Friday, September 30, 2011

My Last Day With MTV

Though last Friday was my official last day with MTV I managed to work this entire week but today is my last day with MTV. I got everything done and turned in. I have no doubt that I will be getting emails and calls with questions about where is this and where is that but honestly I'm done with that show. It was a year long gig, which really is a long time for one single season of a show. For the most part I had  great time working on this show. The commute (4 hours total) was a killer but the pay was a winner. I liked 90% of the people I worked with. Had some great people who I onlined the show with West Post Digital. I'd say the last few months have been the worse. The amount of stress tripled and my body and mind didn't handle it well. I was on the verge of quiting several times and actually did when the line producer pushed me over the edge. But it was shorted lived and I was back the next day.

Chelsea Settles is going to be a great series for MTV and I have no doubt it will get a second season but I won't be back. Assuming the same line producer is there,  I don't wish to ever work with her again. But worse then her is the commute. I can't spend four hours a day in my jeep. I just can't take anymore.. a year was far too long and there is no way I can do it again... I don't care how good the money is.

Honestly I want to get out of post production. As I get older the stress gets worse and my body can't handle it as well as it did 15 years ago. I'm going to take the month of October off and then see what's next. Would love to do something with my many podcasts so I'll explore a few options there but I definitely need a new direction.

I'm single and jobless.. time for some big changes!!!

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