Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Pop Goes the Back

Today's workout started off great, had a nice dual Indian run for a warm up along with some stretching.

This workout was broken into two parts. The first part consisted of 3 sets of 6x - 8x Tempo One Leg Kettlebell DeadLift on both legs then rest for 1 minute before doing a Nose-to-Wall, Wall Walk 2 HandStand and hold for :45 to :60 seconds. Rest another minute and then do 10x - 12x Tempo Ring Rows

The Kettlebell deadlifts were tough as my balance was off and I just couldn't seem to get things right. Wall Walks are a piece of cake for me so I had no problem doing those due to my upper body strength and ring rows are pretty easy though doing tempo can make things a bit tougher.

The second part of today's workout was a 12 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) We started with a 140 meter run, then 12x Kettlebell Swings and finally 20x Lunges. The run started off great and then I went in and started to do the 12x Kettlebell swings when on my sixth one something in my back gave way and pain ran up and down my spine. I immediately stopped and went over to coach Andrew and explain that I must have pulled a muscle in my back, he quickly started to rub my back and found the sore spot and could feel that something was wrong. He had me a small ball and push it into the pulled back muscle. It was painful but I knew I had to work the muscle out. I think I sweated more doing that then the actual workout.

My day was done I couldn't finish the workout and spent the rest of the class trying to work the muscle. This is my biggest fear coming true. Hurting myself bad enough that it prevents me from working out. I already knew I had a bad back and both my knees are shot so it was just a matter of time before something gave. I just hope it's a minor thing and it won't prevent me from workout tomorrow. Gonna take it easy at work today and rest tonight and see how I feel tomorrow... wish me luck.

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