Monday, March 2, 2015

The Latest Gotham's - My Thoughts

So I watched Gotham S1 Ep 17 "Red Hood" last night with Erik.. here's a brief synopsis: A crew of five Irish American bank robbers heists up a bank with concealment over their faces and with their leader wearing a red hood, stealing from the bank itself and dispersing some of the money to ensure their escape. Meanwhile, Oswald's is still struggling from its unsavory clientele especially once it runs out of alcohol which is sold to the club by Maroni. So Butch has cops on his payroll seize much of Maroni's supply for Cobblepot, establishing an uneasy trust between the two.  Fish meets with the prison's unnamed manager as his boss, the Dollmaker, is currently away. As the manager tries to take her eyes for transplant, Fish removes her own left eye and destroys it to keep it out of their hands before passing out. An old Special Air Service comrade of Alfred's named Reginald Payne arrives at Wayne Manor claiming to be homeless and unemployed and he gets taken in for a day. However, when Alfred catches him stealing from the study, Payne stabs Alfred and flees. Bruce finds Alfred wounded.

And tonight we watched the latest episode of Gotham, S1 Ep 18 "Everyone Has a Cobblepot" At the hospital, Alfred struggles from his wounds but refuses to extradite Payne. When Selina Kyle approaches Bruce, he tells that some files were stolen by Payne and that he intends to find him. Gordon and Harvey Dent investigate the sudden release of Arnold Flass, provided by Commisioner Loeb. Bullock reveals that Loeb has been collecting information on police officers, in which Loeb uses to blackmail the officers. He used Bullock's case to make him falsely confess in providing illegitimate evidence against Flass. Investigation by Gordon reveals that Loeb has ties with Falcone. With the help of Oswald Cobblepot, who agreed in return for an eventual favor, Gordon and Bullock investigate Loeb's uptown farm, where they find Loeb's psychotic daughter Miriam. After Miriam confesses to the murder of her mother, Gordon uses that information to terminate Bullock's case via blackmailing Loeb. Meanwhile, Fish Mooney meets the Dollmaker, who provided her with a new eye and allows her to prove herself so she can become his right hand woman. Later, Fish discovers that the prison facility is situated on an isolated island off the European Coast.

Both episodes were pretty fantastic... This series is really keeping my interest. When it first started I enjoyed it but it wasn't "must see" TV for me and I even considered dropping it. But I'm to glad I didn't. Episode after episode it's been sucking me in deeper and deeper into this corrupt world. The current story lines are fascinating. I wasn't a big fan of Fish Mooney but I'm loving what they are doing with her character and storyline. I mean when she popped out her own eye with a spoon and then stepped on it.. I think both Erik and my jaw dropped.

Again when Alfred is stabbed and Bruce finds him in a puddle of blood was a twist I did not see. And then find out that it's Wayne Enterprises is responsible for it. Can't wait to see where this storyline goes. I also have been liking Bullock more and more with every episode, until he did what he did on tonight's episode but even he had a good excuse and you find out that he's not a bad guy, he's really torn up inside for the bad he's done.

I enjoyed the teaming up of Gordan and Dent, I think they make a good duo, but then again Gordon with any other person seems to work. I'm glad to see them using Penguin a bit better in the latest episode. Overall both of these episode were pretty solid. This series has now become "must see" TV for me. I look forward each week and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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