Thursday, July 24, 2014

San Diego Comic Con - Day Two

Was up early and ready for con. I helped Chris get into this Assassin Creed cosplay before heading to con. I wasn't cosplaying today. We got to con as soon as the doors opened and the first place I headed was to the Funko booth but I was to late and the crowds were crazy and the line was cut off.

Chris and I started on one end of the hall and walked through every aisle checking out everything on the floor. Friends would join us and depart as we traveled through the hall. Some of highlights from the booths for me would be this amazing Star Wars 6" action figure display. It wasn't promoting anything other then it's awesomeness. The Lego booth was pretty amazing as well with all their Lego statues. I especially liked the Groot and Rocket figures.

Another jaw dropping booth was Weta/The Hobbit. They had a life size Smaug The Dragon's head on top of their booth and to the surprise of many his eye would open up and move around.. it was pretty awesome.

As we were heading to lunch we ran into my friend Michele Boyd, it's always great seeing her. She was just getting to con and about to hit the floor.

We grabbed some lunch at the Syfy Cafe. Joining me for lunch was Chris, Elea and Brett. Chris, Brett and I all got chicken pot pies.. they were pretty amazing but super expensive ($18). Seems like every year Syfy Cafe raises their prices, but it's is also the fastest when it comes to seating groups.

We went back to con and roamed the floors some more before heading back to the hotel to relax for a bit. I got a call from my friend Steve informing me that he made it into the Funko line and would pick me up the two exclusive Firefly figures that I had wanted. About a half hour later he dropped by our room and gave them to me.. thanks Steve.

While Chris and I were at our hotel room my brother and his buddy Ray showed up. They had a ton of bins for their two Transformers cosplay outfits, we loaded everything into out room. My brother and Ray crashed in the hotel while Chris suited up (Barney Style). He and I were heading to a Guild meet up that started at 5:30pm. We were late but made our way to the meet up point. We were just a few blocks away when I saw my buddy Brian walking across the street with friends Doug, Matt and Melissa, they were heading to the Wootstock concert. Brian had Rays' badge and I wanted to get it from him so he wasn't interrupted when Ray and my brother left the hotel room later today. I got the badge and Brian told us that the Guild meet up got kicked out of the place they were at so they could set up for the party later that evening. But they were now meeting up at a different bar. So Doug joined us as we walk a few more blocks to get to the "new" meet up place. When we got there it was packed with people and really no place to sit. I was tired from all the walking around and irritated that no one mentioned that the meet up had moved. If we had not ran into Brian/Doug we would haven't known until we had gotten to the place were it was originally planned.

So I was not in a good mood and decided to head back to the hotel. While heading back I called my brother and told him that I had gotten Ray's badge and that we could meet up at Chipotle to get dinner. It was about halfway between our hotel and were I was. So we meet up and gave both of them their badges while we ate. Afterwards Ray and my brother headed over to the con (though the floor was closed) they wanted to scoop out where they could change into their costumes.

I was going to head back to the hotel but the Geek and Sundry VIP party was to begin at 8:30pm by the time I would get back to the hotel I'd have to turn around and head out again. So I hung out at Chipotle for for a half hour before making my way to the party.

I invited Chris to be my plus 1 for the party. More friends would be joining us at 10pm when the party opens to everyone. We got to the place and there was a long line and confusion on who was on the list. Luckily my friend Jenni (who works for G&S) showed up and took me and a few others inside bypassing the issues. When we got up there it was hot, I guess the AC was not working so they brought in four large mobile AC's but it was still boiling and with more and more people coming in it was going to get unbearable.

I had a few drinks (thanks Chris) and took a few photos in the photo booth (those are always fun). I ran into several friends that I hadn't seen in a few years, it was nice catching up. I had planned to leave around 10:30 as I had to get back to the hotel so I could shave my beard off and prep my face to be Hobbitfied. But that didn't happen.. I didn't get out of the place until closer to midnight. On my walk back to the hotel, around 1.5 miles (20 minute walk) several things happened. First I was harassed but to drunk jocks who liked my Tick shirt and wanted it. They insisted that I give it to them and then one said to the other I think he wants to give it to you, let's help him out. Luckily for me there were other people around these guys who sat them back down as I quickly distance myself from them. Just a block away there was a homeless man (from the looks of him) destroying a pay phone and yelling and ranting. I gave him a wide birth as I passed by. Then just a few feet away a women was going ballistic on some guy, I don't know if it was her boyfriend/husband all I know is she was not happy with him. About halfway through my walk to the hotel I hear this loud crash and look across the street to see two guys running out of a 7-11 and two employees chasing them with golf clubs. It looked as though the two guys threw over some shelves at 7-11. It was a crazy walk back to the hotel. Once I got out of the Gaslamp district things were quiet and I quickly made my way to my hotel.

I got in and my brother and Ray were sleeping, I went into the bathroom and shaved my beard off. I was exhausted emotionally and physically but I wanted to get this done so my face would have time to adjust to being nude for when I Hobbit cosplay tomorrow. I went to bed close to 1am, but because I forgot my ear plugs it was a rough night as both my brother and Ray snore when extremely tired and both were extremely tired tonight... who needs sleep anyways!!!

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