Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Visit To The L.A. Fabric District

Today a few of my friends joined me and we went to the LA Fabric District. I was looking for material for my Samwise Gamgee vest and my Jedi Twi'lek tunic and robe. Joining me for this adventure was Kimi, Dallas and Shannon. Kimi was also looking for material, Shannon just wanted to visit the district and my buddy Dallas went along just for fun. Kimi is a cosplay queen and knows the fabric district really well so we were in good hands. She directed me where to park and then we started to peruse the various shops. We went info a few shops but really didn't find anything. On our third or maybe fourth store Shannon spotted this material that was so close to the actual vest that Sam wears in Lord of the Rings that I have to get it. I couldn't believe my luck and Shannon's sharp eyes. Kimi worked her magic and got the $13 a yard material for $10. I purchased a few yards of that one.  

We continued to shop and there are so many different types and colors and designs of fabrics that it can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily for me Kimi was there and help me choose the correct stuff. We found this amazing dark brown material that I wanted for me Jedi robe but it cost $22 a yard, but since Kimi knew the guy (yeah she comes here alot) and after a wheeling and dealing she got it for me for only $13 a yard. I grabbed about 5 yards of that stuff.

I'm hoping for something like this.
The only thing I had left was to buy material for me tunic. I knew I wanted a lighter brown and Kimi suggested linen so we went to one of the "big" stores and I found the perfect stuff. Kimi also found some great material for a project that she will be working on.

We spent a total of a three or so hours down that but it was a very successful trip. Thanks Kimi for working your magic, Thanks Shannon for finding the perfect Samwise vest material and thanks Dallas for your consistent support.

Afterwards I came home and grabbed my months worth of laundry and headed to the laundromat. Dallas joined me as we were going to grab some lunch while my clothes were in the washing machine. It was nice getting some one on one time with Dallas.. these times it seems our free time is less and less. After lunch Dallas headed home and I put my clothes in to the dryers. About and hour later my clothes were done and I was chilling at home watching some TV.

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