve to ask Mark if I could get a picture with him. He obliged but didn't seem to thrilled about it.

We opted to eat lunch at the con as it's much easier and you pay about the same as if you leave the con. We ran into America who was off to her panel but opted to walk with us for a few minutes.. we also met up friends Jeff and Bel.

We did a bit more walking around and Chris, Scott and Bel were asked to do a bit on video for the Wil Wheaton Project.

Afterwards we headed to the back of the convention center where they were going to be doing a group Game of Thrones cosplay picture. We were joined by friends Will and Becca. I was out there in the hot sun for about an hour taking various group pictures before I called it quits and headed inside to sit down and cool off. Chris informed me that he would text me when they came back in from the shoot.

I sat inside the Pavilion for almost an hour waiting to hear from Chris but nothing. I finally texted him and asked where he was. After a while he responded and informed me that they were roaming the floors and heading to the White Walker statue. This news upset me as I had been waiting for him to contact me so I could rejoin the group (but I guess out of site out of mind). So I opted to roam the halls solo.

I found some more Hobbit cosplayers and got a photo of them. There were so many great cosplayers I tried to grab as many photos as possible. 

I did meet back up with the group and it had grown to include alot of my friends but I was still in a sour mood and left shortly after by myself.

I continued to roam the halls, taking pictures and having pictures taken of me. I ran into my zombie friend Alyska and grabbed a quick photo.

I noticed Ray in his Opitmus Prime cosplay walking around inside the dealers room but he wasn't with my brother. I went up to him and asked where Mike was and he informed me that he left him in the outer hall area. So I headed out and saw him in his Wheeljack cosplay up against a wall resting.

I went over to him and gave him some water and we chatted for a bit. Ray joined us for a few minutes and took some pictures before heading off again.. Dallas joined us soon after and we headed outside as the main hall was about to close. Michael found a place to sit/stand and that didn't stop people from taking pictures of him. Dallas was great as his handler. We hung outside for about an hour and met up with more friends.

We were trying to make dinner plans but Chris informed me that he and Scott had brought their clothes and couldn't wait for me to go back to the hotel, change and then come back.. Still sour towards Chris from earlier today I said screw it and I decided to just go back to the hotel and crash.

As my brother, Steve and I headed back to he shuttle bus Ray came walking up and joined us for the ride back to the hotel.

Once back Ray, Michael, Steve and I went to Jack in the Box to grab some dinner. Steve left to go party but Ray and Michael were both spent and decided to just crash for the night. I watched a bit of TV before calling it a night.

Last night Scott slept on the floor with no sheets or anything and was freezing so I suggested that the three of us, Chris, Scott and I sleep across the bed allowing all three of us to fit, though our legs would hang off the end. I had gotten a text from Scott reminding me that when I do sleep to make sure I slept in that position. So when I went to bed I curled up on the foot of the bed but noticed that the comforter couldn't cover all of us so I left it for Chris and Scott and I used my Hobbit cloak and a sheet. It wasn't comfortable but it would work for all three of us to sleep in the bed.

So ends Day Four of comic con. It started off great and quickly went down hill. I allowed Chris to upset me and sour my mood and it was tough getting out of it. I did enjoy cosplaying and having pictures taken of me and getting compliments for my costume. I got some great pictures of other cosplayers but I spent the majority of the day by myself. Let's hope I can break out of this sour mood tomorrow for my final day at comic con.

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