Thursday, January 7, 2016

X-Men Club, Disneyland Discounts & Firefly with John

Today I came across a pretty awesome mash shirt on Tee Fury. It's the X-Men meet The Breakfast Club. Though I'm trying to cut down on t-shirt (as I have a ton) I couldn't resist getting this one. Not a big fan of the light grey but it was better then black or white. Can't wait to get this.

Disneyland is having a SoCal sale on tickets. Ever since they raised their prices I haven't been able to afford to attend Disneyland. But now with their SoCal specials I might be able to enjoy a day here or there. They are still super crazy expensive but now they are doing 2 days for $149, only issue is it's one day at each park so you an park hop in one day. If you want to pay a bit more ($189), you can get a 2 day park hopper which I prefer but still it's hard justifying spending that much for two days at Disneyland. But with the new Star Wars Land and the lead up to it.. I might just have to bit the bullet and do it. You can read the full story HERE and see the other deals they are offering to SoCal residents.

After work I spent the evening with my buddy John continuing our rewatch of Firefly. His wife was out of town and he was alone with the baby so I decided to keep him company and continue to watch a show we both love. Tonights episodes were Shindig and Safe.. I was going to say they are some of my favorites but I honestly can say that about every single episode. Anyways it was a fun night hanging out with John and his son (thought he slept the entire time). We're slowly getting through our re-watch, a few episodes at a time... but it's a blast getting to share your love of Firefly with a fellow Browncoat.

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