Saturday, January 14, 2012

Movie Marathon Weekend (Day 2)

Today started around 8am. Everyone was up and moving around so I started to make breakfast. Since this was an unplanned breakfast (I only bought breakfast for Sunday morning) I opted for pancakes, which everyone seemed to enjoy. Lydia, Olivia, Jes, Chris, Anthony, Rupert, Jennifer C.and Aaron arrived last night. So after breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen while the others went outside to play some extreme bocce ball. About fifteen minutes later I joined in on the fun. After bocce ball we headed inside and Chris put on Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog and we all did just that.. we sang along to the songs.. it was so much fun.  Then Chris put on The Guild season 1 and let it play in the background as we prepped snacks and lunch for the other guests who should be arriving around noon. Lydia had to head back down to the airport to fly back home, so we said our goodbyes and she left around 1pm.  Jen showed up and realized that she forgot the kinect for her xbox 360. I have been wanting to buy a 360 and kinect for a while but at this time can't afford it but I told Jen if she wanted to go get a kinect from target that I would buy it and then get my xbox 360 at a later date. So she, Chris and Olivia headed out to the store to get the kinect and some last minute supplies. When they got back they had an adventure to tell of driving behind a Delorean and following this car to Vasquez Rocks where they approached the guy about his car and the guy was gracious enough to let them sit inside and take pictures. While those guys were out my friend America arrived. I haven't seen her in such a long time, so it was really good seeing her again.

I was surprised by the lack of guests since the party started at noon and we had originally wanted to start the movies at 1pm. But then I remembered that most folks who came early/on time actually came the night before and were here already.

Well it's now 3 pm and we started to make the food (BBQ Bison Burgers).  Had some more issues with the grill ( I think it's time to get a new one) Andrew, Kevin, Doug, Greg and Red Five arrived just in time to grab some food as we began Back to the Future part one.  During the first movie Jennifer and Matt arrived as well as my good friend Will. Scott showed up halfway though the movie as well and finally Dallas and Ashphord were the last to arrive.

For a short amount of time we had a party of 21; me, Chris, Will, Jes, Jen, Jennifer C. Anthony, Kevin, Doug, Andrew, Jennifer L., Matt, Rupert, Scott, Ashphord, Aaron, Dallas, America, Olivia, Greg and Red 5. Once the first movie was over America had to be somewhere so we said our goodbyes. Next we started Back to the Future part two. After part two Andrew had to get going so we were down to 19 people. In between parts 2 and 3 everyone got up and mingled for a bit, started to drink, snack. My initial plan was do to only the first two parts and then do part three tomorrow. But it felt like everyone wanted to finish the trilogy today so we pressed on with Back to the Future part three (which is my favorite part).  After part three it was around 11pm and Greg and Red 5 left the party. So glad I got to see these guys and very happy they stuck around for all three films.

So our party was down to 17 and 16 of these people were going to be spending the night. This would be the most people I have ever had sleep over during one of these weekends.

We drank.. and drank.. and drank.. I was feeling really, really good. We played some card games. Star Fluxx and Asshole. We had such a large group that we had two games going at the same time. I won Star Fluxx even though I was drunk but the Asshole group sounded to be having a much better time as they were hooting and hollering and being crazy.

After the card games we drank more and more and Anthony and I challenged each other to a "crab" fight. It was pretty EPIC, not sure if anyone got pics or video.

It was around 2am when the night turned into a boys vs girls thing. Being the only gay man I was allowed into the girls room (which was my guest room), and interacted with them for a bit before heading back out with the boys (and Jen). It was kind of like a grade school thing.. boys trying to get into to the girls room, there was wrestling, people getting pushed into doors, it was pretty chaotic. At the same time Chris noticed that "someone" tweeted from his laptop and he was not too happy about that so he tweeted that he couldn't trust some of the folks hear at the party and some of the girls took it as if he accused them of doing it, so tempers flared and a few words were said but it fizzled out fairly quickly. Some what related to this was a fight between Anthony and Jennifer. I don't know the details all I know is Anthony is upset and sat on top of my washing machine in my dark laundry room for an hour or so.

Jen headed home and would be the last person leaving for the night.. We ended the night with sex talk, debating which is more attractive, penis' or vagina's... good times.

Around 3:00am we called it a night and it took another half hour to find a place for everyone to sleep and make sure everyone had a pillow and at least a sheet.  Several folks opted to not sleep and hang out on the front porch.. I was not one of them I went to bed around 3:30am.

Check out all the photos HERE

Friday, January 13, 2012

Movie Marathon Weekend Begins Early (Day 1)

Today was suppose to be a movie marathon prep day. Clean the house, go shopping and get ready for folks to start arriving tomorrow. But things kind of got started early. My friend Lydia from Switzerland asked months ago if she could stay in my guest room tonight as she was heading home tomorrow. Then another friend Olivia was flying down from San Fransisco area and was arriving tonight at 6pm. Also my friend Jes was going to come down tonight after work (she has a six hour drive). So I opened it up to who ever wanted to come early could and we could get the party started sooner then later.

I had seven people take me up on that offer, Lydia, Olivia, Jes, Chris, Anthony, Rupert, Jennifer C.and Aaron. Jes arrived first as she wanted to prep her bison burgers for tomorrow. About a half hour later I had to go pick up Olivia from the Burbank airport. It was great seeing her as I haven't seen her since we were on set of The Guild Season Five last summer. When I got home my friend Lydia was here at my place. Then Rupert and finally my best bud Chris arrived. We were still waiting on Aaron, Anthony and Jennifer. But it also was getting late and we were hungry so we decided to head to Chills and have the other guys meet us there. So I texted those guys and found out Aaron was about two miles away so we had him stop and wait on the side of the road until we could get to him.

The seven of us arrived at Chills, still no sign of Anthony and Jennifer, who were coming together. We had a great dinner. Good food and Great friends is always a good combination. Aaron surprised everyone by picking up the check.. Thanks Aaron. And just when we were about to leave Anthony and Jennifer showed up.

Outside Chills there is stadium seating area for outside concerts and I thought it would be fun to grab a pic of the gang posing out there. I took three and this was the best one.

After dinner we headed home and played some Apples to Apples while Anthony and Jennifer prepped for some of their "special" desserts. And by special I don't mean drug laced.. more like Rum and Caffeine laced.

It was a great night and a fantastic way to start the next Movie Marathon Weekend..

Check out all the photos HERE

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dinner with a Good Friend

Today I drove out to Hollywood to see an very dear friend of mine... Chris Quilty.  We meet while working on The Dating Game back in 96' and we became instant buddies. I was honored when he asked me to be one of his groomsmen in his wedding. He and I have a strange relationship. I consider him one of my closest friends yet we see each other maybe once or twice a year. But when we do hang out it's as if no time has passed at all. I was happy to be seeing him because we didn't get together at all in 2011 and I missed him so much. We've been trying to plan to hang out for months and today is finally the day. His wife and oldest daughter went on vacation leaving him at home with his youngest daughter. So we planned to order some pizza and watch one of my screeners.

Got to his place around 6:30pm. I got to meet his baby girl who is now 2 years old and this is the first time I'm seeing her in person. Still have never meet his oldest daughter who is I believe 3 to 4 years old. We chatted for about an hour or so, catching up on each others lives. He put his daughter down, which was very cute since he had a baby monitor on and I got to listen when he sang his daughter a lullaby.

We ordered a pizza from Papa John's and watched Moneyball. Had a great time, we both really enjoyed Moneyball, I'm not a baseball fan but it's not really a story about baseball.. it's more of a character story, which I loved. It was great just chilling like old times with my buddy. I left around 10:30pm as he had to be at work early the next day and I had an hour + drive home.

It was a great night and it just reminded me why I love this guy so much. I hope in 2012 we get to see each other more often. I don't know why we don't, life just seems to get in the way but I know I'm going to make a bigger effort to see him more often.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crazy Day & Podcasting

Well today started with an email from a gay rehabilitation clinic who said that a "friend" informed them that I could use their services. Now I know for a fact that no friend of mine would every give my name to a place like that. So I figured it was either someone who doesn't like me (yes believe it or not I have some podcast listeners who don't really appreciate my love for The Guild) or it is spam. It's no secret that I am gay and if some bot go a hold of that info they could have sent that email to me. Either way I just laughed and it really didn't me.. well other then the fact that there really are places like this who think they can "convert" a gay person and make them straight.

Well a few hours later I got another email and it was from someone who said that again a "friend" put a hit out on me and wants me dead. This "friend" paid them $15,000 to kill me and for some reason they wanted to offer me a chance to pay them and they would not kill me. You can see the email HERE

Now I know this is a scam.. they didn't use any real information about me. The grammar and spelling is horrible. And again now "friend" of mine would spend $15,000 to have me killed. Of course folks kept telling me to contact the police or FBI but honestly it's just a scam. I read about it on scoops which is a website that exposes these scams. If the email had any of my person info like my name or address or anything like that I would have gone to the police but it was very vague so I decided to just let it go.

Besides the crazy emails/spam I did get some 'real' work done. I've been wanting to clean out my office closet for a year and I finally did it.. well I pulled everything out and it's sitting on the floor of my office.. but that's a start as there is no way I will let this stuff just sit there for long.

I also remembered that I have a MASH 4077 Podcast due on the 15th, which is Sunday and I'm having a movie marathon weekend so I knew I wouldn't have time to get that edited so I spent the majority of the day editing the next MASH 4077 Podcast, which I'm happy to say I got done.

So the day started kind of crazy but ended on a good note!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast Episode 1

Download from itunes or Listen/Direct Download

Show Notes

Brothers Kenny and Michael Mittleider review and discuss a short lived but very socially aware TV series from the late 80's early 90's ALIEN NATION. Each podcast we will review a single episode in sequential order starting with the Pilot. Will give you our thoughts on the episode as well as some fun behind the scenes information.

Today we cover Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

Directed by Kenneth Johnson
Written by Kenneth Johnson
Original air date September 18, 1989

Plot Summary: George and Matt are partnered together and are assigned to investigate their first case together; a vagrant has died and has strange sores on his body. Matt receives a large box of information on the newcomers and slavery from his deceased partner, Tuggles. This information gets Matt and George looking in some strange places and re-evaluating Tuggles death. George and his family move into their new home and face the challenges of moving into an upscale neighborhood. Matt meets his new neighbor and they begin a difficult friendship.

Hope you enjoy it,
Kenny & Michael
© Geekyfanboy Productions

Sunday, January 8, 2012

MASH 4077 Podcast

Today was MASH Podcast day all day long. First up was recording the next six episodes of the podcast (Feb - April). We were suppose to do these a few weeks back but I wasn't feeling or sounding so good. It normally takes us about 3 hours to record 6 episodes.. today it took us about 2 hour 15 minutes. So that was really good.

I got off to a bad start though. After recording the first episode I realized that I had my external speakers playing the audio as well, which is a huge mistake. Now there is double audio or like a feedback for this episode. We don't have to re-record the podcast but it does take extra effort in post/editing.

Besides the six episode we recorded we did our Harry Morgan tribute. So I spent the rest of the day editing that and finding audio clips of some of his work on MASH. I noticed that my audio sounded echoie or like I was in a large room. Normally I have crystal clear audio. I investigated a bit and realized that the wrong mic was plugged in and I was actually talking into a dead mic, lucky for me the second mic (the one plugged in) is only a foot away and picked up my audio but it's not crisp and sounds like I'm far away.

So not the best recording experience I've ever had. Nothing horrible but me being a perfectionist the audio quality is extremely important and now I have to edit our next six podcasts hearing this issue, which will drive me crazy. :(

I did manage to finally get our SwampCast #4 edited and uploaded by the end of the night.

MASH 4077 SwampCast #4 - Harry Morgan Tribute

Download from itunes or listen/direct download

Here is another SwampCast... #4,  a SwampCast is a non-regular show.. meaning we will not be reviewing an episode during this podcast. These SwampCasts will come out now and then and cover "cast" interview, or listener feedback or anything else that we want to share with the listeners that doesn't fit into our regular show review episodes.

Our fourth SwampCast is dedicated to one of the greatest actors of our time, he also entertained us for 8 seasons as the lovable Sherman T. Potter.

This is MASH 4077 Podcast tribute to the late Harry Morgan.