Friday, January 13, 2012

Movie Marathon Weekend Begins Early (Day 1)

Today was suppose to be a movie marathon prep day. Clean the house, go shopping and get ready for folks to start arriving tomorrow. But things kind of got started early. My friend Lydia from Switzerland asked months ago if she could stay in my guest room tonight as she was heading home tomorrow. Then another friend Olivia was flying down from San Fransisco area and was arriving tonight at 6pm. Also my friend Jes was going to come down tonight after work (she has a six hour drive). So I opened it up to who ever wanted to come early could and we could get the party started sooner then later.

I had seven people take me up on that offer, Lydia, Olivia, Jes, Chris, Anthony, Rupert, Jennifer C.and Aaron. Jes arrived first as she wanted to prep her bison burgers for tomorrow. About a half hour later I had to go pick up Olivia from the Burbank airport. It was great seeing her as I haven't seen her since we were on set of The Guild Season Five last summer. When I got home my friend Lydia was here at my place. Then Rupert and finally my best bud Chris arrived. We were still waiting on Aaron, Anthony and Jennifer. But it also was getting late and we were hungry so we decided to head to Chills and have the other guys meet us there. So I texted those guys and found out Aaron was about two miles away so we had him stop and wait on the side of the road until we could get to him.

The seven of us arrived at Chills, still no sign of Anthony and Jennifer, who were coming together. We had a great dinner. Good food and Great friends is always a good combination. Aaron surprised everyone by picking up the check.. Thanks Aaron. And just when we were about to leave Anthony and Jennifer showed up.

Outside Chills there is stadium seating area for outside concerts and I thought it would be fun to grab a pic of the gang posing out there. I took three and this was the best one.

After dinner we headed home and played some Apples to Apples while Anthony and Jennifer prepped for some of their "special" desserts. And by special I don't mean drug laced.. more like Rum and Caffeine laced.

It was a great night and a fantastic way to start the next Movie Marathon Weekend..

Check out all the photos HERE

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