Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Death of a Character - Supernatural

So I watched the latest episode of Supernatural with Felicia Day in it. I watched Supernatural for two season back when it first started but at the time I was watching alot of TV and this series felt very repetitive to me. But when my friend Felicia started to appear as Charlie Bradbury I figured I'd watch just those episodes and luckily they were pretty much stand alone episodes so you didn't need to know a whole lot of the backstory of the show.

She first appeared in Season 7 Episode 20 "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo. She instantly became a fan favorite so they brought her back for two episodes in season 8. Episode 11 LARP and the Real Girl and Episode 20 Pac-Man Fever. She did one episode in season 9, Episode 4 Slumber Party and three in the latest season, season 10. Episode 11 There's No Place Like Home, Episode 18, Book of the Damned and Episode 21 Dark Dynasty which is the one I just watched today.

Every episode they would bring her back I'd be worried that they would kill her off... I mean that's what Supernatural does, especially to female characters. But episodes after episode she survived to fight another day... well that was until Dark Dynasty.

I was actually spoiled by a tweet that I saw the next day after the episode had aired (I didn't have time to watch this episode until almost a week later). The tweet said.. "Why did Charlie have to die" I knew instantly who they were talking about and my heart sank. Part of me was upset that I got spoiled but another part of me was glad that I found out this way and not by watching it as it definitely lessen the blow when it actually happened.

As for the episode itself.. most of the Charlie episodes revolve around her to some extent, that's what makes them enjoyable.. but this one really didn't, she was just a character among all the other characters trying to help Dean. I found her death pretty pointless and unnecessary. She dies off screen and doesn't even have an opportunity to talk to the Winchester boys. Yes she broke the code and kind of sacrificed herself to send the information to the boys but really there wasn't much she could do once the Steins found her.

If Charlie had to die I wanted to see her go out in a blaze of glory, something this character I felt deserved. She went out scared and alone in a bathroom. We didn't even get to see if she put up a good fight or not. Charlie deserved so much more. I mean it is Supernatural so I guess they could always bring her back but if this is the true end of Charlie Bradbury then boo to the writers for killing off such a fantastic character.

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