Saturday, May 30, 2015


Today I skipped my NerdStrong workout so I could go to Disneyland and hang out with some awesome people. My best bud Chris was visiting his girlfriend and planned a trip to Disneyland. I haven't been to Disneyland since November of 2014 when my annual pass expired so I was really happy to be going again.

I got there around 9am and the line to get into the parking structure was backed up to the freeway exit... I actually sat on the freeway in line waiting to get off. As I got closer I just missed them opening the express lanes. It felt like forever but the line moved slowly but surely and soon I was parked. I met up with Chris and Hayley in the parking structure. We made our way to the park and found Brett and Elie in the baggage check line. Once through that we met up with our buddy Aaron.

Soon the six of us where in the park and heading to Tomorrowland (cause that's what you do). We got a fast pass for Star Tours and then got in line for Space Mountain. Once we got off Space Mountain we found a cool section dedicated to the new movie TomorrowLand. They had props and costumes from the movie.. it was pretty cool.

Our fast pass was good to go for Star Tours so we got in line for that. We waited for the front row as this was Elie's first time on the revamped ride. It was pretty great but we had a transport full of young girl scouts who'd scream for at anything.. it got pretty loud. We then went over to Astro Blasters were we ran into Jennifer, Matt and their adorable little girl. Once we finished Astro Blasters we headed out to grab some lunch and of course we had to have Disneyland's amazing Corndog. We were once again joined by Jennifer, Matt and their daughter. Those guys left as the little one had had enough fun for the day. We said goodbye and headed over to the Indiana Jones Ride and grabbed a fast pass before getting in line at Pirates of the Caribbean. While on that ride I got a text from my best bud Robert informing me that he and his fiance Cait just arrived so we met up with them as we exited the ride.

Our next stop was the Haunted Mansion and after that we went over Big Thunder Mountain and grabbed a fast pass before getting in the single rider line for the Matterhorn. They updated the two abominable snow men and wow are they impressive now. The ride is still shaky as hell but I did like the improvement.

We then did Tarzan Tree House before heading over to Indiana as our fast pass was now valid. Unfortunately Indiana was temporarily closed. But they did tell us that we could use our fast pass at anytime. So instead we went next door to the Jungle Cruise. Afterwards we headed over to Disney California Adventures. First thing we did was grab some chocolate dipped soft serve ice cream before heading over and grabbing a fast pass for Tower of Terror. We then headed over to Screaming, where Elie and Hayley opted out. While in line we got a text from Steve who needed Chris to get into the park so Chris jumped out of line. That left Robert, Cait, Brett, Aaron and I to ride Screaming. Once off we met back up with the ladies and soon after Chris and Steve joined us. We headed over to Midway Mania for a fun spin. Afterwards we grabbed some dinner and Red 5 joined out little group.

We headed over to the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail as Chris really wanted to find out what his spirit animal was. I had never done this section of the park and always thought it was more of a kids section but man did we have a ton of fun. By the way my spirit animal is a Bear. After that we grabbed a fast pass for Soarin' Over California and then headed back over to Disneyland to see if Indiana Jones was up and running. We got there and it was opened and luckily we had the fast passes as it was packed. Once we rode that we decided to head back to DCA to use our last two fast passes.. first was Soarin' and then finally Tower of Terror.

It was now 10:30ish and I'd had been at Disneyland for over 12 hours. The group was heading back to Disneyland but I was done. I had blisters on my feet and I just couldn't make it to midnight. Robert, Cait and Aaron also left while the others headed back to Disneyland for a few more hours. I headed back to the parking structure with Robert.

Getting out of Disneyland was just as bad as getting in. I don't think I actually got out of the parking area and onto the freeway until just after 11pm and home around midnight. It was a fantastic day, a much needed Disneyland rest. Thanks Chris for organizing the trip and for the fantastic 3 day military ticket. That means I can go two more times before it expires in Oct... woot woot!!

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