Thursday, May 28, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Bench Presses & Pull Ups

So my back is still out of sorts from Tuesday's Kettlebell mishap but luckily for today's "Strength" workout it looks like I should be able to accomplish all of it.

Today's workout was all about Bench Press's and Pull Ups.

We were teamed up and instead of me going with my unusual bench press partner I was teamed up with two of the coaches, coach Blair and coach Christy. I assume coach David did this because of my faulty back and he wanted to make sure I was being well looked after.  Just another reason I love this gym.. they actually give a shit about you.

We started with 5x 50% of my max (180lbs) which is 95lbs, then did 5x 60% (110lbs), 5x 70% (130lbs), 5x 80% (145lbs), 5x 90% (165lbs) and finally 12x 50% again which was 95lbs. This wasn't really about the weight or speed it was all about form (as most of the things we do here at NerdStrong). They want to make sure we are doing things properly so we, firstly don't injure ourselves and secondly get the full benefit from the workout.

After the bench presses we moved on the pull up. I don't think many of the NerdStrongers can do pull ups (yet). I can manage one maybe two but that's it so instead we did negative pull ups... and to be honest those are just as though as pull ups.

To finish off the workout coach Andrew had to us do a TABATA (:20 seconds of work :10 seconds of break for 8 rounds) of Barbell Finger Rolls. These sounded and looked easy but man after a while it got tough and your fingers, wrists and hands started to get sore.

Overall it was a great workout, especially for my "bad" back. I didn't aggravate it the entire workout and that made me happy. Thanks to coach Andrew, coach David, coach Blair and coach Christy for all their help and encouragement.

On a side note I didn't get a NerdStrong "class" picture. Soon as the workout was done several people left and then the others got into conversations with the coaches and I didn't want to interrupt. Coach Blair did come over to me and snap a picture but this was the first class in since I started taking pictures to not do so.. it was kind of bummed.

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