Saturday, November 16, 2013

1st Viewing, 1st Offer < 24 Hours

So I was up at 5:30am.. not sure if it was the stress of my house being up on the market or what but for whatever reason I couldn't sleep. So I decided to get up and check to see what time Lowes opened as I needed to buy a quart of paint so I could finally finish painting the outside of my house.

I was surprised to see that Lowes opened at 6am. So I got up, got dressed and was at Lowes by 7am. I got my paint and headed back home. I made my self breakfast and was about to go outside to finish the painting when I got a call from my realtor Mary, it was 8:30am. She said that someone wanted to come look at my house today at 10am.. that was only an hour and a half away. Of course I wasn't ready to show the place.. I never expected to have someone interested less then 24 hours after I listed my house. But I couldn't say no so after getting off the phone with Mary I went into full panic mode and started to clean. I knew there was no way I was going to finish painting the outside but I wanted the inside to look it's best. I had to sweep and wash the hardwood floors, clean both bathrooms, clean the kitchen, pack up all the crap in my office and move it to the garage. I vacuumed the carpets and washed down the base boards. I was a mad man but I did manage to get it all done by 9:50am and then went outside to clean up a bit there but at 10am sharp they pulled up.

It was very nice couple with their realtor, I excused myself to my garage and they entered the house. I was to nervous to actually clean up the garage but I did my best. They were in my house for about 30 minutes before coming out to the garage area. I opened up both garages and offered information about the water well, septic tank and various other things around the house. I took them on a quick tour of the property lines and explained how the trash works. They seemed to really like the place and the area. I of course apologized for the dirtiness of the house but the realtor said that my house really "showed" well. And the potential buyers said everything looked great.

They asked if they could go back in the house to look over things one more time and of course I said yes... fifteen minutes later they finally exited, said thank you and were on their way. I texted Mary (my realtor) and gave her a blow by blow account of what happened. She said that it's very unusual for someone to take almost 45 minutes to look through a house... that they must really be interested. I figured it was my first successful showing. I was not prepared for more.

My buddy Doug arrived just as they were leaving. He came over to help me clean out my main garage. We spent about two hours moving things into piles before calling it quits and decided to go grab a bite to eat for lunch. We headed over to Islands as it's one of my favorite places to eat and Doug had never been there before. Around 1:30 my realtor called and said, you're never going to believe this but we have an offer. They are offering you your full asking price and in cash.

I couldn't believe it. My house hasn't been on the market for more then 24 hours and I already have an offer for the full amount in cash. Of course they had some conditions that my realtor would get back to me once she was back in her office.

Home from lunch Doug headed back to town and I nervously awaited an email from my realtor with their conditions. I finally got it and also got a call from Mary to discuss it. There were a few technical things but their main conditions were that I pay for the well, termite, septic tank and general inspections. They also wanted me to remove the broken spa.

Mary and I went over everything. I refused to pay for any inspections (when we purchased the home, we paid for all those inspections, I wasn't about to pay for them again). I did agree to get rid of the spa but that was the only thing I agreed to do.

All we had to do now was accept the offer with the changed conditions and I was about to do it when I thought I should wait and talk it over with some friends and family.

Because I got an offer so quickly and they weren't haggling on the price it made me think that I was under selling the house. I mean Mary and I went through the comps and our price was lower but I wanted it to be a quick sale. The price that they are paying was the bare minimum that I willing to get. I was debating on rejecting this bid and then upping the price of the house by $20,000.

But after talking about to friends and family I was pretty close to accepting it but I wanted to sleep on it. I spent the rest of the day thinking about this and really didn't do much else.

Since I had gotten up at 5:30am I decided to go to bed a bit early. I would call Mary tomorrow morning with my answer.

What a day!!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

More House Stuff & It's Screener Time!!!

My house is officially on the market.. now we wait to see if we get any interest. When Harry and I purchased this house it was on the market for 62 days.. let's hope it's doesn't take that long for me to sell it.

I finished painting the last side of the house, the only thing I have left is touch ups. But as I was about to tweet that I was almost done with painting, I realized that I totally forgot about the chimney and the three window gable. So I jumped on the roof, taped off everything and started to paint only to run out with just a bit more to do. So I called it night for painting and would have to run to Lowes tomorrow to pick up a quart and finish then.

By this time it was getting dark so I just chilled and watched some recorded TV.

It's screener time!!! A few days ago I got my first screener for the movie Rush. Today I got four more screeners. Monsters University, Dallas Buyers Club, The Place Beyond the Pines, and Before Midnight. I'm sure you can guess which one of these movies I have seen already... yep it's Monsters University. But I have heard good things about some of the others. Now that the screeners have started to flow I'm hoping to get 30 or so of them like I did last year. Can't wait to see what comes next.

If you're interested in hanging out and watching some screeners let me know.. that's my favorite way of watching these.. with friends.

"Get Fit" Week 15

So this week was good news, bad news kind of week. The good news is that I'm happy to say that I have kept my weight below 200lbs all week. This is the first time in I don't know how long I can say that. The bad news is I didn't lose any additional weight. My last weigh in (Week 14) I was 197 lbs and this morning when I weigh myself I was once again 197lbs. I know why and I'm not going to blog about them as they are just excuses.

I know this whole house thing is turning my life upside down. Right now my goal is to just maintain below 200lbs until this house situation is resolved and then I can get back into the swing of things.

MASH 4077 Podcast Episode 66

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Show Notes

Kenny Mittleider from Knights of the Guild, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast & Confessions of a Fanboy Podcast, Simon Meddings from Waffle On Podcast & special guest listener co-host Donald discuss one of the most successful and longest running television series in history.. M*A*S*H

Today we cover Season 3, Episode #18 - House Arrest
66th Episode Overall
Directed by Hy Averback
Written by Jim Fritzell & Everett Greenbaum
Production code B315
Original air date February 4, 1975

Set during the Korean War in the 1950’s

Plot Summary: After Hawkeye makes an insulting remark about Margaret, Frank snaps him with a towel and Hawkeye responds with a nicely placed right cross to Frank's eye. Hawkeye is then placed under house arrest and instead of being treated like a criminal, he is treated like a conquering hero for what he did even to the point of getting some very tasty water buffalo steak and having movies shown in the Swamp. In the meantime, Colonel Reese, the woman in charge of all the nurses in Korea, arrives to observe Margaret and her staff and, for some strange reason, becomes attracted to Frank and tries to seduce him. Also, Radar begins acting very strangely, even having the hem in his pants let out two inches.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

House Prepping, Mini Who & Podcasts

Today I continued to paint the final side of my house. With my house going up on the market tomorrow I need to get this done ASAP.  While the paint dried I did a major clean up around the yard. My friends did an amazing job pulling weeds a few months back but I wanted to get rid of some dead plants and a ton of wood debris. I also worked on getting the backyard watering system to work. Lots of lifting and walking back and forth.

By night fall I was exhausted and sore, I felt like I just did the worlds most extreme workout. You think after months of this my body would get use to it.. but nope. My painters elbow is getting worse but there really isn't anything I can do.. this painting must get done.

My realtor Mary sent me a preview of my house listing that will officially be launched tomorrow. You can check it out HERE.

In geeky news.. BBC release a mini episode for the upcoming 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who "Day of the Doctor. This mini episode is called Night of the Doctor. I have to say it was awesome to see an familiar face, that hasn't been seen in a while. I'm really looking forward to this 50th Anniversary episode. You can check out the mini episode below.

And to finish my night off and since I've been so busy I almost forgot. I have a MASH 4077 Podcast that's due tomorrow (or rather midnight tonight). So I spent 7pm to just under midnight editing the next one and getting uploaded and ready to go.

Needless to say I was extremely tired and couldn't wait to go to bed.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Gays, Sleeping Beauty & Babylon 5

First of all congratulations to "the gays" in Hawaii. They have become the 16th state to legalize gay marriage... equality for all. Ever since the US Supreme Court decision on Prop 8 here in California it seems more and more states are granting marriage equality. I know the fight is far from over I mean we can legal marry in only 16 of the 50 states but it's progress. Who know how many more states will join in marriage equality in 2014.

Okay now for some geeky stuff.. saw the first trailer for Maleficent staring Angelina Jolie. I've been looking forward to this since the first photo was released and I have to say that he trailer looks amazing. This will defiantly be a must see when it hits theaters next year. Check out the trailer below.

Today is Wednesday and it's TV night with my buddy Robert. We missed last weeks because I had so much work around the house and though I still have a lot of work I can't go two weeks without hanging with my bestie and enjoying some Babylon 5. Today we watched season 3 episodes 3,4 & 5.

First up was S3 Ep3 "A Day in the Strife" Sheridan and Ivanova deal with a dispute with the worker's guild. Then a probe arrives, and gives the station a test. If they pass, it promises to share advanced technology, if they fail the station will be destroyed in a few hours. Garibaldi talks to Franklin about his stim use-age. G'Kar struggles to retain leadership of the Narn community aboard Babylon 5

Lots of good stuff in this episode. Some comedy with Sheridan and Ivanova and the workers guild. I knew all along that something wasn't right with that probe. Whenever it's too good to be true.. it is. I knew the doctor was heading down a dark road. It was nice to see Garibaldi care so much for his colleague. But my favorite part was G'Kar's story. He is such a great character and a great leader that he was willing to leave (and die) Babylon 5 to save the families of those Narn on Babylon 5. And I also liked that Sheridan did not turn him over to that Narn/Centeri liaison. It was great seeing that all of G'Kar's followers stopped him from leaving and convinced him to stay and continue to lead the rebellion even though their families will be at risk.

I'm having such a hard time finding sympathy for Londo. When Londo was talking to Delenn about Vir and then he says that he missing the time they spent together. I kept telling myself.. Dude you're the reason everyone is shunning you. And then he goes and gets Vir transferred to Mirbar. He did it because Vir was his conscious. He reminded Londo of what kind of man he was before he turned to the dark side. I'm afraid to see where Londo is going to go next without Vir by his side.

I think this characters (Londo) turn of events effected me the most as I so liked him in the beginning and really disliked G'Kar.. but now I can't imagine disliking G'Kar, he's become one of my favorite characters and I feel betrayed by the character of Londo, he's become a character that I just despise.

Next up was S3 Ep4 "Passing Through Gethsemane" Kosh's ship arrives at the station bearing a surprise visitor, Lyta Alexander returns after visiting the Vorlon home world. Brother Edward, a monk with Brother Theo visits with Delenn to discuss religion. Soon he begins to hear voices. They discover that Edward is experiencing repressed memories, someone is forcing him to relive past moments.

I was happy to see Lyta back, I really enjoyed her character and she is now working for Kosh. Not sure what was happening at the end of the episode when the light was coming from her eyes and mouth into the Kosh suit.. I told Robert that it looks like Kosh is using Lyta's body to interact with the crew.. guess will find out. Also I like that Lyta is a kickass telepath and is not bound by the PSI Corp rules.

I found the Monk storyline very interesting, it was a intense episode. Robert would pause the show every few minutes and we would go into these long conversations about what is happening and what we would do. That's one thing I love about Babylon 5, it really does get you thinking about.. everything... politics, religion, war... it's pretty amazing.

And the final episode of the night S3 Ep5 "Voices of Authority" Sheridan has an interesting time dealing with the new Political Officer stationed by EarthGov and Ivonova visits the planet below Babylon 5 in search of the "first ones". G'Kar questions Delenn about the war council and the Rangers.

Another enjoyable episode. Hate the new political officer and I'm so glad Sheridan didn't sleep with her. Loved Ivonova in this episode. I loved that she took a big gamble and won. And I felt so bad for G'Kar as he's onto them, he knows what's going on with the Shadow. My heart broke when he had his one on one talk with Garibaldi, I know Garibaldi felt bad and I thought he was going to trust him and tell him but he didn't. I hope they bring G'Kar in the loop soon.

We started this TV night later then usual and with all the conversations we were only able to watch three episodes but they were three fantastic episodes. Can't wait for me.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

House Game Plan & New S.H.I.E.L.D.

Today my realtor, Mary, stopped by to go over comps and to take pictures of my house. She was arriving at 1pm so I spent 7am to 1pm cleaning up the place. I wanted to make it look as nice as I could. I about killed myself but by the time she got here I think the house looked pretty good. Not everything was painted on the outside but the front of the house and deck area out back looked good.

Mary and I first walked through the house and she gave me advice on what to take down and what to leave up. I pretty much took down all my geeky things.

Next we went over details of houses in my area that were on the market and ones that sold and what they sold for. There was a house very similar to mine in size and acres in Aqua Dulce and they ranged in price from $289,000 to $420,000. I want to price the house to sell but I don't want to under price it. I know selling a house out here could take a while as you need just the right people looking for something like this. We settled on the price $365,000. It's about $20,000 more then what we paid for the house, so that's a good thing. I think it's a bit lower then I would like but I also think it will bring in the buyers, it's defiantly priced to sell. This house was on the market for 62 days before we purchased it from the previous owners. Who know how long it will take this time around.

After that she walked around and took pictures of various rooms and locations. I signed all the paperwork and my house will official be going up on the market this Friday Nov. 15th.

Now time to get all these little side jobs done so it will be ready to show to potential buyers. 

Watched the latest episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Hub". Another fantastic episode, I love Fitts and Simmons. I'm even warming up to Ward. Still a huge fan of May and Coulson. So far seven episodes have aired and I've loved each one of them. Still hearing a lot of hate for this series but I have decided to ignore it. It doesn't effect my love for the show. I'm a huge fan and will always be one of it's biggest supporters.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day, IOS7 & More Deck Work

First I want to wish my Mom a very Happy Birthday today.. she'll never see this but she's my mom and I love her so Happy Birthday Mom.

Second I want to thank all the Veterans out there for your service to our country. I especially want to thank my best friend Sergeant Christopher Setts for his service. Chris is currently in Kuwait and we all can't wait for him to set foot back on US soil in six to seven months. Good luck buddy, love you and stay safe.

Now for my blog post.. I tried to update my iPad with the new IOS 7 software and it completely crash the pad. The same thing happen to my iPhone but I was able to fix it and get the new software uploaded and working but with the pad it's completely gone. Every time I turn the pad on it tells me to connect it to iTunes. When I do so it asks if I want to download the new version of ISO and I say yes. It downloads everything fine but then we it goes to update my pad it gives me an error. I've searched online for fixes but none of them have worked.. I think I'll have to take it to an Apple store and have them fix it. Luckily I don't use my iPad alot but still I hate that trying to update the systems software would case such a catastrophic failure.

Today I spent most of the daylight trying to fix my deck. If you read my previous blog you know I wasn't happy with the final results of the stain I had put on the deck.. well I tried all day to get it to look better but by the time night came I said screw it. It is what it is. It's not horrible but it's not great either. Hopefully the potential buyers won't mind the way it looks.

I did manage to finish spray painting the railing so I put that back up and I have to say it looks a thousands times better. At least I'm happy with that.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gods, Goodies and Gays

Got up this morning and made some breakfast for Aaron and I. We debated on doing some deck work but we were seeing Thor: The Dark World at noon which meant we had to leave my place an hour and fifteen minute before hand which would give us about and half hour to do stuff... we opted to just hang out and chat.

Aaron and I drove separately as he was going to our bimonthly D&D session after the movie and I was opting to go back home to work on the house like a good boy.

We got to the theater a little before noon and were quickly joined by Jes, Dallas, Doug & Robert. Rupert showed up as we were sitting down. One thing I love about the Arclight theaters.. well there are many but a big ones is the assigned seating. I don't mind paying a bit extra and not having to stand in line for hours to ensure that you get a good seat. At the Arclight Sherman Oaks they had costumes displayed from the Thor movie, which was cool. We were also seeing it with the new Atmos audio system which is incredible.

As I mentioned we were seeing Thor: The Dark World. Here's a quick synopsis: Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

I loved this movie, it was everything I was hoping for. I wasn't a big Thor fan until the first movie came out and I really enjoyed it. But this one really out shined the first one. I think the story was much stronger with this one. It didn't have to explain who everyone was, we just jump on in for a wild ride. The special effects were amazing, the battle scenes.. both with ships and people were crazy cool. Loki was amazing as expected and even had a surprise at the end that I didn't see coming. I really enjoyed Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor Who) who played the leader of the Dark Elves. He was creepy and very menacing. This Thor movie is defiantly up there with my favorites, like Avengers and Captain America.

And it still surprises me that anyone would leave the theater after the credits start to role. There was not only one but two extra scenes this time around. But of course some folks left when the movie ended and then more left once the first extra scene was shown midway through the credits... stupid people.

I give Thor: The Dark World a very solid A. I can't wait to take my dad to see this in the theater.. and this will be a must buy when it comes out on blu-ray.

As I mentioned I did not go to D&D tonight (boo) instead I came home and finished working on my front deck. And I have to say I'm very unsatisfied with the final results, but I have to keep telling myself this isn't for me.. but still I did not have a good experience with staining that deck.

Another thing that I forgot to mention a few days back is that my friend Lydia got me one of those awesome TNG hoodies that I blogged about a few weeks ago, as an early Christmas present. She got me a the Command (Red) one and it's totally awesome. It's so well made and super thick and warm. I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it out all the time.. gonna get a lot of use out of it. I also plan on getting the other two colors as well. :) Thanks Lydia for the awesome hoodie.

Also today I found out that there a gay scifi/fantasy con called Bent-Con and it was happening this weekend.

BENT-CON’s non-profit charter defines the following goals for the organization:

  • To provide a forum to showcase and celebrate existing, new and emerging LGBT and our Allies talent in the fields of comics, graphic novels, cartooning, animation, gaming, sci-fi/fantasy/horror writers, film-makers, actors, directors, producers and other-related creative mediums.
  • Enable participants in said-creative fields to share, learn and pool from more experienced individuals or parties in the various aspects of the creation, publishing, film-making, marketing and distribution of said-creative fields related content.
  • To educate and express to the greater public and community of the said-creative fields in the areas of LGBT and our Allies presence and contributions to comic-book history, film history, gaming history along with the current trends within those various histories and fields, as well as the impact of queer/LGBT contributions to comics on popular culture and other analytical topics.
  • To provide awareness and a fundraising forum for BENT-CON to build and nurture an often under-appreciated aspect of the contributions expressed from an LGBT/queer perspective within a global pop-culture.
I'll have to be sure to check it out next year as it's held in Burbank, which is close by me. I can always use more gay geeks in my life :)

Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast Ep 22

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Show Notes

Brothers Kenny and Michael Mittleider review and discuss a short lived but very socially aware TV series from the late 80's early 90's ALIEN NATION. Each podcast we will review a single episode in sequential order starting with the Pilot. Will give you our thoughts on the episode as well as some fun behind the scenes information.

Today we cover Season 1, Episode 22 - Green Eyes
Directed by Tom Chehak
Written by Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider
Original air date May 7th 1990

Plot Summary: Matt and George investigate a series of Newcomer deaths which exposes a plot by the National Purist Front (NPF). Their plan is to eliminate the entire Newcomer population. At the same time, Matt and George need to reexamine their relationship when George gets a promotion, which puts him at a higher rank than Matt.  Matt tries to suppress his growing feelings for Cathy by dating another woman.