Friday, January 8, 2016

NerdStrong Gym - My Weekly Recap

Today's NerdStrong recap: Back to a full week of workout out (well five days). I did CON workout on Saturday, TEAM workout on Sunday, DEX workout on Tuesday, another CON workout on Wednesday and STG workout on Thursday.

Because of the holidays we (and cancelled classes) we finished Decembers Boss Monster today. This is the same workout we did the first Saturday in December. I joined the 9am class for this workout.. I usually workout at 10am on Saturday but I had to pick up a friend from the airport today so I went to an earlier class. I am happy to say that I improved a bit over my last big bad boss monster battle.

Sunday's themed workout was all about the New Year 2016, we paired up with a partner and had to achieve 2016 points before time ran out. We got points by doing certain movements; 1 point for 1 rep of Sit Ups, Reverse Lunges, Jump Rope and Ring Rows and then a whopping 200 points for a 230 meter run around the parking lot.

I teamed up with my buddy John (as usual) Only one of us could run at one time while the other did some reps. Of course we wanted to keep running as this would allow us to get to 2016 quicker and within the time limit.

About halfway through the time limit we were just under halfway to 2016 and I started to worry. But in the end and with John doing a final run around the parking lot we managed to hit and surpass 2016 points. Afterwards we did another 10 minute workout of one minute of Knees to Elbows and then one minute of Box Jumps, we went back and forth until we completed the 10 minutes. It was a fun workout and it's always more enjoyable when you have a great group of people working out with you.

Tuesdays DEX workout was titled Peg Leg Day, which meant we did the majority of our workouts on one leg. Now I have strong legs but doing one legged squats and such are extremely difficult.

Wednesday CON workout was all about running, we actually ran for 2.2 miles (17 laps around the parking lot) with no rest or what the coaches call "active" resting which means you are actually doing something, ie planking, sit ups, wall sit, russian twists more planking and bicycles. This was a killer workout and instead of coach Blair's smiling face we had coach Kimi cheering us on. We finished with TABATA Curls which is 8 rounds of :20 seconds of work :10 seconds of rest.

Thursday STG workout was the dreaded Bear Complex. I'm not a fan of Barbell work (which I have mentioned here many times) but the Bear Complex is my least favorite. It's a complicated Barbell five-lift complex consisting of a power clean, into a front squat in to a push press into a back squat and finally a second push press before bringing the bar back down. And that's one rep. I can't go heavy with weight when doing these because the third or fourth set my arms are killing me. After this we did some heavy Slamballs and heavy Goblet Squats. Which means we went for implements that were 10 to 15 pounds over our usual. It was a tough finisher.

Overall it was another great workout week. Glad the holidays are over and I can get in my full five days of workout. Starting off the new year right. Thanks NerdStrong!!

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