Saturday, October 1, 2011

MASH 4077 Podcast Episode 17

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Kenny Mittleider from Knights of the Guild & Confessions of a Fanboy Podcasts, Simon Meddings from Waffle On Podcast, Al Kessel from Tales from the Mouse House, Fast Forward & Just Because Podcast and special guest Harry Dauz discuss one of the most successful and longest running television series in history.. M*A*S*H

Today we cover Season 1, Episode #17 - Sometimes You Hear the Bullet
Directed by William Wiard
Written by Carl Kleinschmitt
Production code J318
Original air date January 28, 1973

Set during the Korean War in the 1950’s

Plot Summary: Hawkeye's old friend Tommy appears at the 4077th. He is a soldier working on a book about life on the front lines called "You Never Hear the Bullet." The book is intended to show how death in battle can be sudden and not surrounded by any prior drama, as it often is in the movies. Later in the episode, Tommy himself shows up as a casualty on the operating table, having been shot by the enemy on the front lines. Just before being anesthetized, he weakly tells Hawkeye that he in fact had heard a bullet ricochet just before being hit, just like in the movies. Hawkeye, close to tears, suggests that "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet" is a better title anyway. Tommy dies moments later. Later we see Hawkeye crying and Lt. Col. Blake trying to console him.

In the same episode, a young soldier is discovered to be underage and using his brother's ID. He has come to Korea in order to impress his girlfriend. Hawkeye first gives the young soldier some sage advice about women and then essentially lets him decide for himself whether he wants to go back to the States or stay in Korea. After losing Tommy, however, Hawkeye immediately reports the young soldier to the MPs, sending him back to America and to safety—with the Purple Heart Frank Burns put in for after his back pain.

Hope you enjoy it,
Kenny, Meds, Al & Harry

Friday, September 30, 2011

My Last Day With MTV

Though last Friday was my official last day with MTV I managed to work this entire week but today is my last day with MTV. I got everything done and turned in. I have no doubt that I will be getting emails and calls with questions about where is this and where is that but honestly I'm done with that show. It was a year long gig, which really is a long time for one single season of a show. For the most part I had  great time working on this show. The commute (4 hours total) was a killer but the pay was a winner. I liked 90% of the people I worked with. Had some great people who I onlined the show with West Post Digital. I'd say the last few months have been the worse. The amount of stress tripled and my body and mind didn't handle it well. I was on the verge of quiting several times and actually did when the line producer pushed me over the edge. But it was shorted lived and I was back the next day.

Chelsea Settles is going to be a great series for MTV and I have no doubt it will get a second season but I won't be back. Assuming the same line producer is there,  I don't wish to ever work with her again. But worse then her is the commute. I can't spend four hours a day in my jeep. I just can't take anymore.. a year was far too long and there is no way I can do it again... I don't care how good the money is.

Honestly I want to get out of post production. As I get older the stress gets worse and my body can't handle it as well as it did 15 years ago. I'm going to take the month of October off and then see what's next. Would love to do something with my many podcasts so I'll explore a few options there but I definitely need a new direction.

I'm single and jobless.. time for some big changes!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dinner with Brian

Tonight I had dinner with my buddy Brian. We meet while working on Toughest Jobs many, many years ago but time got away from us and though we chat online here and there we haven't seen each other in over a year!! That's far too long so since he works nights I figured I'd get off work and we can have some dinner together while he is on his dinner break. We went to Chevy's out in Burbank and had a very nice hour long dinner. We caught up on each other loves, lives and work. When we parted we both agreed to see each other well before another year.. and I think we will keep our promise. I miss Brian :)


Hi my name is Kenny and I'm a Podcaster-aholic!! Yeah I'm going to start another podcast. I've been wanting to do this one for over a year and now that I will be out of work for month or more I figured it's the best time to get started on a new one. Well this new podcast is going to be another "fan" podcast like my MASH podcast. We will review one of my all time favorite TV series an episode at a time. The series I'm talking about is Alien Nation. It started off as a movie then was adapted for a TV series in 1989 that lasted 22 episodes, 5 TV Movies, comic books and novels. There's at least 2 1/2 years worth of material.

I put a call out for co-hosts and actually got a few bites but the biggest and most surprising was my brother Michael. Might be fun to do a podcast with my brother and we can bring on the others who are interested to make it more of a round table discussion. If you haven't seen this TV series you're really missing out as it truly is one of the best written. I hope to start recording in October and get our first episode out in November.. I'll keep you all posted.

Also working hard on my other new podcast that I'll be producing and editing for Greg Aronowitz. That's coming together nicely.

And I'm trying to revive my Epic Geek Out Podcast

So soon I will have Knights of the Guild, MASH 4077 Podcast, Confessions of a Fanboy, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast, Epic Geek Out and "Unnamed" Greg Aronowitz Podcast.

Yeah I have a problem :)

KOTG CompanionCast S5E10

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Show Notes:
It’s time once again for the next CompanionCasts for The Guild Season Five. First of all be sure you watched Episode 10 of season 5 “Strategy Timez”. If you haven’t seen it yet watch it HERE

Our Season 4 CompanionCasts were a huge hit so we thought we would do them again for Season 5. So what is a CompanionCast?? It’s a behind the scene look at the current episode of The Guild. I was on set everyday while they shot Season 5. As actors and crew were finished with scenes I would try and speak to them. Get some inside info about the scene they just shot. I also interviewed Felicia Day and Kim Evey about the storyline and Sean Becker about the directing. Each one of these CompanionCasts will be episode specific and will vary in length depending on how much guildie goodness I am able to gather.

In this CompanionCast I interview Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Amy Okuda, Vince Caso, Greg Aronowitz, Robin Thorsen & Felicia Day.

I hope you enjoy a look behind the scenes of Season 5 Episode 10 “Strategy Timez”

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Terra Nova

I've been looking forward to this series. There's been alot of talk about this over the year and had several false starts but it finally premiered this week. I manged to watch half of it before work hell (see previous blog) but when I got home I watched the rest.  Overall I really enjoyed the first two hours. I liked the story and the characters. Acting was hit and miss but nothing so bad that it took me out of the story. the SFX were again a hit and miss but I do know it's a TV budget and my biggest SFX issue are the dinosaurs during the day, not the best CG but the dinos at night looked fantastic and were scary as heck. I liked how they explained alot in the first two hours but left several mysteries that I hope will unfold during the season. Only plot device I didn't like was when (SPOILER) they young girl who freaks out in the car leaves and seems to be attacked but someone escapes and manages to find the adults and help them locate the other kids. Other then that I liked the story. I can't wait to see where it goes and what adventures are in store for us.

I give Terra Nova 2 hour premiere a B

Will This Ever End!!!

Today started off great, I had nothing really planned. I was off work and was going to do some podcasting and watch some TV, it was going to be a great day. After spending a few hours on the computer I made my way to the TV room to watch the premiere episode of Terra Nova. I got through about 2/3rds of it before getting a call from my co-working asking if I saw an email from the heads over at MTV. I told her no, that I was relaxing and just watching TV. Well she informed me that the big boss at MTV was asking for digital cuts and DVD's of every episode and that he want them NOW!!

I heard the word "NOW" and something in my brain snapped. First let me say that I don't get angry often, and I'm a pretty laid back person. Though that is good it's also bad as I ball up all my anger and have moments when it just bursts.. well this was one of those moments and I feel horrible for my poor co-worker who was just the messenger, but I let lose. I'm use to stupid executives people making crazy unrealistic demands and normally just grin and bear it.. but not this time. I "official" finished this job last Friday, but due to some mistakes on the executives part we had to come on on Monday and Tuesday to do some fixes. But today was my day off, I didn't plan to go in and was in the middle of watching a new TV series. I ranted for about ten minutes until I calmed down enough to inform my co-worker that I would do what they requested but I was going to send them a very nasty email about respect and such... I didn't care what would happen. It's not like they can fire me and if they don't want to bring me back on another show (oh well). So I hung up the phone and let out this guttural yell, thank goodness I live alone.

After that I checked my email and noticed another issue that would require me to come into to the office today. So I came in around Noon and stayed till about 8pm. When I got home I finished watching Terra Nova (blog review will follow). And then went to bed wanting to put this day behind me. And no I never did send that email out. Friday can't get here soon enough.. I can't wait for this job to end

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Podcasts, Interviews, Moving & Work

Today was a jammed packed day with all kinds of different things. First I was up at 7am and forced myself to get started on some podcasts. First up was to string out my next KOTG CompanionCast for episode 10 which is due out on Thursday. I manage to do one pass before moving onto another one. I then started to work on my MASH 4077 podcast which is due on Saturday. This is a much harder edit then my CompanionCasts and it took me to about 11am to get the first edit pass done. That was it for podcasts for today. I got a good start by I'm far from completing any of them.

At 11am I started to get ready to head out to meet up with my buddy Greg Aronowitz. We were having lunch and then I was going to interview him for my KOTG CompanionCasts for the final 3 episodes of The Guild's season five.

Lunch was a lot of fun as we discussed the podcast that we are going to be doing together. He came up with a name for it (which I won't announce here.. just yet) and he told me who he wants for his first guest, which I have to say is pretty amazing. The more we talk about the podcast the more excited I get. This has potential to be a pretty EPIC podcast. I can't wait to get started on it.

After lunch we headed back to the Barnyard (greg's place) and we did the 3 interviews and as always Greg gives some great detail about what goes into making each episode.

Once I was done with Greg I headed over to my friend Andrew's place to pack up my buddy Scott's stuff. Scott just moved here from the East Coast and was staying with Andrew for a week while waiting for his apartment to be ready.. well it's ready and Scott knew I had a truck and asked if I would be willing to help move the bulk of his stuff, and of course I said yes. So at 2pm I packed up my truck and headed over to Scott's place near Miracle Mile. Then Scott and I carried his stuff up to his new apartment and he gave me a quick tour (very nice place). I helped with a few Ikea's "furniture in a box" that he had in his car. We said our goodbyes and made plans to visit Whimsic Alley (A Harry Potter Store) as he lives a block away from it.

And finally my final destination was MTV. Yeah with all the stuff that was going on the past few days I had to go in and work on a few pieces that they requested. I got in around 4pm and worked until 10pm and had enough so I headed home.

All in all it was a pretty good day today.. got to see some friends (Greg and Scott)... got to work on some podcasts (KOTG & MASH) and mange to get a few hours of work done and get one step closer to actually being done with this job.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Day After

This past weekend was so fantastic and I knew I would be depressed the day after because after having a house full of friends for two days, it's tough to go back to being alone. So I had planned to go to Disneyland, who can be depressed at Disneyland.. but when I woke up I wasn't felling so hot. I think it was a partially lack of sleep and partially all the work stress of the previous weeks finally taking it's toll on me. So I didn't go to Disneyland. :(

Jes who stayed with me the entire weekend left around 10am to head back up north and I did a bit of cleaning. I really wanted to get started on some podcasts as I have many of them due before I go on my week vacation next week... but I just didn't feel motivated.

Work crap kept coming up, they kept having audio sync issues which just stressed me out more (I so can't wait for this job to really end). So I pretty much did nothing all day. Watched some TV, dealt with work issues, surfed the internet, ate some food and missed my friends.

One highlight from today was I got to talk to Felicia Day for my KOTG CompanionCasts. We chatted about the final 3 episodes.

I've been a very Emo Kenny today. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza - Sunday

Was awake by 7:30am but stayed in bed until 8am. Got up and went out to the living around and everyone with exception to Scott & Will was up. I started working on breakfast when Scott got up and came to help along with Chris. Everyone else hooked up the Wii and started to play Mario Carts. Soon breakfast (we made, pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, potatoes and fruit) was finished and we all had our share. Will finally got up and left without eating (had to get to church). The rest of us took our breakfast, sat down and began Episode 2 "Attack of the Clones". There was light banter back and forth about the "scenes" of Padma and Anakin. After that we went right into Episode 3 "Revenge of the Sith" and about 24 hours later we had watched the entire Star Wars Saga on blu-ray.

After that the nine of us (Aaron, Scott, Jen, Chris, Jes, Anne, Luis, Rupert and myself) went out to lunch at Islands and had a great time. Lot's of laughing and Star Wars references.  Anne departed our group and we were down to eight. We stopped by Best Buy so Chris could get The Fifth Element (for Scott, as he had never seen it and for some reason I don't have a DVD of it). When then went to Vasquez Rocks since it's only a few miles from my house. No one had been there before and all of them being geeks would have seen it in movies and films as they film alot of stuff there. We had all just eaten so it was going to be a light hike, well for some of us (Chris is a maniac :) ) We hiked for about of half hour before we called it a day. Got back to my place around 6pm and Aaron and Jen left us. The remaining party sat down and watched The Fifth Element (on blu-ray) and had a great time with this modern classic sci fi movie. Around 8:30pm we called it a night and the remaining folks Chris, Rupert, Scott, and Luis said our goodbyes and departed. Jes was staying the night and leaving Monday morning.

This was by far one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. I appreciate everyone who showed up on Saturday to celebrate my birthday with this awesome Star Wars marathon (Aaron, Scott, Jen, Adam, Chris, Andrew, Jes, Brian, Anne, Luis, Michele, Michael, Rupert, Will, Teal, Ali, Greg and Red 5. And I really want to Thank those of you who did the entire two day Extravaganza; Chris, Scott, Jen, Anne, Rupert, Aaron, Luis, and Jes. You guys are truly some of the nicest and sweetest people I know.

And to Chris, Jen, Anne, Aaron and Luis (Leslie & Scott), I single you guys out as you've have been to both my Indy marathon and now my SW marathon and I have no words that can express amount of love and gratitude I have for you guys. I've always wanted to find that group of close "Friends" who love to hang out just to hang out and it may have taken me 40 years but I feel like this group has become that. I can't wait until we do this again for Lord of the Rings in November/December.

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