Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bronson (Bat) Cave, Hollywood Sign & TomorrowLand Again

So after my workout I got to hang out with my buddy Dallas.  He texted me last week and asked if I wanted to hang out and do something that neither of us had done before. He suggested hiking to the Bronson Cave (Bat Cave). That sounded like fun since that it something that I had never done and always wanted to do. But when it came to doing it last week I had to cancel as I just wasn't feeling great. Today is the day we rescheduled for but after a rough leg workout on Friday and this mornings workout I was tired and considered for a split second to cancel again but there was no way I was going to cancel on him for a second time so I sucked it up and we headed to the Hollywood side of Griffith Park to find the trail entrance that would lead us to this cave.

When we got there it was pretty active. Lots of people were out hiking today. Dallas had done some research and found where the cave was located. We started walking and came to a fork in the road. We decided to take the trail to the left as it looked busier and more traveled. This cave was suppose to be about a half mile hike and after a half hour hike that took us high into the hills we figured we took the wrong trail. But turns out this was a happy accident. The trail we were on actually lead to the Hollywood Sign. Now of course I've seen the sign.. everyone sees the sign if you travel through Hollywood but I had never hiked up to it and neither had Dallas so instead of going back we decided to venture on to the Hollywood Sign. We hiked for what felt like forever (about an hour and a half) before finally coming to the location. I was surprised how close they allowed you to get to the sign. I mean it was probably still a mile a way but I never thought I'd be standing this close to it.. it was pretty awesome. Pictures really don't do it justice, it really was close.

Dallas and I took pictures for a few minutes before making the return hike down the mountainside. My legs were like noodles and I had blister forming on both my feet. We made it down in pretty good time (about an hour and ten) and we came back to that fork in the road and Dallas really wanted to see if the Bat Cave was just around the corner, he said if it wasn't there we'd turn around... so we started walking down the road. The cave wasn't around the corner and we had come this far and I knew Dallas really wanted to see it so we continued a bit more and low and behold there it was.. the Bat Cave. Dallas quickly wipes out his Batman mask and we take pictures. He then went on to embarrass me and continued to wear it was we hiked back to the car.

Luckily we weren't far from the car so it didn't take us to long. I'm glad I didn't cancel again. Dallas is an awesome friend and we always have some great conversations. It was fun to see the Bat Cave and the Hollywood Sign up close.

We stopped for a late lunch before heading back to our apartments to freshen up as he, Jes and I were seeing a PGA screening of TomorrowLand. It was screening at the Pacific Design Center, which is probably one of my least favorite screening rooms as the screen is to low and if you get even an average size person sitting in front of you, part of the screen is blocked. Anyways you can read my thoughts on the movie HERE. It was great seeing it again, I enjoyed it just as much if not more the second time around. Both Dallas and Jes said they liked it (but I think they may have just been humoring me).

Afterwards I dropped them off at their place and I went home and crashed.. gotta get up tomorrow morning for another NerdStrong workout.

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  1. Cool story, Kenny. I'm tempted to be jealous. :-)

    It would be cool to be at Griffith Park and check out Bronson Cave. An "archeological tour" of Los Angeles needs to go on my bucket list. :-)

    There are moments that I wish I could live in L.A. again long enough to visit key landmarks that influenced my childhood. When I was a kid, we used to hang out at LAX (once got an autographed postcard from Chill Wills). Once, my brothers and I rode bikes from Windsor Hills to CBS Television City (by way of La Cienega — my mother freaked when she found out). I could kick myself for not riding my bike to Culver City when the MGM Studio was still standing. Came so close, but we'd stopped at a head shop. Between the incense and the water bed, I got really sick.

    Enjoy these times, my friend! :-)