Friday, May 29, 2015

NerdStrong Open Gym - Biceps, Running and Handstands

Today was open gym at NerdStrong. My initial plan was to do the "Viking" workout with a bunch of the NerdStrong ladies. A group of them mentioned it last Friday and I said I'd like to join in. Yesterday one of them posted on Facebook to get more people involved and soon it turned into a Vikings Vs. Raptors conversation and of course we get in this morning and coach Seely created this  amazing workout.

Of course I planned to join them all before I hurt my back and though it was feeling much better I didn't want to take any chances on making it worse then it already was so I opted out of joining in the fun... I was bummed.

I started my workout as I have the past few days doing about 20 minutes of mobility work, especially on my back. For my workout today I worked on my biceps and shoulders. I did 5x5 set of bicep curls as well as 5x5 shoulder presses.

While the group of Vikings where doing their running portion of the workout I joined in and ran so many laps that I lost count. I also joined in a group who were practicing handstands, I did a few before I thought better of it.

Overall it was a good workout, nothing crazy but that's fine since my back isn't 100% yet. I have to say this was the largest turn out for open gym that's I've seen since they started it. Good times were had by all!!!

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