Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bronson (Bat) Cave, Hollywood Sign & TomorrowLand Again

So after my workout I got to hang out with my buddy Dallas.  He texted me last week and asked if I wanted to hang out and do something that neither of us had done before. He suggested hiking to the Bronson Cave (Bat Cave). That sounded like fun since that it something that I had never done and always wanted to do. But when it came to doing it last week I had to cancel as I just wasn't feeling great. Today is the day we rescheduled for but after a rough leg workout on Friday and this mornings workout I was tired and considered for a split second to cancel again but there was no way I was going to cancel on him for a second time so I sucked it up and we headed to the Hollywood side of Griffith Park to find the trail entrance that would lead us to this cave.

When we got there it was pretty active. Lots of people were out hiking today. Dallas had done some research and found where the cave was located. We started walking and came to a fork in the road. We decided to take the trail to the left as it looked busier and more traveled. This cave was suppose to be about a half mile hike and after a half hour hike that took us high into the hills we figured we took the wrong trail. But turns out this was a happy accident. The trail we were on actually lead to the Hollywood Sign. Now of course I've seen the sign.. everyone sees the sign if you travel through Hollywood but I had never hiked up to it and neither had Dallas so instead of going back we decided to venture on to the Hollywood Sign. We hiked for what felt like forever (about an hour and a half) before finally coming to the location. I was surprised how close they allowed you to get to the sign. I mean it was probably still a mile a way but I never thought I'd be standing this close to it.. it was pretty awesome. Pictures really don't do it justice, it really was close.

Dallas and I took pictures for a few minutes before making the return hike down the mountainside. My legs were like noodles and I had blister forming on both my feet. We made it down in pretty good time (about an hour and ten) and we came back to that fork in the road and Dallas really wanted to see if the Bat Cave was just around the corner, he said if it wasn't there we'd turn around... so we started walking down the road. The cave wasn't around the corner and we had come this far and I knew Dallas really wanted to see it so we continued a bit more and low and behold there it was.. the Bat Cave. Dallas quickly wipes out his Batman mask and we take pictures. He then went on to embarrass me and continued to wear it was we hiked back to the car.

Luckily we weren't far from the car so it didn't take us to long. I'm glad I didn't cancel again. Dallas is an awesome friend and we always have some great conversations. It was fun to see the Bat Cave and the Hollywood Sign up close.

We stopped for a late lunch before heading back to our apartments to freshen up as he, Jes and I were seeing a PGA screening of TomorrowLand. It was screening at the Pacific Design Center, which is probably one of my least favorite screening rooms as the screen is to low and if you get even an average size person sitting in front of you, part of the screen is blocked. Anyways you can read my thoughts on the movie HERE. It was great seeing it again, I enjoyed it just as much if not more the second time around. Both Dallas and Jes said they liked it (but I think they may have just been humoring me).

Afterwards I dropped them off at their place and I went home and crashed.. gotta get up tomorrow morning for another NerdStrong workout.

NerdStrong Gym - Kettlebell Krazy

Saturday CON workouts are competing with Wednesday CON workouts. Lots of the stuff going on with this one. We started with a "team" Row, each person rowing 120 meters x3 and in between rowing we had to do 3 sets of 7x Sit Ups and 5x Push Ups.  That was just the warm up, we then moved on to some Corework and this stuff was extremely tough. It required alot of balance and though I have good balance days this was not one of them.

Before we started the main workout we practiced Kettlebell Hinges and Kettlebell Slow Press for about 15 minutes. This was more about form then reps

We then started what looked to be a very daunting workout. First thing we did was a 500 meter run (so that's two time around the parking lot), we then came back into the gym and did 10x Kettlebell 1 Arm Rows, 10x Kettlebell Swings, 10x Kettlebell Goblet Squats, 10x Kettlebell Facepeelers, 10x Kettlebell Lunges and finally 10x Armless Sit Up. Once we finished three sets of those we completed the workout with another 500 meter run.

This was a complete workout.. from the warm up to the corework to the skill work and finally the actual workout. It was exhusting but fun. As with all of these workouts they may look scary when you first see them but when you finish, you think to yourself... that wasn't too bad. Thanks coach Andrew and coach Seely for your continued encouragement and support.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Disney's TomorrowLand - My Thoughts

So I'm scheduled to see a PGA screening of TomorrowLand tomorrow with Jes and Dallas but today my buddy Robert texted me and asked if I wanted to see it tonight. He and his girlfriend Cait had planned to see it but it was looking like she would have to work late and he didn't want the tickets to go to waste. I said sure as it looked like movie that I would like and wouldn't mind seeing twice in two days.

We grabbed some dinner before heading to Sherman Oaks Acrlight. It was in 2D playing in the ATMOS theater (which is my favorite).

For those who don't have a clue what TomorrowLand is other then a "section" at Disneyland, here is a quick synopsis: Whenever Casey Newton touches a lapel pin with the letter T on it, she finds herself transported to Tomorrowland, a city filled with huge robots and sleek buildings. The gifted young woman recruits the help of scientist Frank Walker, a previous visitor to Tomorrowland, who years ago made a startling discovery about the future. Together, the two adventurers travel to the metropolis to uncover its mysterious secrets, as the fate of mankind hangs in the balance.

First let me say that there is a third main character in this movie (Athena) that is kind of crucial to the story and she's ignored in the synopsis and the trailer and I have no idea why. TomorrowLand has been getting lots of negative press, after only a week at the box office its being called a "flop", though it made 33 million in it's opening weekend and was the number one movie. I honestly don't understand all the hate being flung at this film, but then again I usual don't understand all the hate being flung at any movie. 

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed the story, the characters, the special effects, and the overall look of the film. It was funny and had alot of heart, it even brought me to tears at the end. The acting was great and I really liked the chemistry between the main characters. The young boy they got to play the young George Clooney character was perfect. And I especially liked the young girl who played Athena. I hadn't seen her in anything before but she's really good and just so darn adorable.

The message behind the film is an important one and I feel they conveyed it in an entertaining way. It may have been a bit heavy handed at times but not enough that it bother me. From other reviews that I have read this is where alot of people tend to jump on the hate wagon.

And let's be honest, Tomorrowland will not be for everyone. In fact, in a world dominated by cynicism and haters, the number of people that might actually enjoy this movie is small and that makes me sad. Sad because it proves that the most meaningful part of the movie's core message in that we as humanity are embracing negativity and blindly trudging along through the worst of circumstances without doing anything to change things for the better is true.

In my eyes TomorrowLand was a huge success, extremely entertaining and fun, I'm so happy that I get to see it again tomorrow night. I give Disney's TomorrowLand a solid B+

NerdStrong Open Gym - Leg Day

Today was open gym and I had planned to work on my shoulder and biceps but when I got there Coach Seely had put up one of his famous Seely Specials. He convinced me that we had worked on arms and shoulders all week.. which was true. So Josh, Dan and I opted to do his Leg Day.

We had about 30 minutes to do 4 rounds of 40x Wallballs, 30x Slamballs, 20x Walking Weighted Lunges, 10x Goblet Squats and then a 500 meter run.

The first round wasn't that bad, I mean it was a lot but the three of us got through it all. When we started round two we were tired so the three of us did everything as a team. We rested the same amount of time and then agreed to do 8 Wallballs at a time for five sets. We did the same and broke down all the reps into small manageable numbers so we could finish the Slamballs, Walking Lunges and Goblet Squats. The runs were tough as your legs were just dying and then you had to go run around the parking lot twice...

We encouraged each other along the way... it was a really nice team effort. When we got to the third round our time was running low so we cut back to 30x Wallballs, 20x Slamballs, 15x Walking Weighted Lunges and 10x Goblet Squats. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we ran out of time in the middle of our third set of Slamballs. So in the ended up doing 110 Wallballs, 70 Slamballs, 40 Walking Weighted Lunges, 20 Goblet Squats and ran 1000 meters... not bad for a 30 minute workout.

Thanks coach Seely for another awesome Seely Special.. I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Harry Potter, Aging & Roller Coasters

Lots of videos that I want to share with you guys... first one is the Try Guys doing a very funny (and somewhat accurate) Harry Potter House video

This other one is an act from Siberia that performed on the latest Britain's Got Talent. I love seeing things like this.. very interesting and creative.

The third video is of a young couple about to be married. They get transformed to see themselves and each other at different ages and it's very sweet and heartfelt.

And the final video I want to share with you guys is a new roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. They removed the classic Colossus and replaced it with Twisted Colossus. I'm bummed that the old coaster is gone but this one looks amazing. It just opened and now I can't wait to make a trip to the Mountain to ride it.

NerdStrong Gym - Hang Cleans & Hero Makers

Today's workout looked easy on the board.. and after yesterday's workout I was looking forward to easy... but as they say looks can be deceiving.

We started with some mobility warm up for the shoulders and wrists and we also did some slow tempo squats. Today we had the coaching team of David and Christy. For our Skill today we worked on our "One Rep Max" Hang Clean. We were split into two groups, those that felt comfortable with doing an hang clean and those that did not. I feel into the latter group. Of all the bar workouts we do at NerdStrong I feel like I just can't get the movements down for a hang clean. Technically I understand what needs to be done but I just can't get my body to do it. So I went with coach Christy who was going to break down each movement and take us through each one slowly.

After 20 minutes or so of work I felt that I had a better understanding of the "hang clean" but still couldn't quite make my body do it properly. But as they say, practice makes perfect... I'll keep at it.

We then moved on to this little workout that would kick our butts. It doesn't look like much at first glance but then you notice that they want you do to 5 rounds. So what we had to do was 5x Hero (Man) Makers. I had never done this movement before and OMG it's crazy. You hold on to two dumbbells and then go down to the ground like you're about to do a burpee with the dumbbells in your hand. You then do a renegade row with each weight, stand up, clean the dumbbells to your chest and then do a thrust press up with the dumbbells... that's one Hero Maker. After the 5x hero makers we then had to do 7x Dumbbell Front Squats and then 9x Hang Knee Raises.

So we wound up doing a total of 25 Hero Makers, 35 Dumbbell Front Squats and 45 Hang Knee Raises. The dumbbell front squats were fine and the hang knee raises were a bit rough but I got them them.. it was the hero makers that almost killed me. Though it's just one thing there are actually five movements with in that one and you start to feel it halfway through.

Overall it was a great workout, I got to work on my hang clean and then do a nice little workout that made me sweat like crazy. Thanks coach David and coach Christy for another awesome NerdStrong workout.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road - My Thoughts

First let me say that I had no intention to see this movie. I'm not a huge Mad Max fan but I have seen and somewhat enjoyed the first three movies. But with that said I got an invite to see a free screening from the PGA (Producer's Guild of America). How could I say no to a free movie and I had been hearing alot of praise from friends. So it peaked my interest. I invited my best bud Robert to join me and we headed out after work.

If you've never heard of Mad Max here is a quick synopsis for Mad Max: Fury Road. Years after the collapse of civilization, the tyrannical Immortan Joe enslaves apocalypse survivors inside the desert fortress the Citadel. When the warrior Imperator Furiosa leads the despot's five wives in a daring escape, she forges an alliance with Max Rockatansky, a loner and former captive. Fortified in the massive, armored truck the War Rig, they try to outrun the ruthless warlord's henchmen in a high-speed, deadly chase through the Wasteland.

From the first minute to the very end I don't think I took a proper breath. I haven't felt like that since I saw Gravity. Of course the script was very light ( I mean they had maybe 6 pages of dialogue for the entire film) but that didn't matter.. this film was all about the action, the cinematography and the things that didn't need to be spoken out loud. Tom Hardy plays Mad Max and has top billing but the film's real star is Charlize Theron who played the bad ass Furiosa. It's really her story and Max is just along for the ride.

It's a high intensity thrill ride from beginning to end. The chase scenes were mind blowing. The cinematography was AMAZING!!! I think that's probably my favorite aspect of this film. I especially like the night scenes. The colors and look of the film was beautiful. There is this particular scene when Furiosa and company are driving through these "marsh like" area at night and there are these people on on stilts, very reminiscent of Dark Crystal's "Landstriders". Those few frames of film were incredibly beautiful, very magical and made we feel as thought I was watching a fantasy movie. I would love to have a framed picture of that scene.

One chase scene would end and the audience around me would all take a collective breath, some would give a nervous giggle and everyone was looking to the person they came with, with a look of oh my god... that as awesome.

And though this movie had very little dialogue the entire story was there and well crafted.

I enjoyed seeing Nicholas Hoult as Nux, it took me a while to figure out who the actor was as I knew he looked so familiar. I loved the "granny" clan and was sad to see most of them sacrifice themselves to save Max, Furiosa and the Wives.

When it was over I couldn't believe that I almost missed this move on the big screen. I can't say a single bad thing about it. It's one totally fun roller coaster, heart pounding, no breathing kind of ride. One I'd be happy to get on again. I give Mad Max: Fury Road a solid A

Broken Glasses, The Tick Returns, Pixels & The Goonies Tweet

During the workout today I accidentally broke my only pair of glasses. I was sweating so much that my glasses wouldn't stay on so I took them off and put them near some equipment I as using. When I finished with the weighted lunges I took the 10 pound weight I was carrying and just threw it onto the ground where my glasses were sitting. As the weight left my hand I realized my mistake but could only watch as the weight came smashing down on my glasses. At first I thought it just popped one of the lenses out but at closer inspection it actually snapped the right side of the glasses frame. I turned to my coaches and said.. "Crap I broke my glasses and I can't see without them.. this is going to be in interesting day" coach Andrew took them from me and said let me see if I can find some tape. While he did that I headed out to finish the workout. When I finished my 200 jump ropes I came in for a drink and coach Andrew handed me my newly Mcgyvered glasses. It is a great temp fix but I'll have to go out this weekend and see about getting new ones. It sucks but in a way I'm long overdue for a new pair of glasses.

Besides me braking my glasses there is some geek news that I'm excited about so I figured I'd share with you all. First The Tick is coming back to TV.. in some form. There really isn't alot of details, this is what I got from E! News "We're doing it," Warburton told E! News when asked about revival rumors. And it's going to be on Amazon, he told us. "Yeah. The deal that I made with NBC was to have a carve out so I could do The Tick," Warburton told us on the red carpet at NBC's 2015 Upfronts. "It's sort of a new day and age where you can do multiple projects...I said, I love this show, but I also have to have the opportunity to do The Tick because The Tick is a true love of mine and they said OK." In September 2014, The Tick creator Ben Edlund tweeted, "Yes for now suffice it to say the dream of a new live-action Tick is being pursued with vigor #bringbackTheTick."

So from all that it looks like we are going to be getting more Tick and it's going to be streaming on Amazon. I really enjoyed the short run series back in 2001/2002. It only ran for nine episodes but it was a fun campy nine episodes. I can't wait to see what they come up with for season two.

I came across this trailer for a movie that I kind of heard about a few months ago when the first trailer was released but I never watched it. Well I watched this one and I have to say PIXELS the movie looks like alot of fun.  Check out the second trailer below.

Another cool thing I came across was an article about The Goonies and what it would be like if these characters lived today and used Twitter. There is a series of twitter posts from each of the characters that tells the Goonies story. I don't know if this is a personal thing or if it's something officially done to promote their 30th anniversary.. either way it's pretty EPIC.

Check out the entire thing HERE. Be sure to start from the bottom and scroll up. If you're a Goonies fan like me.. it's totally worth reading it all.

NerdStrong Gym - Madder Max

Today's CON class was one of the toughest classes that we have done in a long time. It's titled Madder Max and is a scaled up version of a workout we did last weekend and that workout was pretty tough as well.

It started with a nice warm up, nothing to crazy just lots of banded work and then we got into the actual workout.

We started with a 20 Calorie Row, then moved on to 50x Weighted Sit Ups, 40x Push Ups and 30x Weighted Overhead Walking Lunges. While we did these every minute on the minute we had to stop what we were doing and do 3 Burpees. I lost count on how many Burpees we actually did.

The row was easy enough, though stopping and getting off to the burpees every minute wasn't fun. I was good with the first 30 or so weighed sit ups but after that I would try and get five or so sit ups in before I had to do the burpees. The first 20 or so push ups were fine but I struggled to finish and even took a step down and did my final ten with my knees on the ground. I think I skipped a set of burpees during the push ups as I just couldn't bring myself to standing up. The weighted over head lunges were the toughest part for me as both of my knees are not doing well. Since high school and running track my knees have been an problem. Doing multiple lunges over and over again wasn't good for them, but I persisted and got my 30 lunges done. 

The burpee EMOM ended with the lunges as we moved on to doing 200 jump rope and then finally 2x laps around the parking lot, about 500 meters.

Luckily I can jump rope so it wasn't that bad.. I stopped at around 100 jumps and took a breather.. I then proceeded to do another 50.. stopped.. and then finished with 2 sets of 25. The run was more of a slow jog. When I crossed the finish line I was exhausted and sweating like crazy but I never once felt dizzy or faint. I contribute that to pacing myself better and not gong ho-ing at the beginning and having nothing at the end.

When the final person finished coach Blair had a sweet, sweet dessert for us (as he called it)... TABATA Planks. He said we didn't have to do them, but no one was going to be the one person not doing them so everyone got down and did a :20 second plank & :10 second rest eight times. 

It was a tough but good workout. In the middle of it you're not sure how you will finished but someone you always do and when you do, you can't help but feel great at your accomplishment.

Thanks coach Blair for another crazy CON day!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Death of a Character - Supernatural

So I watched the latest episode of Supernatural with Felicia Day in it. I watched Supernatural for two season back when it first started but at the time I was watching alot of TV and this series felt very repetitive to me. But when my friend Felicia started to appear as Charlie Bradbury I figured I'd watch just those episodes and luckily they were pretty much stand alone episodes so you didn't need to know a whole lot of the backstory of the show.

She first appeared in Season 7 Episode 20 "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo. She instantly became a fan favorite so they brought her back for two episodes in season 8. Episode 11 LARP and the Real Girl and Episode 20 Pac-Man Fever. She did one episode in season 9, Episode 4 Slumber Party and three in the latest season, season 10. Episode 11 There's No Place Like Home, Episode 18, Book of the Damned and Episode 21 Dark Dynasty which is the one I just watched today.

Every episode they would bring her back I'd be worried that they would kill her off... I mean that's what Supernatural does, especially to female characters. But episodes after episode she survived to fight another day... well that was until Dark Dynasty.

I was actually spoiled by a tweet that I saw the next day after the episode had aired (I didn't have time to watch this episode until almost a week later). The tweet said.. "Why did Charlie have to die" I knew instantly who they were talking about and my heart sank. Part of me was upset that I got spoiled but another part of me was glad that I found out this way and not by watching it as it definitely lessen the blow when it actually happened.

As for the episode itself.. most of the Charlie episodes revolve around her to some extent, that's what makes them enjoyable.. but this one really didn't, she was just a character among all the other characters trying to help Dean. I found her death pretty pointless and unnecessary. She dies off screen and doesn't even have an opportunity to talk to the Winchester boys. Yes she broke the code and kind of sacrificed herself to send the information to the boys but really there wasn't much she could do once the Steins found her.

If Charlie had to die I wanted to see her go out in a blaze of glory, something this character I felt deserved. She went out scared and alone in a bathroom. We didn't even get to see if she put up a good fight or not. Charlie deserved so much more. I mean it is Supernatural so I guess they could always bring her back but if this is the true end of Charlie Bradbury then boo to the writers for killing off such a fantastic character.

NerdStrong Gym - Handstands and Sprints

Today's workout started with a good warm up. With the bigger gym we can actually do everything inside, with exception to running. That's really good for the cold mornings. 

We started the workout with a Skill and it's one of my favorites... Handstands. I've always been able to do handstands and back in my youth I was even able to walk around on them... though I can't do that.. yet. I am able to get up with ease and impress my fellow NerdStrongers. So that's always nice.

After we did our 4 handstands we moved on to L-Sit which were alot tougher.. not because they are hard, they just take a lot of core strength which I'm still working on improving. We went back and forth between Handstands Holds and L-Sits for about 15 minutes. What was really awesome is that there were several NerdStronger who had never done a handstand before and today they accomplished it for the first time.

Once we were done with the Skill move we moved on to the main workout... this was a good one. We started with Sprinting 100m then coming back into the gym and planking for :30 seconds before doing another 100m Sprint. Once done with the second sprint we come back and do 10x Dumbbell Strict Press and with the 10th press they had use hold it for :15 seconds. We went back out for our third and final 100m Sprint before coming back in and doing a Wall Sit for :30 seconds. The point of this was to get our heart rate up and then come back in and try and regulate it back down before getting back up again and so on.

The first round wasn't to taxing but we had to do this another 2 times for a total of 3 rounds. When I got to the final Wall Sit coaches requested that instead of the :30 second hold that we hold for as long as we can. I did barely over :30 seconds as my legs weren't having any more of it.

This was a fun workout, tough at times but fun as are most of the NerdStrong workouts. Thanks to coach Blair and coach Andrew for getting us through it.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hobbit Shirt, Candy Cake & Gotham Finale

I Actually slept for a solid 10 hours last night and work up feeling pretty good. It's my one day off from NerdStrong and I really needed it. I decided to wear a new shirt that I got over the weekend, when I saw this shirt I knew I had to have it... I mean it was made for me.

It was one of my AE's birthdays today and they got her this amazing and extremely sweet cake. It's chocolate through and through but instead of icing it has Kit Kats around the outside and M&M's covering the top. I did have a small piece and it was amazing.. but also super sweet.

In the evening I watched the final two episodes of Gotham. I have to say that I enjoyed this series more then I thought I would. First of all I'm not a big Batman fan but I liked the idea of seeing how everything got started. The series started and there were no redeemable characters, in my opinion. Then Penguin became a favorite, whenever he was on screen it was gold. I started to like Gordan and then about halfway through the season I really started to enjoy Phish's storyline and every Harvey who I hated in the beginning. But each week the story kept me coming back for more. I'm excited that it was picked up for a second season can't wait to see where these characters go.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Exhausted.. Totally Exhausted

After today's Pitch Perfect Battle workout and yesterday's crazy hard workout... I was done. I've been tired before but never like this, I was so exhausted I could barely lift the remote to turn on the TV. I didn't want to do anything but lie on the couch and veg. But I could only rest for an hour or so because I had to record six new episodes of my MASH 4077 podcast. Talk about summoning all the energy I had to sound chipper and alert when we recorded. All went well with the recording and we finished in about an hour and a half.

After the podcast I crashed back on the couch and remembered that I had planned to hang out with my buddy Dallas but after the past weekend workouts and being on the go for the past few weeks without a break I needed a rest so I rescheduled and planned to do nothing the rest of the day.

But the best laid plans never work out and since I've been so busy the past few weeks I haven't had time to go grocery shopping or do laundry and I needed to do both of those asap as I was out of food and underwear. So regardless of how tired I was I had to drag myself off the couch and get those things done. My first attempt of getting off the couch failed.. my body wasn't having any of it. It was now 1:30pm and I wanted to get those things done sooner then later so I could just relax the rest of the night. Well that wasn't going to happen I laid there for another three hours before forcing myself to get up and go grocery shopping. Once I was outside I felt a little better but I quickly did my shopping before heading back home and putting everything away. I knew if I sat down that I wouldn't get back up again so I immediately moved on to my laundry and sorted everything, packed it up and took it down to my car. I headed to the laundromat. It was packed so I had to consolidate some of my loads but managed to get three loads going. Halfway through the wash I noticed that one of my machines stopped and decided to not work. So I had to take the soaking wet towels and sheets out of that one and transfer them into a new one and start all over again. Was not happy but what are you going to do. Eventually I got everything washed and dried. When I got home it was around 7pm and I was ready for bed but I managed to force myself to stay up a few more hours before calling it a night around 9pm.

NerdStrong Gym - Pitch Perfect Battle

Today's themed workout was alot of fun. I really like "random" type of workouts. This one came from the brain of coach Seely who is a HUGE Pitch Perfect fan. I have never seen Pitch Perfect or it's sequel but it looks like a movie I would enjoy.

So how this workout works.. We were all given a clipboard and paper (btw they were BSG themed, which meant all the corners were cut off). We were teamed up with a partner (I was teamed with Jason) and we had to pick one movement from each of the categories (Bass, Alto, Tenor and Soprano) and then assign it either 4, 8 or 16 beats "reps". What was extra fun was that we didn't know what the other teams were picking so this had potential to be really bad.

Coach Blair rolled a three sided di to determine which team would go first... and sure enough team 2 (Jason and I) were up first. We revealed our Mashup with 8x Push Ups, 16x No Arm Sit Ups, 8x WallBalls and 16x Jumping Jacks (x2 so 32). We had to do this workout as many times as possible within 5 minutes. I think the majority of us did about 3, 3 1/2 sets before time ran out.

It was a good workout for the first one and folks seemed to like it. It was then team 3's turn and they revealed their Mashup with 4x Push Ups, 8x Super Bananas, 16x Kettlebell Swings and 4x Jumping Jacks (x2 so 8).

We were still fairly fresh so this workout wasn't that bad.. Super Bananas were a bit tough but we only had 8 of them. And we had more jumping jacks but I'm good with those, especially since it was only 8. Again the majority of the people did about 3 sets of these movements before time ran out.

Up next was team 4 and their Mashup consisted of 8x Renegade Rows, 16x Mountain Climbers, 8x SlamBalls and of course 16x Jumping Jacks (x2 so 32).

Now I was getting tired, after doing ten minute of the previous workouts you were starting to feel it. Luckily this was all new stuff with exception of the Jumping Jacks which we are doing for a third time now. And like with the other sets we got about 3 to 3 1/2 sets done before the 5 minute mark.

We then moved on to our final team... team 1. This team had coach Christy on it so we were expecting Burpees and sure enough the first thing on their Mashup was 4x Burpees, along with 4x Super Bananas, 8x Kettlebell Swings and no Jumping Jacks this time.. instead we did 16x Flutter Kicks (x2 so 32).

By this time your exhausted and you're just trying to get through the movements without dying. Burpees are horrible but at least we only had to do 4 at a time, and again the super bananas were tough but it was nice to end with flutter kicks. I manged to get in 3 sets before time was called.

Overall this was a fantastic workout, very random and awesome. The next class's workout would be different.. could be easier then ours or harder, that's why I like these kinds of workouts. Great job coach Seely (who wasn't there to coach us) but we still had two awesome coaches and they were coach Andrew and coach Blair.. thanks for all your encouragement and support.  

And by the way they played the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect while we worked out and I loved the music so I'm sure I'm going to love the movie.