Sunday, January 8, 2012

MASH 4077 Podcast

Today was MASH Podcast day all day long. First up was recording the next six episodes of the podcast (Feb - April). We were suppose to do these a few weeks back but I wasn't feeling or sounding so good. It normally takes us about 3 hours to record 6 episodes.. today it took us about 2 hour 15 minutes. So that was really good.

I got off to a bad start though. After recording the first episode I realized that I had my external speakers playing the audio as well, which is a huge mistake. Now there is double audio or like a feedback for this episode. We don't have to re-record the podcast but it does take extra effort in post/editing.

Besides the six episode we recorded we did our Harry Morgan tribute. So I spent the rest of the day editing that and finding audio clips of some of his work on MASH. I noticed that my audio sounded echoie or like I was in a large room. Normally I have crystal clear audio. I investigated a bit and realized that the wrong mic was plugged in and I was actually talking into a dead mic, lucky for me the second mic (the one plugged in) is only a foot away and picked up my audio but it's not crisp and sounds like I'm far away.

So not the best recording experience I've ever had. Nothing horrible but me being a perfectionist the audio quality is extremely important and now I have to edit our next six podcasts hearing this issue, which will drive me crazy. :(

I did manage to finally get our SwampCast #4 edited and uploaded by the end of the night.

MASH 4077 SwampCast #4 - Harry Morgan Tribute

Download from itunes or listen/direct download

Here is another SwampCast... #4,  a SwampCast is a non-regular show.. meaning we will not be reviewing an episode during this podcast. These SwampCasts will come out now and then and cover "cast" interview, or listener feedback or anything else that we want to share with the listeners that doesn't fit into our regular show review episodes.

Our fourth SwampCast is dedicated to one of the greatest actors of our time, he also entertained us for 8 seasons as the lovable Sherman T. Potter.

This is MASH 4077 Podcast tribute to the late Harry Morgan.

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