Saturday, November 16, 2013

1st Viewing, 1st Offer < 24 Hours

So I was up at 5:30am.. not sure if it was the stress of my house being up on the market or what but for whatever reason I couldn't sleep. So I decided to get up and check to see what time Lowes opened as I needed to buy a quart of paint so I could finally finish painting the outside of my house.

I was surprised to see that Lowes opened at 6am. So I got up, got dressed and was at Lowes by 7am. I got my paint and headed back home. I made my self breakfast and was about to go outside to finish the painting when I got a call from my realtor Mary, it was 8:30am. She said that someone wanted to come look at my house today at 10am.. that was only an hour and a half away. Of course I wasn't ready to show the place.. I never expected to have someone interested less then 24 hours after I listed my house. But I couldn't say no so after getting off the phone with Mary I went into full panic mode and started to clean. I knew there was no way I was going to finish painting the outside but I wanted the inside to look it's best. I had to sweep and wash the hardwood floors, clean both bathrooms, clean the kitchen, pack up all the crap in my office and move it to the garage. I vacuumed the carpets and washed down the base boards. I was a mad man but I did manage to get it all done by 9:50am and then went outside to clean up a bit there but at 10am sharp they pulled up.

It was very nice couple with their realtor, I excused myself to my garage and they entered the house. I was to nervous to actually clean up the garage but I did my best. They were in my house for about 30 minutes before coming out to the garage area. I opened up both garages and offered information about the water well, septic tank and various other things around the house. I took them on a quick tour of the property lines and explained how the trash works. They seemed to really like the place and the area. I of course apologized for the dirtiness of the house but the realtor said that my house really "showed" well. And the potential buyers said everything looked great.

They asked if they could go back in the house to look over things one more time and of course I said yes... fifteen minutes later they finally exited, said thank you and were on their way. I texted Mary (my realtor) and gave her a blow by blow account of what happened. She said that it's very unusual for someone to take almost 45 minutes to look through a house... that they must really be interested. I figured it was my first successful showing. I was not prepared for more.

My buddy Doug arrived just as they were leaving. He came over to help me clean out my main garage. We spent about two hours moving things into piles before calling it quits and decided to go grab a bite to eat for lunch. We headed over to Islands as it's one of my favorite places to eat and Doug had never been there before. Around 1:30 my realtor called and said, you're never going to believe this but we have an offer. They are offering you your full asking price and in cash.

I couldn't believe it. My house hasn't been on the market for more then 24 hours and I already have an offer for the full amount in cash. Of course they had some conditions that my realtor would get back to me once she was back in her office.

Home from lunch Doug headed back to town and I nervously awaited an email from my realtor with their conditions. I finally got it and also got a call from Mary to discuss it. There were a few technical things but their main conditions were that I pay for the well, termite, septic tank and general inspections. They also wanted me to remove the broken spa.

Mary and I went over everything. I refused to pay for any inspections (when we purchased the home, we paid for all those inspections, I wasn't about to pay for them again). I did agree to get rid of the spa but that was the only thing I agreed to do.

All we had to do now was accept the offer with the changed conditions and I was about to do it when I thought I should wait and talk it over with some friends and family.

Because I got an offer so quickly and they weren't haggling on the price it made me think that I was under selling the house. I mean Mary and I went through the comps and our price was lower but I wanted it to be a quick sale. The price that they are paying was the bare minimum that I willing to get. I was debating on rejecting this bid and then upping the price of the house by $20,000.

But after talking about to friends and family I was pretty close to accepting it but I wanted to sleep on it. I spent the rest of the day thinking about this and really didn't do much else.

Since I had gotten up at 5:30am I decided to go to bed a bit early. I would call Mary tomorrow morning with my answer.

What a day!!!!

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