Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ordering New Glasses

Yesterday I went to Costco Optical Center to have my eyes checked. It's been several years since I have been to an eye doctor and now that I need to buy new glasses due to me breaking my last week I figured it was a good time to check my prescription. Come to find out that my prescription hasn't really changed over the years and the doctor says my eyes look fantastic.. so that's good news.

Today I went online to purchase some glasses. Usually I go to Lencrafters and spend $500 on an eye exam and new glasses. Since I'm on a budget I opted to do the eye doctor at Costco which really cost about the same at Lenscrafters but I also opted to buy my glasses online. Coach Andrew told me about this online place called Zenni Optical where he gets his glasses for about $40. I checked them out and they had my style of frames for as cheap as $9 but of course the ones that could be used for bi-focals (which I have) were a bit pricier at $29.95 and when you add the bi-focals, the standard anti-reflective coating and the polarized clip-on sunglasses (which I couldn't pass up for $4) my total for this pair of glasses was $60.80 and when you include the $75 office visit the total is around $135, that's a savings of over $350 dollars.

I think the hardest thing for me was finding my pupillary distance, which is the distance of my pupils in milometers. First I had to find a ruler here at work and then I tried to look in my phone camera and do the measurement on myself but since my eye are extremely brown and it's tough to see the pupils in the middle, especially when I'm not wearing my glasses. After trying several times I finally asked my post production assistant Brad if he could measure them for me. Of course he said yes (he's a very nice guy) but I'm also his boss so that helps :) he measured 65 and when I did it I got about 70 so I opted for something in the middle and chose 67.

Now I just have to wait two weeks for delivery and see how these glasses turn out. If they are good I'll defiantly be buying a second pair. Let's hope my current broken one can last two more weeks.

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