Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dinner with Friends

During the evening I had dinner with some of my old friends. I use to hang out with these guys more often but when I moved to the boonies things changed and we haven't really gotten back in to that routine.. now I only see them on special occasions which is sad as I miss them. Now that I'm closer to town I hope to change that and hang out more often. 

Tonight's dinner was in celebration of my buddy John's 50th birthday. His partner Moises made a delicious dinner and we sat around and chatting about dating, movies, cartoons, television and other geeky things.

It's was a great night of food, friends and fun. Thanks John, Moises, Tom, Ervin, Bruce and Martin.

NerdStrong Gym & Hypoglycemic Attack

Today was my first Saturday workout at NerdStrong, like with Wednesday classes it's also a CON (Conditioning) class. So I was expecting a tough workout but this was crazy. This workout is actually a precursor to the Life Challenge that is happening next Saturday (yes this reps are about half of what is happening next week.)

There were three options, beginners are green, moderates are black and advance are red. Though I am new I felt I could do the black route. We teamed up into teams of two. I got to team up with a person I didn't really know, Meg, so that was fun. She went first while I encouraged her on. We had a time limit of 11 minutes to get as much of the routine done. When my turn came I ran my two laps and felt pretty good. I then did my 15x Squats, 15x Sit Ups, 15x Plank Ups, 20x Lunges, 20 Bicycle, 20x Push Ups, 25x Squat Jumps, 25x Flutter Kicks, 25x Mountain Climbers and then the final exercise 15 Burpees but I only manged to do 3 of them before the 11 minutes ran out.

I was so tired, I had pushed myself to try and get to the end and though I didn't finish everything I was very happy with my results. As the class was ending I laid on the floor to the gym. I was a bit light headed and was just trying catch my breath. After 10 minutes I was feeling a bit better, not 100% but I just wanted to get home to relax so I jumped in my car and started to drive home. Just minutes after pulling out of the parking lot I started to feel nausea. I looked around to see if I had anything in my car that I could throw up into but there was nothing and at the time I didn't care I just figured I'd be cleaning up vomit when I got home, but nothing happened. I really wanted to get home and got of the freeway but as soon as I got on I felt dizzy and figured I needed to get over to he side quick as I didn't want to pass out while driving. When I parked I opened the passenger door and poked my head over the side as I knew I was going to throw up.. but still nothing. I laid there for about 15 minutes but nothing happened. I sat up and the world swirled so I reclined my seat and closed my eyes. I was sweating profusely and this was reminding me of my time in the NerdStrong bathroom after my first one on one workout. I tried to open my eyes but everything was blown out, all I saw was white. I thought about calling 911 but I figured if I just sat here for a few more minutes it would pass. My nausea was gone but now my stomach was cramping up and I felt as though I needed to go the bathroom... needless to say I was a mess as I laid there in pain but after a half hour my vision returned and I was able to sit up without being sick. I started up my car and slowly made my way home. It took another few hours before I felt okay but by the end of the day I was feeling good.

I'm thinking this was low blood sugar induced, with me being pre-diabetic and hypoglycemic, my blood sugars are all over the place. I'm working on controlling them but I didn't have a great breakfast before the workout and I think I pushed myself just a bit to far which lead to the attack. Now I knew I had a sugary drink in the back of my car but I couldn't move to get it. So as I precaution I have now have a little baggie of hard candies and tootsie rolls in my glove compartment just in case this happens again. It was a scary situation but it's going to happen from time to time as I'm still learning how far to push myself with these workouts. I just hope I can catch it before it goes this far again.

Friday, March 6, 2015

My First Week On The Job

Today marks my first "full" week at this new gig. I'm really enjoying it, the offices are awesomely geeky and the people are very nice. It's been a crazy busy week and it's only the beginning. Luckily I do have some down time here and there to recoup. But so far it's been good.

We have your first editor starting next week, the field has just finished shooting episode three of eight episodes so we still have a ways to go. My favorite part of post is when production is done shooting and we have all the footage and then my team goes to work and gets the episode edited and finished.

I've also survived getting up at 6am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for my morning NerdStrong Gym workouts. It really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be and I think that's because I enjoy going to the gym so it doesn't feel like a choir.

So I would say my first week of work and gym was a success!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

SDCC Badges, Hot Dog Lease & NerdStrong Review

So my San Diego Comic Con Pro Badge issues have been resolved. I manged to cancel the Thursday and Sunday badges that I had gotten during open registration and though they said it can take 3 to 4 weeks to process they did it within a week so once those were cancelled I had no problem getting my professional pass, and not only that but I was also able to purchase a 4 day plus preview night badge for my buddy Scott. So everything worked out in the end. I'm now set with badges for Wondercon, Celebration VII and San Diego Comic Con.

When I got home from work today I was walking up the stairs to my apartment and I noticed this hot dog shaped dog lease sitting on the stairs. Nothing else, just the dog lease. I thought to myself.. wow this look like the one I purchased off ebay last week... wait is this the one I purchased.. if so where is the packaging and what is the item doing on the stairs. I picked it up and made my way to my apartment. I looked for packaging but didn't see anything. I got in my apartment and went to my computer to look up the purchase and sure enough it says that the package was delivered today. So it's a mystery on what happen. How did it get out of the packaging and for that matter, where is the packaging? I guess I should be happy that I'm the one that found it on the stairs when I did, but I hate not knowing what happen. Oh and if you're wondering why I'd purchase a hot dog dog lease it's part of my next cosplay for SDCC.

Now I know as of late I have talked alot about NerdStrong Gym. But it's something that's effecting my life in a big way and it's become a big part of my life. So after a month of going to NerdStrong I felt it appropriate that I should leave a review on there Facebook page. I think it's pretty glowing.

Five Stars: I'm just your average 40 something year old guy, I don't eat properly and try and workout on occasion but usually fail. I'm overweight and it's starting to effect my health. I've joined gyms in the past and would go for a week or two but eventually I'd stop either from boredom or lack of motivation. So I was skeptical when my buddy Andrew Seely mentioned this new gym that he joined and loved. He tired for almost a year to get me to go but I kept putting it off as I was out of work and lacked the funds. Well with the help of Andrew and many of my amazing friends they pooled some funds together to get me a two month membership. I met head coach Andrew and did the 1 on 1 with him. After that I spent the next 45 minutes in their bathroom throwing up and lying on their cool cool floor. While lying there I realized that I had let myself down, I was out of shape and ashamed of what I had become. But coach Andrew lite a fire in my belly and I came back two days later for my first workout and haven't looked back. I LOVE it... the people are great, the coaches are awesome and to make it even extra special, everyone is super nerdy/geeky. After my first workout I loved it so much that I had planned to come everyday but of course friends talked me out of that and I settled into a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday routine. I did that for the entire month of February. 

I'm not going to lie... the workouts are some of the hardest workouts that I have ever done and during the first few weeks there wasn't a day that my body didn't hurt.. but it was so worth it. Just after a month I'm noticing big changes on how my clothes are fitting. As I begin my second month with NerdStrong I have added two additional classes/days to my schedule. I am now working out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

This is the first time that I am happy to come to the gym. I look forward to my gym visits and the tough workouts. When I finish the workout and after about ten minutes to recoup I'm looking forward to my next workout.. I didn't think I'd ever feel this way about working out. Andrew and his team are amazing and if you're considering getting into shape this is the place for you.. especially if you're a nerd.

NerdStrong Gym - Stretches from Hell

Head coach Andrew was teaching this class. We started with some stretching. I don't even know how to explain the crazy positions that we had to get into. It was all hips and legs stretching.. Couch Stretch, Pigeon Stretch, Goalie Stretch & Fire Hydrants. I was involuntary making grunts and groans as my body was being asked to do things that it had never done before but man was it a good stretch.

We also did some side Planks, we held for :20 seconds (which doesn't sounds like alot but man when you're in the middle of the side plank it feels like forever) and then we had :10 seconds rest (which just flew by). We had to do six of these three on each side.

After the warm up we worked on a Skill move. Today we learned how to do Front Squats with a BarBell. This wasn't so much about weight but form. We had to do 8 squats at our lightest weight, then 6 with a bit more weight and so on until we did 2 at our heaviest weight. My max weight was 105, which isn't much but as I said this was more about form and doing it properly.

After our Skill we moved onto the actual workout. It consisted of 15x Dumbbell Thrusters, 12 Renegade Rows & 7 Dumbbell Bicep Curls. We kept doing this three things over and over again for seven minutes. We got a minute rest (woot) then we had to do three minutes of Burpees. I think this was the worst part of the workout as three minutes of Burpees is just horrible. We then got a whole thirty second break before doing two minutes of sit ups.

Another great workout, I know I'll be sore tomorrow. This was my first time doing three days of workout in a row.. it wasn't bad. I'll miss not coming tomorrow but I did sign up for a Saturday class and then I have my fun themed workout on Sunday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon

So I'm excited to the next Avengers movies Age of Ultron but I didn't think it was possible to get even more excited.. well they released a new trailer and I am beyond excited now for this movie. Can't believe it's only a few months away. Check out the trailer below

AMC Theaters also announced their ultimate movie marathon.. watch all 10 Marvel movies and then the premiere of Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. It's over 26 hours of movies back to back to back. I honestly considered doing this as there is a theater in Downtown Disney who will be showing this but then I want to enjoy Avengers 2 and not be sleep deprived. But I do like the idea of watching all these movies all together.. how awesome would that be. Below are the details.

Eleven Super hero-Sized Movies in One Day Starts Wednesday, April 29 at 6pm

Do you have the power to watch all 11 AVENGERS movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe back-to-back? Take the challenge and you’ll take home an exclusive Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON collector’s pin and a limited edition print!

Plus, AMC Stubs members will get $10 Bonus Bucks loaded onto their card tickets are purchased in advance. Use it for event day snacks during our mega-marathon of these incredible movies:

6:00pm - IRON MAN
10:35pm - IRON MAN 2
1:00am - THOR
8:48am - IRON MAN 3

You’ll be one of the first to see the premiere of the latest movie in stunning RealD® 3D. Make it all the way through the marathon, and you'll receive a limited edition Marvel Medal for your

You can purchase tickets and see which theaters are doing this (there are only 4) HERE

NerdStrong Gym - Go, Go, Go!!!

So for the past month (February) I have been working out Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. And I'm still jogging everyday. But starting this month I have decided to add two additional days/classes to my workout routine.

There are four different kind of "classes" taught at NerdStrong Gym. Dexterity (DEX), Strength (STR), Team (TEAM) and Conditioning (CON). Up until this time I've only done the DEX, TEAM and STG classes. The two CON classes are on Wednesday and Saturdays. But as I mentioned I added two days to my schedule so now I'll be attending NerdStrong Gym Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Today is my very first CON class. It's taught by coach Blair and I heard they were extremely tough.

It was cold, like in the high 40's cold and we had to go outside and do 10 meters sprints. Now 10 meters isn't that bad but when you do it over and over again and again it can get tough. We started with one ten meter sprint, then two, which meant going back and forth, then 3 and so on. I was doing pretty good until about the 12th 10 meter sprint. 13 was very slow but I kept going and then with 14 I made it about half way when they started 15 and I wasn't even done with 14 yet.. so I stopped. I did a total of 99 ten meter sprints. Needless to say I was exhausted and that was just the warm up.

Next we were doing double under jump rope, now unfortunately or is that fortunately there were no ropes short enough for me to do the double under so I just did regular jump rope. We started with 10 seconds, then 20, 30, 40, 50, then back down 40, 30, 20 and 10. We were suppose to go up to 60 seconds but because time restraints we had to cut it short.

If I wasn't tired before I was now dead... but no time to rest we moved onto the main workout for today.. Wall Balls, Lunges, Plate Overhead Hold, Sand Bag Clean and finally Plank. So we had to do 1 minute of each for five rounds for a total of 25 minutes of constant work.

It's crazy because you're already exhausted from all that you have done previously but somehow you manage to find the energy to push yourself even more. I don't know how I did it but I finished. I was a bit light headed, I pushed myself just to my limit. I laid down on the gym floor and make a nice looking sweat angel.

Now that I've done the workout I can honestly say that it defiantly wasn't the hardest that I've done here, I think it's tough because there really are no breaks.. it's go, go, go from beginning to end. This was my first time working with coach Blair but like with all the other coaches he was awesome, caring, supportive and knew just how hard to push you. Tomorrow will be the first time I've done three workouts in a row.. should be fun.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is Back!!!

So it's been almost four months without a new episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and though I have missed it I have loved Agent Carter, which took the place of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. during it's break. But I'm so happy it's back and boy did it come back with a bang. Tonight's episode is S2 Ep. 11 "Aftershocks" In the wake of Whitehall’s death Coulson looks to hit back at Hydra, who are considering the imprisoned Bakshi as a potential replacement for the leadership role. S.H.I.E.L.D. enacts a plan that sees Bakshi escaping and leading them to other high-ranking Hydra agents, who are then killed. In Puerto Rico, the alien city is flooded, but not before Raina escapes, having transformed into a monstrous creature. When Cal turns his back on her, reminding her that she got what she wanted, Raina attempts to commit suicide, but she is taken by the man with no eyes, Gordon, who can teleport. Fitz and Skye realize that she has also been transformed – she created the earthquake in San Juan, but has no control over this ability. Fitz agrees to keep her secret, and hides the truth from the rest of the team. Meanwhile, a model car that Mack built for Coulson scans the latter’s office and finds the “toolbox” that previous S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury gave to Coulson. Mack secretly reports this to Morse.

OMG.. where to start. First I LOVED this episode but was there any doubt. I have loved this series since the beginning.  I'll start with the main story, Coulson's plan to use Bakshi was brilliant. I has no idea what was going on until May was shot and then Coulson over acted and was shot. I love that Coulson realized that Hydra would turn on themselves eliminating quite a few of the heads of Hydra.. but of course we all know take off one head and two more appear. I didn't like the turn Simmons took, I understand being freaked out and worried but I think she went a bit overboard. If I was Skye I'd be worried for my safety and I loved that Fitts helped Skye out and changed the blood tests.

I actually felt bad for Raina and actually thought they were doing to do this character in but was happy when Gordon teleported in and said "Hey Beautiful" and teleported he and Raina out.. that was AWESOME!! I was sad that Trip died but I liked that we got to see how everyone dealt with it. It was a sad scene when Coulson had to break the news to Trips mom.. And I have to say that I didn't like the ending, I mean we still don't know what Mack and Morse are up to but it's not looking good. I'll be super pissed if it turns out that they are Hydra. Guess will have to wait and see.

NerdStrong Gym - Going All Medieval

So this was my first early morning workout at NerdStrong Gym. I was up at 6am for a 7am class. It was cold and I was still a bit sleepy but I realized that I was in a great mood because I enjoy going to this place and hanging out with these people.

We started with warm ups, typical stuff, arms, legs, squats and something new called Plank Walk. Andrew laid down one of the Battleropes and we used the rope as a guide and proceeded to do what it sounds like. We got in a planking position and then walked on our hands and toes sideways down the rope, keeping everything in form. Once we went up and down we had to go back the opposite direction.

After warming up we did our Skill portion of the workout. Today we were working with Maces (hence the title of this blog).  A workout mace looks similar to an actual mace but has a longer arm and the solid ball on the end is a bit smaller. We had to do squats while holding the mace... first we held right up to the ball of the mace and did two squats, we then moved our hands to the middle of the bar, which meant we were fighting the weight pulling us to one side. We did 2 squats holding it like that and then the final and probably the hardest was holding the other end of the mace and the ball is all the way on the other side. Again like with the second hold you are fighting the weight to pull you over and it's even harder as the full weight of the mace is pulling you down. We had to do 4 squats like this.

We did these with a partner so when you finished your eight squats you passed the mace on to them and they did their eight, my partner Jay and I did 3 sets of 8 in 10 minutes.

Head Coach Andrew - Founder of NerdStrong Gym
Afterwards we continued the skill portion of the workout and worked on Kettlebell Cleans. We've done other Cleans but not with kettlebells. Once you got the form down it wasn't that difficult. We did sets of 5 for 10 minutes.

We then moved onto the actual workout part of the workout.. it consisted of 5 rounds of 12x Kettlebell Cleans, 12x Single Handed Kettlebell Swings, 8x Face Peelers (which is pulling the kettlebell straight up to your chest, letting go and readjusting your hands and then pushing the kettlebell up over your head), and finally Running 1 Lap around the parking lot.

Of course this was timed and if I remember correctly we had 15 minutes to complete. I think I did pretty, I didn't quite finish all 5 rounds but I did manage to do 4 rounds and get halfway through the fifth round before time ran out.

It was another great workout, I was sweating like a pig when I was done but I felt great. So much energy. The perfect way to start my day... Thanks Andrew

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Latest Gotham's - My Thoughts

So I watched Gotham S1 Ep 17 "Red Hood" last night with Erik.. here's a brief synopsis: A crew of five Irish American bank robbers heists up a bank with concealment over their faces and with their leader wearing a red hood, stealing from the bank itself and dispersing some of the money to ensure their escape. Meanwhile, Oswald's is still struggling from its unsavory clientele especially once it runs out of alcohol which is sold to the club by Maroni. So Butch has cops on his payroll seize much of Maroni's supply for Cobblepot, establishing an uneasy trust between the two.  Fish meets with the prison's unnamed manager as his boss, the Dollmaker, is currently away. As the manager tries to take her eyes for transplant, Fish removes her own left eye and destroys it to keep it out of their hands before passing out. An old Special Air Service comrade of Alfred's named Reginald Payne arrives at Wayne Manor claiming to be homeless and unemployed and he gets taken in for a day. However, when Alfred catches him stealing from the study, Payne stabs Alfred and flees. Bruce finds Alfred wounded.

And tonight we watched the latest episode of Gotham, S1 Ep 18 "Everyone Has a Cobblepot" At the hospital, Alfred struggles from his wounds but refuses to extradite Payne. When Selina Kyle approaches Bruce, he tells that some files were stolen by Payne and that he intends to find him. Gordon and Harvey Dent investigate the sudden release of Arnold Flass, provided by Commisioner Loeb. Bullock reveals that Loeb has been collecting information on police officers, in which Loeb uses to blackmail the officers. He used Bullock's case to make him falsely confess in providing illegitimate evidence against Flass. Investigation by Gordon reveals that Loeb has ties with Falcone. With the help of Oswald Cobblepot, who agreed in return for an eventual favor, Gordon and Bullock investigate Loeb's uptown farm, where they find Loeb's psychotic daughter Miriam. After Miriam confesses to the murder of her mother, Gordon uses that information to terminate Bullock's case via blackmailing Loeb. Meanwhile, Fish Mooney meets the Dollmaker, who provided her with a new eye and allows her to prove herself so she can become his right hand woman. Later, Fish discovers that the prison facility is situated on an isolated island off the European Coast.

Both episodes were pretty fantastic... This series is really keeping my interest. When it first started I enjoyed it but it wasn't "must see" TV for me and I even considered dropping it. But I'm to glad I didn't. Episode after episode it's been sucking me in deeper and deeper into this corrupt world. The current story lines are fascinating. I wasn't a big fan of Fish Mooney but I'm loving what they are doing with her character and storyline. I mean when she popped out her own eye with a spoon and then stepped on it.. I think both Erik and my jaw dropped.

Again when Alfred is stabbed and Bruce finds him in a puddle of blood was a twist I did not see. And then find out that it's Wayne Enterprises is responsible for it. Can't wait to see where this storyline goes. I also have been liking Bullock more and more with every episode, until he did what he did on tonight's episode but even he had a good excuse and you find out that he's not a bad guy, he's really torn up inside for the bad he's done.

I enjoyed the teaming up of Gordan and Dent, I think they make a good duo, but then again Gordon with any other person seems to work. I'm glad to see them using Penguin a bit better in the latest episode. Overall both of these episode were pretty solid. This series has now become "must see" TV for me. I look forward each week and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Breakfast, Goodbyes and Call the Midwife

After the workout a group of us went to a local diner for some much needed breakfast/lunch. What is great being workout at NerdStrong Gym is that everyone is geeky. Our discussions go from Thor being a fraud, Wonder Woman's outfit, the classic American Gladiators and our favorite video games of the past. We also had discussion on what we would do if we had unlimited funds. Lots of fun conversations. I also found out that if you have Visa Signature card you can use their concierge service to find out how much weight a shopping cart can hold when Google fails you.

When I got home my visiting guests, Doug and Kevin were packing up and head out. I didn't get to spend much time with the guys as this new job sprung up so quickly and I don't even know if they were successful in finding an apartment but they did say they would be back in a few weeks, so I guess they were.

I caught up on some Call the Midwife as I had fallen behind a bit because of all the craziness happening at the moment. Tonight I watched Season 4 Episodes 6 & 7. First up is episode 6 - Sister Mary Cynthia befriends a group of gypsies camped on a bombsite, but things become complicated when one of the women goes into labor just as police arrive to evict the travelers from the site. When a diabetic teenage girl finds she is pregnant, she is advised to have a termination due to the potential complications which her diabetes may cause. Rather than lose her baby, she goes on the run with her boyfriend, but without a supply of insulin she becomes dangerously ill and her boyfriend must act quickly to save her life.

I'm a huge fan of Cynthia (well now she's Mary Cynthia) but I've always liked her character so it was nice to see an episode that focused more on her. I enjoyed seeing her at work and getting into the middle of a gypsie battle with the cops. Cynthia always felt to meek and quiet but it's nice to know when she needs to get her way she can. The other character focused on this episode was Nurse Crane, she's a bit stern and set in her way but this episode humanized her a bit. I felt bad when she confessed to the girls that she was going to the square dance and as she's leaving she here's the girls giggle at the thought of her dancing, the look on her face is heartbreaking but she pushes the emotions down and continues to move forward. She's just someone who's been alone for so long that she's just looking to belong, we've all been there. I hope to continue to develop that storyline for her in future episodes. 

I then moved onto episode 7 - Two former school friends give birth at the maternity home on the same day, but in the confusion of a fire evacuation Sister Evangelina accidentally switches the babies. When the mistake is revealed, the two sets of parents have differing views on how the situation should be resolved. An elderly couple who have not been apart since the war must face separation when one is diagnosed with cancer. Fred proposes to shopkeeper Violet, while Patsy must conceal her relationship with nurse Delia.

I saw the switching of the babies coming from a mile away but it didn't take away any of the drama watching it all unfold in front of me. Some great acting from Pam Ferris (who plays Sister Evangelina). She's such a serious person all the time it's nice to see this softer side come up now and then. I love that Sister Julienne and Shelagh Turner stood together with her when they had to confront the parents. I love that they gave Fred a love interest and they moved that storyline along very quickly so that he proposed in this episode. They make such a cute couple. I enjoyed the elderly couple storyline. True love is always nice to see. And finally Patsy and Delia relationship is on the rocks. I couldn't even imagine what these two are going through as being identified as "homosexual" back in the early 60's gets you jail time or worse. I look forward to seeing where this storyline goes.

Again two great episodes, this series continue to entertain and impress. Only have the season finale left and then a Christmas episode at the end of the year. But I am happy to say that this series was picked up for a season five to start airing in 2016... Woot!!

NerdStrong Gym - Are You Out Of Your Vulcan Mind?

Today's themed workout was created in honor of a beloved actor who we lost a few days ago, Leonard Nimoy. He's most remembered for his unemotional and very logical character Mr. Spock. The title to this workout is "Are You Out of Your Vulcan Mind" and after seeing the actual workout you can understand the title. We had 31 minutes (that was the year Mr. Nimoy was born 1931) to complete 60 Tempo Squats, 50 Leg Lifts, 40 Tempo Pushups, 30 Tempo Slamballs , 20 Negative Ring Pulls, 10 (:30 sec) Overheard Holds and then back up 20 Negative Ring Pulls, 30 Tempo Slamballs, 40 Tempo Pushups, 50 Leg Lifts and finally 60 Tempo Squats.

When I first saw this workout my heart sunk as this looks very daunting. But then Andrew went on to explain that we are to partner up and this is the total for both of us so that meant we would cut those numbers in half.. but still, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 10, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 is still alot. He then went on to say that we didn't have to do all of these. If you noticed most of the workouts have "Tempo" in them. This means a much slower and controlled workout. For example with the Squat, instead of doing it within a second he wants us to do a 3 second count while going down, then hold for a second and another 3 second count going back up. Sounds easy but it's not.

I was teamed up with my buddy Derick and together we managed to get the 60 Tempo Squats, 50 Leg Lifts, 40 Tempo Pushups, 30 Tempo Slamballs , 20 Negative Ring Pulls, 10 (:30 sec) Overheard Holds done before time ran out. I think we did a pretty good job, it was a great workout and a nice way to honor our fallen hero.

RIP Leonard Nimoy