Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My "Adventures of Tintin" Review (Vlog)

Thought I would do things a little differently and record my blog/review of Tintin. Gonna try and do this more often.



  1. next video blog, take the glasses off silly.

  2. Belgium. It originated in Belgium. Not France.

  3. @Little Lion.. yeah I forgot about the glasses..

    @Benjamin .. yeah I thought it was Belgium, but kept seeing France all over the place when I was reading up on him.

  4. Well, I've been a fan of Tintin since I was younger than I can remember. I was very proud when I read one of the albums by myself when I was 7 years old. I even went to visit the Tintin museum near Brussels a couple of years ago (I live in Canada). So when I hear mistakes like that, it tickles.
    Also, regarding an origin story for Tintin (parents, Snowy, etc) there is none. Tintin simply exists as is. He doesn't have an origin. Asking for one is a bit like sacrilegious.

  5. Glad you liked it. I found the first 20 minutes or so to be the strongest, as it introduces the plot and the two main characters. Plus those main titles have a great flair and design. But once the ‘adventure’ begins, the film fell into a bland lull. The flatness of the characters only served to highlight the lack of spark in the filming of the action segments. I kept on thinking of Raiders of the Lost Ark which was able to traverse this territory with aplomb while Tintin just plodded along. I'd agree that technically the film is top notch and some of the best motion capture I've seen. It’s the story telling and filming that are lacking.