Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Visit To The L.A. Fabric District

Today a few of my friends joined me and we went to the LA Fabric District. I was looking for material for my Samwise Gamgee vest and my Jedi Twi'lek tunic and robe. Joining me for this adventure was Kimi, Dallas and Shannon. Kimi was also looking for material, Shannon just wanted to visit the district and my buddy Dallas went along just for fun. Kimi is a cosplay queen and knows the fabric district really well so we were in good hands. She directed me where to park and then we started to peruse the various shops. We went info a few shops but really didn't find anything. On our third or maybe fourth store Shannon spotted this material that was so close to the actual vest that Sam wears in Lord of the Rings that I have to get it. I couldn't believe my luck and Shannon's sharp eyes. Kimi worked her magic and got the $13 a yard material for $10. I purchased a few yards of that one.  

We continued to shop and there are so many different types and colors and designs of fabrics that it can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily for me Kimi was there and help me choose the correct stuff. We found this amazing dark brown material that I wanted for me Jedi robe but it cost $22 a yard, but since Kimi knew the guy (yeah she comes here alot) and after a wheeling and dealing she got it for me for only $13 a yard. I grabbed about 5 yards of that stuff.

I'm hoping for something like this.
The only thing I had left was to buy material for me tunic. I knew I wanted a lighter brown and Kimi suggested linen so we went to one of the "big" stores and I found the perfect stuff. Kimi also found some great material for a project that she will be working on.

We spent a total of a three or so hours down that but it was a very successful trip. Thanks Kimi for working your magic, Thanks Shannon for finding the perfect Samwise vest material and thanks Dallas for your consistent support.

Afterwards I came home and grabbed my months worth of laundry and headed to the laundromat. Dallas joined me as we were going to grab some lunch while my clothes were in the washing machine. It was nice getting some one on one time with Dallas.. these times it seems our free time is less and less. After lunch Dallas headed home and I put my clothes in to the dryers. About and hour later my clothes were done and I was chilling at home watching some TV.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Calvin and Hobbes/Star Wars Mash Up, Who Spinoff and Toy Collecting

I am a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes and there have been quite a few mash ups with certain genres and most are really cute but I really like this on. A mash up of Star Wars the Force Awakens and Calvin and Hobbes. I mean it's the best of both worlds. To bad this can't be sold as because of copyright issues because I'd love to have this on a t-shirt. Anyways at least I can enjoy this picture.

BBC announced a new spin off of Doctor Who called "Class". All we know is that it's going to be eight episode and have it's own villains and creatures separate from Doctor Who. We know it's set at the school that Clara taught at but don't know if she will be in it or if the Doctor will make and appearance but I'm sure he will. You can read the original article HERE.

So I'm attempting to thin out my toy collection or all my collections for that matter. But with that said you couldn't tell that from the amount of things I have collected on my kitchen table the past few weeks. It really is an addiction. I know that I have actually cut back and I'm not buying everything (like I use to) but it's difficult for me not to buy something if it's Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek or Tolkien related or extra special like Firefly or Farscape. But I do plan to try and get rid of a third of my toy collections. The hardest part isn't giving things up as I'm ready for that. It's finding the time to post everything up on ebay and sell. That's so time consuming. But I'm hoping by years end I'll have less things in general... wish me luck.

NerdStrong Gym - My Weekly Recap

Today's NerdStrong recap: Back to a full week of workout out (well five days). I did CON workout on Saturday, TEAM workout on Sunday, DEX workout on Tuesday, another CON workout on Wednesday and STG workout on Thursday.

Because of the holidays we (and cancelled classes) we finished Decembers Boss Monster today. This is the same workout we did the first Saturday in December. I joined the 9am class for this workout.. I usually workout at 10am on Saturday but I had to pick up a friend from the airport today so I went to an earlier class. I am happy to say that I improved a bit over my last big bad boss monster battle.

Sunday's themed workout was all about the New Year 2016, we paired up with a partner and had to achieve 2016 points before time ran out. We got points by doing certain movements; 1 point for 1 rep of Sit Ups, Reverse Lunges, Jump Rope and Ring Rows and then a whopping 200 points for a 230 meter run around the parking lot.

I teamed up with my buddy John (as usual) Only one of us could run at one time while the other did some reps. Of course we wanted to keep running as this would allow us to get to 2016 quicker and within the time limit.

About halfway through the time limit we were just under halfway to 2016 and I started to worry. But in the end and with John doing a final run around the parking lot we managed to hit and surpass 2016 points. Afterwards we did another 10 minute workout of one minute of Knees to Elbows and then one minute of Box Jumps, we went back and forth until we completed the 10 minutes. It was a fun workout and it's always more enjoyable when you have a great group of people working out with you.

Tuesdays DEX workout was titled Peg Leg Day, which meant we did the majority of our workouts on one leg. Now I have strong legs but doing one legged squats and such are extremely difficult.

Wednesday CON workout was all about running, we actually ran for 2.2 miles (17 laps around the parking lot) with no rest or what the coaches call "active" resting which means you are actually doing something, ie planking, sit ups, wall sit, russian twists more planking and bicycles. This was a killer workout and instead of coach Blair's smiling face we had coach Kimi cheering us on. We finished with TABATA Curls which is 8 rounds of :20 seconds of work :10 seconds of rest.

Thursday STG workout was the dreaded Bear Complex. I'm not a fan of Barbell work (which I have mentioned here many times) but the Bear Complex is my least favorite. It's a complicated Barbell five-lift complex consisting of a power clean, into a front squat in to a push press into a back squat and finally a second push press before bringing the bar back down. And that's one rep. I can't go heavy with weight when doing these because the third or fourth set my arms are killing me. After this we did some heavy Slamballs and heavy Goblet Squats. Which means we went for implements that were 10 to 15 pounds over our usual. It was a tough finisher.

Overall it was another great workout week. Glad the holidays are over and I can get in my full five days of workout. Starting off the new year right. Thanks NerdStrong!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

X-Men Club, Disneyland Discounts & Firefly with John

Today I came across a pretty awesome mash shirt on Tee Fury. It's the X-Men meet The Breakfast Club. Though I'm trying to cut down on t-shirt (as I have a ton) I couldn't resist getting this one. Not a big fan of the light grey but it was better then black or white. Can't wait to get this.

Disneyland is having a SoCal sale on tickets. Ever since they raised their prices I haven't been able to afford to attend Disneyland. But now with their SoCal specials I might be able to enjoy a day here or there. They are still super crazy expensive but now they are doing 2 days for $149, only issue is it's one day at each park so you an park hop in one day. If you want to pay a bit more ($189), you can get a 2 day park hopper which I prefer but still it's hard justifying spending that much for two days at Disneyland. But with the new Star Wars Land and the lead up to it.. I might just have to bit the bullet and do it. You can read the full story HERE and see the other deals they are offering to SoCal residents.

After work I spent the evening with my buddy John continuing our rewatch of Firefly. His wife was out of town and he was alone with the baby so I decided to keep him company and continue to watch a show we both love. Tonights episodes were Shindig and Safe.. I was going to say they are some of my favorites but I honestly can say that about every single episode. Anyways it was a fun night hanging out with John and his son (thought he slept the entire time). We're slowly getting through our re-watch, a few episodes at a time... but it's a blast getting to share your love of Firefly with a fellow Browncoat.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I've been obsessing over a character from Star Wars The Force Awakens since I saw him pop up on screen for the first time... no it's not BB-8 but his best friend Poe Dameron. I can't stop thinking about him. I've seen the actor Oscar Issacs in other movies and yes he's nice looking but OMG I'm totally enamored with him, he's so freaking adorable as Poe Dameron in Star Wars. I think it's the combination of his looks and personality that attracts me to him. The fact that folks are speculating that his character might be gay makes me like him even more. But even if it turns out he is not, I don't see that would make me like him any less. There is just something about the character that clicked with me. It's just a nice guy all around, a hero through and through. I'm hoping we get more of him in episode 8 as we didn't see much of him in 7 but what we did get was fantastic.. as my buddy Eric says.. I'm Ho for Poe

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Body Image Issues

When you hear the term "negative body image" it's usually associated with females. And though a large portion of females suffer from this there is a growing number of men who also suffer. I've had negative body image issues my entire life, I am fortunate that it hasn't lead me to be anorexic or bulimic, though there were many times I consider purging the food I just ate or skip meals and go to bed starving because I didn't want to gain any more weight.

Even as a young kid I remember thinking that my body was oddly shaped. I use to be called husky when I was younger and as I grew up the term changed to stocky. I have struggled with my weight and body image my entire life. I've been called fat far to many times then I'd like to remember. A friend use to call me a big ol' teddy bear and I knew they meant it as a compliment, but it would hurt my feelings.. I didn't want to be a teddy bear. In my mind teddy bears are big and round.

When I look in the mirror I don't see my large muscular legs and calves or my broad barrel chest.. I see the fat roll around my stomach, I see my double chin and I see my chest with a little to much boobage. It wasn't until my 40's that I have become comfortable in my own skin. But I still have days when I look in the mirror and see the bad instead of the good. It's a constant struggle to be positive about my body. NerdStrong has helped alot, especially the community and their constant praise.. you actually start believing what they are saying. I know I'll struggle with this for the rest of my life but I know not to let it get me down. I know now that every BODY is beautiful.

Monday, January 4, 2016

My New Job & My Buddy BB-8

Today I started my new job at Original Productions. I am a post production supervisor once again after taking a step down last year to the position of post production coordinator. I'll be starting on a new show for the History channel that I can not name yet but come February I'll be starting on Jay Leno's Garage season two for CNBC.

I worked for Original Productions many years ago (Biker Build Off, Monster Nation, America's Toughest Jobs and Deadliest Catch S5 & S6) but it's been a good five years since I was here and though many things are familiar there are alot of new faces and systems set up.

I may be working sooner then I thought I would as I had planned to take a month off in between jobs (I only got a week) but I knew if I didn't accept this job it would be a missed opportunity. I remember struggling to find work just a few years ago and only worked four months combined in 2013/2014. That can never happen again.. so I can't decline any work.  I'm glad to be back at OP, there many friends that I haven't seen in over five years and my office only about a quiet 15 minute drive from my apartment down one street.. it's pretty fantastic.

I'm sure I'll get stressed out and have a few panic attacks here and there but I know those will pass and the majority of my time here will be a great experience. Now that I'm back up to post production supervisor and making a bit more money, I can finally start paying off some of the debt I got into while I was out of work a few years ago.

I'm excited to see where this next adventure takes me... I'm sure I'll blog from time to time about it.. so stay tuned.

Just a side note.. I got this awesome BB-8 ornament for Christmas from my friend Lydia. As I was packing up things I just couldn't bring myself to pack this little guy away so instead I decided that I would hang him from my rear view mirror.. that way he can bring a smile to my face whenever I get in my car... Thanks Lydia

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Comfort TV, Tolkien Birthday & Star Wars 4th Viewing

I posted a Random Geeky Question on Facebook and Twitter asking what people's Comfort TV was (ie comfort food). Something that just makes them happy and lifts their spirits when they watch. I got a few responses :)

Mairghread Scott - Foyle's War, BBC. Steve Cain - Mine actually changes depending on how I'm feeling but Eureka is usually pretty high up there. Alex Pham - Will always be firefly. Alynne Schripsema - Pushing Daisies. Roe Moore - King of the Hill, Futurama, Chopped. Tina Zettel - Firefly and eureka! Oh wait! Stargate and dark Angel too! Lol. Nathan Moyer - Deep Space Nine. Meg Downey - US version of The Office, True Detective s1. Matthew Luchsinger - stargate sg1. Nicole Dill - How I met your mother and Spaced. Jason Mills - Firefly. Matt Mitchell - Been watching Nurse Jackie. Has some feel good moments.

Joe Neuburger - Spaced, Black Books, BSG all day long! And of course, Spartacus. Nothing tops blood and boobs! Harry Dauz - DS9. Chris Stock - Not a TV series, but my "nerd comfort food" shall, forever and all time, be the first two Alien movies, "ALIEN" and "ALIENS", as well as the first two Terminators. If I had to pick a TV series... I really liked the Battlestar Galactica mini-series, before the show. That really hit me in my "Wing Commander" zone... OH just remembered: the middle seasons of X-Files, Babylon 5, and the anime Cowboy Bebop. I can't believe I nearly forgot these gems. But I love them nonetheless. Kelly Ireland - WKRP in Cincinnati, also Everybody Loves Raymond. Erlend Aakre - The guild, mash, it's always sunny!  Jami Losurdo - Lost. I love that show the most. Toni Adams - Dawson' Creek.

Leonor Dutcher - Parks and Rec and Downton Abbey of course! Kate Cornell - Futurama. Lindsay Goldner - Kimmy Schmidt. Scarlett Weasley - 3rd Rock From the Sun. Angelique Toschi - Doctor Who, Full House. Doug Luberts - Downton Abbey. I love getting lost in that world. John Higgins - Farscape (although it's been a while since I put it on), Doctor Who (Eccleston and Tennent specifically of the new), Friends... Buffy! How did I forget Buffy? Angelique Toschi - Oh also Eureka. That show just makes me happy. Andrew Avalos - The Walking Dead. Andrew Stirling MacDonald - Chuck, Arrested Development, Firefly, Better Off Ted, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Flight of the Conchords.   

Scott Meisner - The Twilight Zone. Never fails. Jeff Carlisle - Pushing Daisies. Eric DeLoretta - Doctor Whoooooooo and the Golden Girls. Always. Adam Lindén - Parenthood, Gilmore Girls and The Little House on the Prairie. Lorelai K. Perrin - A few. Buffy, HIMYM, Gilmore Girls, Once Upon A Time, Parks and Rec, Kimmy Schmitt, SHIELD, Doctor Who are all sort of my comfort foods of telly. But there's also, Coupling, IT Crowd, X Files, Twilight Zone, Bewitched, Dollhouse, Eureka that have left a very strong mark in me that keeps me coming back watching a few episodes here and there throughout the year.  Tabitha Grace Smith - Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Due South. Tori Norgren - Sherlock.

Lauren L Dragan Seconding Doctor Who, Buffy, How I met Your Mother, Sherlock, and Kimmy Schmitt. Adding Firefly and Friends. Erin Coplan - Stargate anything. Desiree Snider - ST: Voyager. Pooja Sharma - Midsomer Murders. Matthew Sourwine - Fraiser. Arrested Development...Lesser extent: Seinfeld. Night Court. Melissa Kuhns - Firefly. Jude Gerard Prest - Twilight zone. Kiki Manrique - TNG, Cowboy Bepop! Ray Hill - Galavant!!! And The Awesomes. Emily Warren Rice - Frasier. Thomas Durant - Firefly and dr who. Aaron Pruner - You'll appreciate this answer ... M*A*S*H. Mathew Caron - TNG and Voyager and The Big Bang Theory. Anne Westcott - Supernatural and Friends.

Thank you all who commented.. and this is just Facebook comments there were a few on Twitter as well.

As for me I can agree with alot of your choices, Buffy, Firefly, ST DS9, ST Voyager, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Pushing Daisies and Sherlock.. but I think the one that never fails to lift my spirits and that I go to when I need some comfort is Star Trek The Next Generation. That series just makes me happy.

Happy Birthday to J.R.R. Tolkien, he was born on this day in 1892. Thank you for creating the fantastical world of Middle earth. Lord of the Rings was my first venture into Fantasy and it's still my favorite of all time.

I thought my screening season was over but I was wrong I got a last minute screener for Something Better To Come, I'm pretty sure it's a foreign film. 

In the evening I went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens for my 4th time. This time I was seeing it in the world famous Grauman's Chinese Theater (now called TCL Chinese Theater). I was going with my visiting roomie Lydia and friends Sandra and her husband Perry. We were seeing it in the main theater in IMAX Laser 3D. First let me say this isn't a true IMAX, it's what I like to call Faux Max. Regardless it's was a large screen. I haven't been in this theater since they did the upgrade with the stadium seating and "IMAX" screen, it's pretty awesome. I knew I had to see it in this theaters as I have seen episodes 1 - 3 in this theaters so I wanted to keep the tradition going. If you haven't read my thoughts on the movie you can go to my 1st viewing post HERE. Needless to say I loved it. Honestly I didn't see a significant difference in this viewing compared to my others. But my other three viewings were in pretty state of the art theaters as well. I had heard that this theater was amazing and the best way to see the film so I went in thinking it was going to be just mind blowing.. and don't get me wrong.. it was an amazing picture and sound but it didn't blow me away. Maybe I didn't notice because I was so invested in the movie.. that is a possibility. Anyways it was a great experience and I'm happy I saw it in the Chinese Theater... where will I see it for my fifth time.. stay tuned!!