Monday, January 4, 2016

My New Job & My Buddy BB-8

Today I started my new job at Original Productions. I am a post production supervisor once again after taking a step down last year to the position of post production coordinator. I'll be starting on a new show for the History channel that I can not name yet but come February I'll be starting on Jay Leno's Garage season two for CNBC.

I worked for Original Productions many years ago (Biker Build Off, Monster Nation, America's Toughest Jobs and Deadliest Catch S5 & S6) but it's been a good five years since I was here and though many things are familiar there are alot of new faces and systems set up.

I may be working sooner then I thought I would as I had planned to take a month off in between jobs (I only got a week) but I knew if I didn't accept this job it would be a missed opportunity. I remember struggling to find work just a few years ago and only worked four months combined in 2013/2014. That can never happen again.. so I can't decline any work.  I'm glad to be back at OP, there many friends that I haven't seen in over five years and my office only about a quiet 15 minute drive from my apartment down one street.. it's pretty fantastic.

I'm sure I'll get stressed out and have a few panic attacks here and there but I know those will pass and the majority of my time here will be a great experience. Now that I'm back up to post production supervisor and making a bit more money, I can finally start paying off some of the debt I got into while I was out of work a few years ago.

I'm excited to see where this next adventure takes me... I'm sure I'll blog from time to time about it.. so stay tuned.

Just a side note.. I got this awesome BB-8 ornament for Christmas from my friend Lydia. As I was packing up things I just couldn't bring myself to pack this little guy away so instead I decided that I would hang him from my rear view mirror.. that way he can bring a smile to my face whenever I get in my car... Thanks Lydia