Thursday, March 5, 2015

SDCC Badges, Hot Dog Lease & NerdStrong Review

So my San Diego Comic Con Pro Badge issues have been resolved. I manged to cancel the Thursday and Sunday badges that I had gotten during open registration and though they said it can take 3 to 4 weeks to process they did it within a week so once those were cancelled I had no problem getting my professional pass, and not only that but I was also able to purchase a 4 day plus preview night badge for my buddy Scott. So everything worked out in the end. I'm now set with badges for Wondercon, Celebration VII and San Diego Comic Con.

When I got home from work today I was walking up the stairs to my apartment and I noticed this hot dog shaped dog lease sitting on the stairs. Nothing else, just the dog lease. I thought to myself.. wow this look like the one I purchased off ebay last week... wait is this the one I purchased.. if so where is the packaging and what is the item doing on the stairs. I picked it up and made my way to my apartment. I looked for packaging but didn't see anything. I got in my apartment and went to my computer to look up the purchase and sure enough it says that the package was delivered today. So it's a mystery on what happen. How did it get out of the packaging and for that matter, where is the packaging? I guess I should be happy that I'm the one that found it on the stairs when I did, but I hate not knowing what happen. Oh and if you're wondering why I'd purchase a hot dog dog lease it's part of my next cosplay for SDCC.

Now I know as of late I have talked alot about NerdStrong Gym. But it's something that's effecting my life in a big way and it's become a big part of my life. So after a month of going to NerdStrong I felt it appropriate that I should leave a review on there Facebook page. I think it's pretty glowing.

Five Stars: I'm just your average 40 something year old guy, I don't eat properly and try and workout on occasion but usually fail. I'm overweight and it's starting to effect my health. I've joined gyms in the past and would go for a week or two but eventually I'd stop either from boredom or lack of motivation. So I was skeptical when my buddy Andrew Seely mentioned this new gym that he joined and loved. He tired for almost a year to get me to go but I kept putting it off as I was out of work and lacked the funds. Well with the help of Andrew and many of my amazing friends they pooled some funds together to get me a two month membership. I met head coach Andrew and did the 1 on 1 with him. After that I spent the next 45 minutes in their bathroom throwing up and lying on their cool cool floor. While lying there I realized that I had let myself down, I was out of shape and ashamed of what I had become. But coach Andrew lite a fire in my belly and I came back two days later for my first workout and haven't looked back. I LOVE it... the people are great, the coaches are awesome and to make it even extra special, everyone is super nerdy/geeky. After my first workout I loved it so much that I had planned to come everyday but of course friends talked me out of that and I settled into a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday routine. I did that for the entire month of February. 

I'm not going to lie... the workouts are some of the hardest workouts that I have ever done and during the first few weeks there wasn't a day that my body didn't hurt.. but it was so worth it. Just after a month I'm noticing big changes on how my clothes are fitting. As I begin my second month with NerdStrong I have added two additional classes/days to my schedule. I am now working out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

This is the first time that I am happy to come to the gym. I look forward to my gym visits and the tough workouts. When I finish the workout and after about ten minutes to recoup I'm looking forward to my next workout.. I didn't think I'd ever feel this way about working out. Andrew and his team are amazing and if you're considering getting into shape this is the place for you.. especially if you're a nerd.

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