Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lunch with a Friend

Today I drove down to my old job (MTV) to have lunch with a former co-worker of mine Brian. We bonded early in my MTV gig and would try and grab lunch at least once a week. We got to know each other pretty well and really come to enjoy one's company. As with most of my jobs I always tend to really connect with one or two people who I always stay in touch with and become friends when being co-workers comes to an end.. well Brian is that co-worker.

So I hadn't seen Brian since my gig ended at MTV and we were finally able to get our schedule synced and do lunch again. It was great seeing him, we caught up on each other life's and spent the next few hours just chatting.  It was a really nice lunch and hopefully it won't be another month and a half before we hang out again.

On my way home I stopped by The Barnyard (Greg Aronowitz's) place to pick up some props from Season 5 of The Guild for my Kickstarter rewards. Greg was in a meeting but Red 5 was happy to show me the stuff. Now I just need to finish packing up everything and ship them off.

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