Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hi my name is Kenny and I'm a Podcaster-aholic!! Yeah I'm going to start another podcast. I've been wanting to do this one for over a year and now that I will be out of work for month or more I figured it's the best time to get started on a new one. Well this new podcast is going to be another "fan" podcast like my MASH podcast. We will review one of my all time favorite TV series an episode at a time. The series I'm talking about is Alien Nation. It started off as a movie then was adapted for a TV series in 1989 that lasted 22 episodes, 5 TV Movies, comic books and novels. There's at least 2 1/2 years worth of material.

I put a call out for co-hosts and actually got a few bites but the biggest and most surprising was my brother Michael. Might be fun to do a podcast with my brother and we can bring on the others who are interested to make it more of a round table discussion. If you haven't seen this TV series you're really missing out as it truly is one of the best written. I hope to start recording in October and get our first episode out in November.. I'll keep you all posted.

Also working hard on my other new podcast that I'll be producing and editing for Greg Aronowitz. That's coming together nicely.

And I'm trying to revive my Epic Geek Out Podcast

So soon I will have Knights of the Guild, MASH 4077 Podcast, Confessions of a Fanboy, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast, Epic Geek Out and "Unnamed" Greg Aronowitz Podcast.

Yeah I have a problem :)

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