Saturday, March 7, 2015

NerdStrong Gym & Hypoglycemic Attack

Today was my first Saturday workout at NerdStrong, like with Wednesday classes it's also a CON (Conditioning) class. So I was expecting a tough workout but this was crazy. This workout is actually a precursor to the Life Challenge that is happening next Saturday (yes this reps are about half of what is happening next week.)

There were three options, beginners are green, moderates are black and advance are red. Though I am new I felt I could do the black route. We teamed up into teams of two. I got to team up with a person I didn't really know, Meg, so that was fun. She went first while I encouraged her on. We had a time limit of 11 minutes to get as much of the routine done. When my turn came I ran my two laps and felt pretty good. I then did my 15x Squats, 15x Sit Ups, 15x Plank Ups, 20x Lunges, 20 Bicycle, 20x Push Ups, 25x Squat Jumps, 25x Flutter Kicks, 25x Mountain Climbers and then the final exercise 15 Burpees but I only manged to do 3 of them before the 11 minutes ran out.

I was so tired, I had pushed myself to try and get to the end and though I didn't finish everything I was very happy with my results. As the class was ending I laid on the floor to the gym. I was a bit light headed and was just trying catch my breath. After 10 minutes I was feeling a bit better, not 100% but I just wanted to get home to relax so I jumped in my car and started to drive home. Just minutes after pulling out of the parking lot I started to feel nausea. I looked around to see if I had anything in my car that I could throw up into but there was nothing and at the time I didn't care I just figured I'd be cleaning up vomit when I got home, but nothing happened. I really wanted to get home and got of the freeway but as soon as I got on I felt dizzy and figured I needed to get over to he side quick as I didn't want to pass out while driving. When I parked I opened the passenger door and poked my head over the side as I knew I was going to throw up.. but still nothing. I laid there for about 15 minutes but nothing happened. I sat up and the world swirled so I reclined my seat and closed my eyes. I was sweating profusely and this was reminding me of my time in the NerdStrong bathroom after my first one on one workout. I tried to open my eyes but everything was blown out, all I saw was white. I thought about calling 911 but I figured if I just sat here for a few more minutes it would pass. My nausea was gone but now my stomach was cramping up and I felt as though I needed to go the bathroom... needless to say I was a mess as I laid there in pain but after a half hour my vision returned and I was able to sit up without being sick. I started up my car and slowly made my way home. It took another few hours before I felt okay but by the end of the day I was feeling good.

I'm thinking this was low blood sugar induced, with me being pre-diabetic and hypoglycemic, my blood sugars are all over the place. I'm working on controlling them but I didn't have a great breakfast before the workout and I think I pushed myself just a bit to far which lead to the attack. Now I knew I had a sugary drink in the back of my car but I couldn't move to get it. So as I precaution I have now have a little baggie of hard candies and tootsie rolls in my glove compartment just in case this happens again. It was a scary situation but it's going to happen from time to time as I'm still learning how far to push myself with these workouts. I just hope I can catch it before it goes this far again.

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