Sunday, May 24, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Guzzoline!!

Oh look it's another Mad Max themed workout (our third in a few weeks). If you can't tell the coaches really loved this movie :)

We warmed up with a jog and some stretching before moving on to the very impressive workout. 

This one was broken down into segments, each being a 4 minute AMRAP's (As Many Reps As Possible). We started with "Go East" a 250 meter run around the parking lot with a weighted plate.  They allowed us to carry it however we wanted and at first I head it on the back of my neck and shoulders but that didn't last long, I then moved it around to the front of my body and held it around my chest and that worked for about 2/3's of the run but then my arms were burning so I opted to run the rest of it holding the weight over my head with my arms extended.

The next segment was "Guzzoline" which consisted of 6x Push Ups, 9x Hops Over Bar and 12x Deadlifts. Starting of the third rep is when I started to feel it. For my push ups which I have actually gotten really good but towards the end I started to struggle. Hop over bar wasn't that difficult but the important thing was to keep your feet together. Deadlifts is probably my best "bar" workout but trying to do them fast and with form is difficult. By the time the four minutes was up I was exhausted.

Though we had a two minute break in between the segments we also had to prep for the next workout so there really isn't time to rest. For segment 3 "BulletBoys" we had to do 12x Hammers, 10x Lat Raises and 10x Lying Triceps. There were done with kettlebell weights. Anything that has to do with my upper body strength I'm pretty good at, so these weren't horrible.. just lots of them.

The next segment "WarBoys" had us running again... this time we had to do 140 meter run then 10x V Ups and finally :30 Plank. The running has never been a problem for me but the V ups were tough, not physically but they take a toll on your core and then you flip over and do a :30 plank which also works the core.

For the final segment "My Name Is Max" we had to so 1x Burpee and then 2x Ring Rows but with every rep we increased by 1. By the end of the 4 minutes I was doing 7 Burpees and 8 Ring Rows and was exhausted.

For segments 2, 3 and 4 I did roughly 3 1/2 to 4 sets each. It was a tough workout but as I've said in the past I love Themed workouts and it's great when they are broken down into these smaller segments. I know it doesn't matter overall but it does help with the mental part of the workout.

Thanks to coach Andrew and coach Seely and of course NerdStrong Gym for making me a much happier and healthier Geekyfanboy.

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