Friday, November 11, 2011

My "Immortals" Review (Vlog)

Decided to do another video blog for my review of the Immortals

Hanging with Chris

Today my buddy Chris came down from up north and we got to hang out. It was great because normally when he is down here we hang out in a large group of friends but this time we got some one on one time for the first time.

I met up with him down in Hollywood and we went for lunch/dinner at The Counter, it's a build your own burger place. After that we walked to the Harry Potter store, Whimsic Alley and looked around for a bit. We then drove to The Grove and saw the movie Immortals (I'll do a review in my next blog). After the movie we hung out at the Grove and walked around the Farmer's Market and finally we drove over to Meltdown Comics before heading back to where he was staying for the night.

It was a fun visit, Chris is in the military and unfortunately is being relocated to the Midwest come February so I'm trying to hang out with him as much as possible as when he is gone, it's going to be very difficult not seeing him every few weeks. So today was a prefect day!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lunch with a Friend

Today I drove down to my old job (MTV) to have lunch with a former co-worker of mine Brian. We bonded early in my MTV gig and would try and grab lunch at least once a week. We got to know each other pretty well and really come to enjoy one's company. As with most of my jobs I always tend to really connect with one or two people who I always stay in touch with and become friends when being co-workers comes to an end.. well Brian is that co-worker.

So I hadn't seen Brian since my gig ended at MTV and we were finally able to get our schedule synced and do lunch again. It was great seeing him, we caught up on each other life's and spent the next few hours just chatting.  It was a really nice lunch and hopefully it won't be another month and a half before we hang out again.

On my way home I stopped by The Barnyard (Greg Aronowitz's) place to pick up some props from Season 5 of The Guild for my Kickstarter rewards. Greg was in a meeting but Red 5 was happy to show me the stuff. Now I just need to finish packing up everything and ship them off.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My "Adventures of Tintin" Review (Vlog)

Thought I would do things a little differently and record my blog/review of Tintin. Gonna try and do this more often.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Confessions of a Fanboy #4

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Hey all you Fanboys and Fangirls, it's time for another installment of Confessions of a Fanboy.

On today's episode we have the Confession of a Fanboy, Charles Piner. Here's a quick bio on Charles. "What to say about myself?  Well, from the earliest days of seeing Empire Strikes Back as a young kid, watching Star Wars for the first time on betamax, getting my first job at a comic book store, or even today breaking into the wonderful world of cosplay, I've always been a geek.  Sure, Star Wars is my number one geek out, but I have such a broad and eclectic taste for anything geeky it would take hours to talk about it all!  You can always find out more about me by visiting my blog at, or at my twitter @cpinerthegeek."

If you want to confess your fanboy or fangirl-ism to me send me an email at

You can also follow the podcast on Twitter @FanboyPodcast, or follow the Host Kenny @Geekyfanboy.

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Knights of the Guild Ep 36

Download from itunes - or listen, get direct download at 
Today’s show features:
  • * Knights of the Guild opening theme composed by Brian Arnold with Tweex Music
  • * Guild News
  • * What the Cast is Up too
  • * Cast member Teal Sherer (Venom) joins me as a co-host and we catch up on her life
  • * Guild Trivia
  • * Behind the Scenes with Teal Sherer as she discusses Game Stop from Season 3
  • * Questions for guest host Teal Sherer
  • * Listener Feedback
  • * Thank you and goodbyes
  • * Special treat: Jeff Lewis singing Rock Lobster
Thank you again for all your support, I do this podcast because I am a fan myself and love taking other fans behind the scenes of this great webseries.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Podcasting Mojo is Back!!!

Got up today and had a ton of energy, I was determined to get some podcasts done as well as get to the post office to get some of these kickstarter rewards sent out finally. So I did my typical morning thing by jumping on the computer and checking email, twitter, facebook and other things online. Had some breakfast and started working on my newly revamped Knights of the Guild podcast episode 36. I was on a roll and spent 4 solid hours working on it and no realizing that the hours were flying by. Around 2:30 I realized I was hungry, so I grabbed 45 poster tubes and headed out for some lunch at El Pollo Loco and then hit the post office on my way home. 2 1/2 hours later I was back home and jumped back on editing Knights of the Guild.

About 8pm I took a break and had a quick dinner and got back to podcasting. I spent the next hour or so editing my next Confessions of a Fanboy podcast before finishing up my next Knights of the Guild podcast. Will be posting this KOTG #36 tomorrow morning and then finishing my next Confessions and getting that posted either later that night or the next day.

It felt great getting these podcast done, beside finishing the next KOTG, and almost finishing the next Confessions of a Fanboy I strung out the next MASH 4077 Podcast and did notes for my upcoming and new podcast Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast.  So I would say I got my podcasting mojo back and it was fantastic!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Wow.. where did this day go? Tried to motivate myself to work on some podcasts and that didn't happen to instead I did some house cleaning. I love having a clean house, it's surprising how dirty one person can make a house. I spent a few hours cleaning the inside of the house and then spent a half hour walking around the outside of the house picking up debris that the winds brought over.

Surfed the internet for a bit but the big thing tonight that I was looking forward to was watching the 3rd episode of Once Upon A Time. I've been loving this series and tonight's episode was just as great as the first two. In episode 2 we got to see the back story of the Evil Queen and I love that she showed that does have a heart but in the end revenge is more powerful then the love she had for her father. In episode 3 I love the chemistry between the actors who portray Snow and Charming, even in the real world they are connected. I enjoyed getting to see Snow White's back story a bit and her first encounter with Prince Charming (as she names him). Other great news about this series is that the rating are holding.. and it was picked up for a full season.. so we are going to at least get one full season of Once Upon A Time.

Can't wait to see more of this fantastic fairy tale / fantasy series.